Of steadiness, movement and Easter eggs



Life is always in constant motion—one grand timetable with times and seasons that just won’t quit. As human beings, we crave steadiness and our own sense of normalcy but the reality of the universe is simple: life is all about movement.

As a planner and your average rigid type A student of life, accepting change is a difficult concept for me to comprehend. I know of people who jump into the spontaneous life with open arms with bravery that I could never truly own until this year.

I read countless articles about people who just woke up one day and decided they wanted a different life and so they went after it. It was something I wish I did but I loved my day-to-day life too much to risk it but my own fear did not stop me from seeking out the stories of those who did.

They all tell me that while their courage was initially exhilarating and exciting, there was another side of it that hardly anyone ever speaks about. It’s the lonely nights, the many tears in a foreign place, and the feeling of uncertainty that accompanies every day that nobody talks about. All they see are the beautiful Instagram photos but never the story behind it.

However, despite the uncertainty most people who have taken this leap of faith have found steadiness during the most unstable moments of their lives.

It’s when they had nothing to lose that they gained real courage because when they’ve hit rock bottom that’s when they realized that they already had what they need to move forward in life.

Circumstances no longer fazed them because no matter what was happening on the outside, the grit inside of them was greater than whatever outside force that was trying to break them. They developed the resilience of a warrior and the belief that God was God no matter how difficult or uneasy life was. That no matter what the current of their lives, no matter what the movement, they could move forward in faith knowing that while they may not know the outcome, they held the hand of the One who did.

Changes in our lives should serve as a reminder that wherever the current takes us, nothing is bad enough to be destructive

Just in time of Easter, this encouraging thought has fueled me to take more risks and not to see mistakes as the ultimate tell all of how life will end up. It’s comforting to know that where I am at this moment doesn’t determine where I’ll be tomorrow. Easter is a good reminder of this truth.

Everyone thought Jesus was out of the game simply because it appeared like evil has won but three days later, He rose and overcame for us, saving all of us from the doom that once sealed our fate. Life is often like that. Just when we think things are bleak and could never be won, that’s when God sends little Easter eggs to remind us that He was still present, still alive, and still crafting a story that is better than what we have expected.

Changes in our lives should not be feared. Instead it should serve as a reminder that wherever the current of our lives take us, we must be reminded that nothing is bad enough to be destructive.

We are safe in the hands of the One who saved us and in that thought, we can be assured that all is well and that is the ultimate dose of reality that turns us into courageous human beings, fearless and ready to fight, assured that we are victorious even before it begins.

May God redeem the broken places of your life today and may Easter bring you greater joy than ever before. Rejoice for our King is risen!

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