Statement of the Philippine Council on Foreign Relations on foreign ambassadors’ statement of support for BBL


THE European and other ambassadors’ statement appearing in media today supporting the CAB and the BBL, whose constitutionality has been challenged by various sectors of Philippine society and which is now pending in the Supreme Court and being deliberated in Congress, show a lack of respect for Philippine laws and can be considered an undue interference in the affairs of a nation to which these ambassadors have been accredited.

The joint statement is allegedly an expression of “concern(ed) with the delay in the implementation of the CAB,” according to the news reports.

Specifically, the concern is in regard “to the long term political, economic and social pillars that will bring the peace dividend to the country as a whole” according to the “unity” statement.

The “unity” statement “ask(s) for a continued commitment … to enable the Bangsamoro people to form an effective and inclusive, devolved administration as called for in the 2014 Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro.”

The final point in the “unity” statement declares that “it is important that work on normalization progresses credibly.”

The Philippine Council for Foreign Relations take exception to this manifesto for the following reasons:

Firstly, the above is a value judgment on the impact of the CAB/BBL of the nation.
Secondly, it is politically incorrect for foreign diplomats to comment on matters that are of purely domestic concern in their host country which is a violation of the historically-honored rule of non interference in domestic affairs of other countries.

In the above instance, this is compounded by the fact that:

1. The matter is currently being deliberated before the Congress of the Philippines

2. The matter is now “sub-judice” before the Supreme Court of the Philippines
Before the statement is construed as exerting of undue influence by the diplomats on branches of this government, the PCFR therefore requests the above group to cease and desist in making statements like the one they have made and make an apology to the Philippine government.

Signed for the Trustees and the general membership by Amb. Jose V. Romero, Jr. Ph.D.
President, Philippine Council for Foreign Relations, Inc.

The PCFR is composed retired ambassadors, multi-sectoral organizations, retired flag officers, members of academe, businessmen, and distinguished members of civil society.


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  1. THESE ambassadors are not Filipino and they don’t care what will happen to to nation sovereignty..WHO are you by way..? take care of your countries laws and not to dictate thePILIPINO…You better leave the Philippines alone ,we don’t need your opinion..

  2. This is clearly the grand design of The New World Order. The primary players of TNWOrder are the USA & the UK andctge Rothschild family.

    Reading is the best tool to know history and to where we are heading. Google
    1. Rothschild Family
    2. Balfour Treaty
    3. The Federal Reserve

    Their best and cruelest handwork of all the above is Palestine. The Balfour Treaty partitioned Palestine into a 60%for Palestine and 40% for Israel land partition of the then peaceful Palestine. These days land partition is 10% for Palestine 90% for Israel.

    If ever the Philippines will buckle down under UK & US pressures in Mindanao affairs, we might see a creation of the Palestine – Israeliconflict in Mindanao.

    Tge US’ work of “educating and indoctrinating Muslim youth of Mindanao to democracy” is another trouble brewing and will explode right in our kidst. The US democratized Iraq and Syria and they have the worst civil war waging on forever.

  3. Why should the Philipppine government listen or obey these foreigners who are just trying to breakup beautiful philippines. The only benefactor will be Malaysia so that they can absorb that part of the country into Malaysia, just like Sabah.Do not get fooled by these people.

  4. Unless these ambassadors have lived long enough in the country breathing and feeling like Filipinos, they are in NO position supporting the CAB and BBL There are inevitable negative consequences to the territorial and political integrity of the country if approved as endorsed by them. The ‘peace’ agreement is ‘piecemeal’ and not comprehensive. All of them should be declared “personae non-grata” and ask to leave the country pronto!