• Stick against knife


    Depending on the situation, a longer weapon could have an advantage over a shorter weapon like if you are fighting in an open space or field. But it would be the other way around if you were fighting in a tight space or in a cramped room. But then again, depending on the situation and the ability of the person handling the weapon, an advantage could end up as a disadvantage and a disadvantage could turn into an advantage.

    Photo 1 shows the assailant on the left holding a knife ready to launch his attack while the
    other person prepares to defend himself with a stick. Photo 2 shows the assailant thrusting his knife while the defender quickly steps to his left smashing his attacker’s weapon hand with a straight downward strike. This technique is called “diretso bagsak” which serves as a defense-offense maneuver. Photos 3 and 4 show an upward-downward strike called “doblete” intended as a follow-up technique or a finishing blow to dislodge the weapon from the attacker’s grip.

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