• Stella Rojas: Art emerges in peace and quiet


    Peace can be found in any subject, in a solitary bench at the park, a man in an interior, or a humble still life. Like art, peace is even more relevant in today’s chaotic world.

    ‘Autumn Tree Along Lake, Bois de Boulogne Paris’

    This exactly is the theme of the 44th solo exhibition of painter Stella Rojas at ArtistSpace located at the Ayala Museum Annex, Ground Level, Makati City until October 9.

    Titled “The Art of Peace,” the exhibition reminds one that is it important to align with that still and quiet space from within. And from that quiet space or void or nothingness, art emerges.

    Born January 19, 1963 in Manila, Rojas displayed interest in painting at age 5. Receiving her first paintset from her father, she was a self-taught painter, she joined art contests, the art club and received an award for excellence in the field of art in high school while studying at St. Scholastica’s.

    She entered UP College of Fine Arts and placed 4th in the nationwide talent test, graduating in 1986.

    In 1988, the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) gave Rojas a grant to do a mural for the Little Theater lobby wall. “The Bathers” got praises from the critics. In 1990, Rojas took up French at the Sorbonne, Paris.

    Bench with Lavender and Magenta Flowers, Parc Floral Paris’

    Rojas won the grand prize for the World Ecologist’s Foundation painting competition in 1991. Her work was an
    AAP Juror’s choice in 1992. She became scholar of the French government in 1993.

    Rojas’ works have been exhibited in venues such as CCP, Ayala Museum, UNESCO Paris, Galerie Etienne de
    Causans, Paris, Lopez Museum Shop, Alliance Francaise, Galerie 139, Renaissance Gallery, Gallery 9, Glorietta Art Gallery, GSIS Museum, Luz Gallery, Hiraya, Heritage, Museum of Philippine Art and Fatima University Gallery.

    The Art of Peace is a series of paintings showing the unending search for simplicity, timelessness, beauty, nature, harmony, color, light and shade and balance—qualities in art which have been almost forgotten and assigned to art movements of the past. The works depict landscapes of Paris, Provence, Italy, Ireland, highlighted still life and human anatomy.

    ‘Boat by the Lake, Bois de Boulogne Paris’


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