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    The discovery of an identification card (ID) on a slain rebel by government troops of Ustadz Khabir Malik, an MNLF lieutenant of Mr. Nur Misuari, suggests that Mr. Malik and the MNLF is trying to mislead the military authorities. They know that they will soon be cornered, made pawns out of their comrades to let Mr. Malik escape to safety. However in my opinion, it is better for Malik to be captured alive than dead for in all probability, they will hail him for his “martyrdom”. And in so doing will agitate Moro factions and to take up arms against the government. In my own analysis, this could happen. Mr. Misuari and his cohorts can use Malik’s death for their own advantage. As citizens, we call on the Armed Forces of the Philippines to wipe out the remaining rebels so that Zamboanga can get back on its feet again. Mr. Misuari has grown insensitive to his victims. But his desire to prolong the war will never succeed. He staged the attack in Zamboanga for he knows that Zamboanga is of mixed cultures and are against the activities of Muslim rebels.
    Valley High, Gen Santos City

    Misuari’s misdeeds
    We thank the Armed Forces of the Philippines and President Aquino, for containing the war in Zamboanga. It was a costly war that should not have occurred were it not for the selfishness of former ARMM Governor Nur Misuari who could not accept that he is a failed leader and a traitor to his people. The funds he misused could have changed the lives of his fellow Muslims and their future, which is now, could have boasted of unprecedented growth and progress. Instead, he threw this opportunity.
    Maybe, he is again planning his options, either to be a lamb and pretend to accept his mistakes, express a faint desire for peace, or continue to be stubborn and plan for more destruction. He has tested the waters, unfortunately, he drowned in the process. What happens to him next is to simply allow good to prevail over evil.
    Andy B. Labarda
    D. Tuazon St., QC


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    1. In order for Mr. Nur Misuari to be a respected leader of the Bangsa Moro people, he must prove that he is credible, honest with out self interest but serve his people. all the bad comments are being printed in the media, both local and international about him. The people need to know and hear directly from him to rebut the perception that he is a terrorist, a corrupt leader and is unscrupulous. To be fair, he was once the Governor of ARMM, was he involved in corruption? why was his peace treaty with GPH not signed?, was he consulted before the MILF engage the GPH in this present peace negotiation with GPH to create a BANGSA MORO ENTITY?. The people need to know his side, May God bless all the people of Mindanao with all the sufferings that they have endured. Enough killing, enough war, the sane leaders must respect the aspirations of the people the plan to govern. Good day.