Still questions for Duterte


“Achieving a greater awareness of the past, we clarify the present; digging deeper into the meaning of what has gone before, we discover the meaning of the future; looking backward, we move forward.”

The past of Duterte in Davao City is at best gruesome. To be poor and defenseless in Duterte’s city is unimaginable. It could compare with the worst of times in Russia during Stalin, in so far as killing is concerned. It could compare with Hitler’s Germany, in so far as killing of millions of Germans. Within our neighboring countries, it could compare with Pol Pot’s killing fields in Kampuchea where even to wear eyeglasses was a crime.

How duterte differs from Hitler, stalin and pol pot

That in effect is Duterte in a capsule. There are differences however between him and the leaders of those countries are concerned. First, the thinking of Duterte as shown in his statements appears to be that of a low level human with an ideological philosophy of an American gangster. In the case of Stalin, his ideological underpinning is that of great intellectuals like Marx, Engels and Lenin. In the case of Hitler, his theory of a great master race had Friedrich Nietzsche for support, a Third Reich that could last for a thousand years and the dream of the German people to recover their national honor from the debacle of the First World War. In the case of Pol Pot, his ideological foundation was a dream for the restoration of a great empire that produced engineering, architectural and artistic wonders like Angkor Wat.

Second, the area Duterte rules is as small as a soup bowl if you are to compare it with Russia or the Soviet Union of Stalin; Germany of Hitler and his conquered countries during the Second World War; and Kampuchea of Pol Pot with his Khmer Rouge. It takes a pygmy to control Davao City; it takes political giants to rule Russia and the Soviet Union, Germany and Kampuchea.

Third, the language Duterte uses to convince his audiences is the lingo of the street corner gangster and the bluster of the barangay toughie. The language and style of Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot were charismatic with an intellectual ring making their respective country march behind them – reminiscent of the rhetoric of Cicero and the oratorical tidal wave of a Demosthenes.

Fourth, there is no taint of moral tone and civility in the Duterte language; it is vulgar and visibly pedestrian, an insult and embarrassment to an educated and civilized audience. The three national leaders had moral moorings in their language; were civilized and intellectual.

Duterte’s similarities With other serial killers

Duterte has similarities with the other compared serial killers. They used serial killing as a methodical instrument of eliminating their enemies. They had no qualms about killing as an instrument of effective governance and subjugation.

And now back to questions for duterte

The large number of questions is a tribute to the myth created by him and his idolaters about the boy man Duterte. But many of the questions are rhetorical; they need no answers since the replies are obvious. Nevertheless, these are questions Duterte must answer, if he wants to be President.

In our last Thursday’s column, we ended with question 18, now we resume with question 19.

19. Since you authorize the police, the military and even the citizen to kill criminals, is this not authorizing them to kill you because by then you would have become the country’s Number One Criminal?

20. Will your presidency, God forbid that it comes, not make our country the Number One Criminal country in the world – worse than Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya and what have you?

21. Will not institutionalized killing make the tourist industry a thing of the past except for visiting thrill killers?

22. In other countries like Japan, any hint of criminal misbehavior, which is a part of your system, of a public official, would compel him to commit hara-kiri or seppuku or both. Will you commit hara-kiri or seppuku or both?

23. A leader should lead by example, especially for the young, how can you be a good example when you are telling them to kill criminals, without due process, which is against the law?

24. How you can we have good lawyers in the country when you do not believe in due process, which is the heart of our constitutional system?

25. You refused to finish the Davao City Convention Center on your claim that it was attended by graft and corruption. Were you able to catch and convict the grafters and the corrupt?

On your claim of a simple life:

26. When you were still pretending to be undecided to run for President because you had no money to mount a presidential run, you were traveling around in style in the jet of your religious leader, Quiboloy, with the support of your businessmen cronies of Davao City.
Why did you claim in your speech at Bonbon, Catarman, Camiguin, that you have BARS OF GOLD WORTH FIFTEEN BILLION PESOS?

27. With your salary as city mayor, what did you do to acquire BILLIONS OF PESOS?

28. Is it true that you have a criminal case involving graft and corruption? If so, what is it all about and what is the status of the case?

29. Is it true that you have cornered the gold produced from Mount Diwalwal and you export it to China?

30. How much money have you have made out of this activity and how much taxes did you pay?

On your campaign contributors:

31. Who are your rich Davao campaign contributors other than Quiboloy and Paul Dominguez? How much as of today have they contributed to your campaign?

32. You went to Hong Kong in the early stage of the campaign. Is it true you went there to meet your big Chinese contributors? How much did they contribute? Who are they?

33. It is reported that you went to Saudi Arabia several days ago. Is it true you went there to meet your rich Arab contributors? If so, how much did they contribute and who are they?

34. Do you know it is prohibited by law to solicit elections funds from foreigners?

35. Do you know it is prohibited by law to receive election funds foreigners?

36. How do you expect to be a good President when you violate so many laws as your whims dictate?

On your morals

36. You admit to having two wives, a number of girl friends, kissing and fondling women in public to satisfy your libidinous desire because this is part of biology. Do you realize that these admissions indicate a low respect for women and high degree of immorality?

37. How can you expect citizens, especially the young, to respect our laws when you are an immoral law violator – an admitted bigamist, an admitted adulterer, an admitted molester of women?

