• Stay vigilant against 2nd term moves


    HAS President Benigno Aquino 3rd quieted  down fears of the majority of our people that     he will rule for another six years—or perhaps even for life?

    Having heard the violent reactions of the citizenry, including even some prominent pro-Aquino activists during the 2010 election campaign, President Aquino has several times spoken about not being interested in a second term.  But he has actually only made noises to quell the rising public displeasure, here and abroad, with the possibility that he would get the Constitution amended to give him more years as president.

    The fact is that he has never once and for all declared that he will reject another term. He has not forbidden his acolytes in the House of Representatives from pursuing Charter change to allow him to seek re-election.

    All he has said and repeated several times is that he does not really want to have a second term but he would obey the wishes of his “Boss”—the Filipino people. Banana republic dictators have notoriously used these words in Latin America.

    But even if he did vow not to seek a second term —with his right hand on a copy of the Holy Bible and invoking his sainted mother as his heavenly witness—we would still not believe that he has sincerely forsworn the presidency.  For he has amply proved himself to be a great liar. We have heard him make many solemn vows which he broke without remorse. We have seen him, together with his key Cabinet officials, tell brazen lies without fear of being struck with a thunderbolt from  Almighty God.

    Besides, even if the man Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino himself truly wanted to give up amending the Constitution to get a second term, his closest confederates would still push for Cha-Cha and make him continue being our head of state and government—for their own selfish interests and motives. Chief of these motives is to avoid prosecution for the horrid crimes against the nation they and President Aquino have committed.

    Former senator Joker P. Arroyo, one of our country’s most honest public figures, sent us the following contribution, which wisely tells us to be vigilant.

    Chances of Cha-Cha

    By Joker P. Arroyo

    As matters stand presently, the drive to amend the Constitution by lifting the ban on the one-term limit for the president or for relaxing the limits on foreign ownership thru “The Congress, upon a vote of 3/4 of all its members” or any scheme similar to that is bound to fail.

    In the House, 3/4 (75%) is easily attainable or even 4/5 (80%) or even 5/6 (83%) is attainable in the present make up in the House as recent events have shown.
    In the Senate, however, the administration cannot get the 3/4 vote or 18 members, presently.

    The numbers game will be a repeat of the Corona impeachment trial. That trial started with the eight Articles of Impeachment from the House and was cut down to three Articles in the end.

    It was a long drawn-out continuous trial, 4-1/2 months, not because the presentation of evidence on both sides was necessary but because the Senate leadership had to drag it out until they were sure they had mustered the 16 votes, necessary to satisfy the 2/3 vote.

    Once the 16 votes was achieved, the trial was speeded-up and concluded. Final score 20-3. Watch out.


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    1. Rogelio C. Lim on

      Nakuha ang 20-3 final score nang masuhulan ang 20 senador. Tama na hindi siya pagkatiwalaan halos araw-araw ang nagsisinungaling siya at mga spokesmen niya.

    2. Thank you for a very good, editorial, Manila Times. And thank you, former senator and Pres Cory executive secretary Joker Arroyo. Fellow Filipinos, yes let’s all Watch Out!

    3. heed the warning of this editorial. aquino lied so many times specially in protecting his cohorts/lapdance groupies/kkk, etc. be vigilant. do not trust belmonte and drillon most specially

    4. I feel throwing out every time Pnoy refers to the people as his “boss” but he actually doesn’t listen to. What consultation is he talking about 2nd term or cha-cha? Talagang nakakasuka na!

    5. Yes, the public must continue to be alert knowing how mischievous this PNoy administration is. Apparently the PNoy strategists want to push the plant to perpetuate PNoy’s power his entire life.

    6. Filipinos should indeed be vigilant and protect our Constitution from the whims of BS Aquino. If we allow Aquino and his cohorts to amend it for their selfish interests, what would deter the next presidents to do the same so they could stay in power for life? The members of Congress whose terms are ending in 2016 are interested too to extend their terms and that’s why they are salivating at this golden chance to open up our Constitution.

      The statement of Aquino that he will not seek a term extension cannot be trusted. He had many times in the past broken his promises and this time it won’t be any different. Just say no to Charter Change. Let us protect our Constitution from being raped and trampled on by BS Aquino and his cohorts in Congress.