Stay summer healthy all year long


healthy20140514ACCORDNG to a study conducted by Nautilus, Inc. and uSamp, 64 percent of people are unhappy with their bodies and 61 percent work out more in the summer. But you don’t have to lose your summer momentum. See the helpful tips below.

Useful ideas
1. Add a social element and let the world know you’re shaping up. People who post workouts to social networks for positive affirmation are nearly three times more likely to personally track their fitness programs than those who don’t and that can help you stick to it. According to the study, 87 percent of people who share their workouts to social networks track their personal fitness progress through journaling, mobile apps or tracking devices.

2. Start exercising at home. The study also found that 86 percent of people who own fitness equipment work out every week and that 45 percent of women enjoy working out at home because they don’t feel embarrassed.

Useful devices
Fortunately, there’s a variety of fitness equipment that makes it easier to do. Here’s a look at three popular items:

• Bowflex® UpperCut™: For chiseled abs, strong shoulders and a defined back, all without the use of bulky weights, many fitness fans turn to the Bowflex UpperCut. This portable workout tool uses “Activation, Repetition, Control (ARC) Technology” to activate up to 30 percent more muscle, so you can do four times as many repetitions and perform moves you could never do alone.

• CoreBody Reformer®: You can combine the benefits of yoga, Pilates and dance to engage multiple muscle groups all at once with the CoreBody Reformer. The end result can be not only a strong core, but lean and shapely legs, sculpted arms and a sexy, defined back.

• Bowflex® Boost™: A smart activity tracker, the Bowflex Boost was designed to keep you moving. Tracking your steps, distance and calories is easier and more affordable thanks to preprogrammed daily goals and easy Bluetooth syncing, and everyday activities such as walking, running and lifting count toward your progress.

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