• Statement of Stefani C. Saño, Senior Deputy Administrator of SBMA


    I am surprised that the SBMA has already removed me from office considering that it is still requesting the Ombudsman for a clarification on the decision pertaining to me as I am informed. The SBMA copy of the Decision from the Ombudsman calls for a fine against me and explicitly only identified only two other officers, SDA’s Agregado and Sanqui, to be removed from office. I have not even received any official document from the Ombudsman pertaining to these cases and am therefore unaware of the exact details of the complaint involving me.

    Likewise, as far as two years ago, complainant Amerasia Inc., already manifested to the Ombudsman that they have decided to remove me from the case because they saw that I did not approve the contract and its award and that I consistently, throughout the board meetings, stood for SBMA to faithfully stick to the NEDA guidelines.

    The SBMA copy of the Ombudsman Decision itself includes my account of my not having participated in the approval and award of the JV contract.

    I will therefore exhaust all legal remedies available to right this wrongful act of the Ombudsman who gravely erred in indicting me, ordering the penalties against me, and that the SBMA gravely erred in removing me from office.


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