38. You claim to be a Roman Catholic. What kind of a Roman Catholic are you when just for a traffic jam you had the effrontery to curse Pope Francis? And are a bigamist, an adulterer and a molester of women?

39. Why did you make a stupid declaration that you will destroy the Catholic Church? Didn’t you know that kings and potentates of empires could not do it even in two thousand years?

On your rebel connections:

40. You claim to be friends of the CPP-NPA rebels and there is unconfirmed information that you contribute to them, is this true?

41. If this is true, do you know that under Article 114 of the Revised Penal Code, giving aid and comfort to the enemy of the Republic is treason and your action makes you a traitor to the country?

42. Similarly, Muslim rebels, specifically the Mindanao National Liberation Front,(MNLF) endorsed you for President and threaten that if you do not elected, they will intensify their campaign to topple the government. Did you accept such endorsement?

43. If you did accept the support of the Muslim rebels, do you know that this violates Article 114 of the Revised Penal Code and that it makes you a traitor to the country? Can you ever imagine a traitor as President of our country?

On your inconsistencies

You have many inconsistencies but the most glaring are the following:

44. In the course of your campaign and in your usual bragging moment, you said the moment you get to be President you will immediately send Jojo Binay to jail, yet in the recent Cebu City presidential debate, you endorsed Binay for President as an alternative to you, how can you explain this inconsistency?

45. Early on you said you will declare a revolutionary government when you become President. Why did you change your mind?

* * *
It’s just a few days between now and May 9, 2016. Listening to Duterte talk gives you the feeling that you are in an insane asylum. Considering his popularity, it is not impossible that he can be President. If that happens, we will be living in an insane country with a National Psychiatrist as a member of the Cabinet.


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  1. “We’d all like to vote for the best man, but he’s never a candidate.” (Kin Hubbard)

  2. “Nor should we listen to those who say The voice of the people is the voice of God, for the turbulence of the mob is always close to insanity.” ―Alcuin

  3. People are so desperate and tired of graft, corruption and injustice that has been going on for so long, the reason why they turned to Duterte, whom I think will be the worst president this country would ever have. I dont think that Atty Adaza is being paid for his writings, as he also wrote about Binay before this column about Digong. Nobody can dictate a good writer what to write, its all up to us if we will agree or disagree with him.

  4. A negative article of open-ended questions meant to cast doubt. No hard evidence presented, no alternatives offered. All fluff and no stuff. Duterte’s boyish antics resonate with the masses who have so little to be happy about except for simple pleasures within their reach. His heart is in the right place. Sori bos, kay Duterte pa rin kami.

  5. How can one compare Pol Pot’s Cambodia with Duterte’s Davao City?

    Meron bang 911 Central FREE emergency medical services sa Cambodia ngayon?

    Kung wala, lalo na siguro sa panahon ni PolPot.

    Sa Davao merong 911 Central EMS, on top of the house for the women and children victims of domestic violence.

    In deep contrast, when will your Maharlika Kingdom distribute lands to the landless poor?

    Remember, all presidents that you have supported in the past were all failures. So why should we listen to you?

    In short, you’re just whining about how Duterte’s message effectively penetrated every awakened soul in this country. Praktikal na ang mga tao sa ngayon. Hindi na mauto sa laway lang.

    The truth is: you and your masters in the Oligarchy are all caught off guard when for the first time in recent memory, it’s the people from the full spectrum of our society are backing up a presidential candidate, with the resources they’ve got and in social media.

    Certainly, your kind has reached the shelf life. Enjoy your retirement.

    • I am from mindanao. i know him. he was born in maasin, leyte. his father is a cebuano lawyer who became governor of Davao. his mother is a school teacher. he was expelled from several schools for misconduct. he worked as a fiscal during the time of dictator Marcos. He is a killer, an adulterer, womanizer, with a diseased mind. as binay characterizes him, “He is the King of Liars” who speaks like a gangster. And you want this canto boy to be president, you must be out of your mind.

    • yechezchial garcia on

      yes i want him to be president than binay who stole or overspend on everything. than mar who knows nothing about being a leader. how about poe? no experience, santiago? dying.

    • She’s healing. Not dying. You’re not God to judge who will die today or for the next six years. You don’t even know when YOU will die so stop saying that Miriam is dying.

  6. I think you did not check who is Duterte and never bother to check him because from the beginning you don’t like him. Your kind of question reveal who you are to him. Anyway, people already decides.

  7. yechezchial garcia on

    i dont understand all these things they are saying against duterte. for 1 was not born or raise in davao. i started living in davao when i was 13 yrs old now im 32. and i tell you davao is the best city to live and grow old. good people from davao, and law abiding people in davao has nothing to be scared of. we walk the streets while texting and wearing expensive jewelries cause we know the percentage that it will be snatch from us is too low. we walk or jog at night or early morning without the fear of being harassed, raped, mugged or killed. they are killings here in davao but people will always tell you they deserve it because they are known criminals. they were warned to stop doing crime or leave davao. they didnt so they died. extrajudicial or not they deserve it. davao has crimes any city has it but like me who follows the law has nothing to fear when i walk or go home after curfew. and besides the curfew here is for the minors and liquor.

    in my opinion people from luzon dont want duterte because it will affect they way of life. they cannot party til early morning or do whatever they want. davao maybe a boring city because everything is closed by 1am. booze cannot be purchased by 1am. but you can party all you want if you are in your home. drink til the next day as long as it is in your own home. now as a parent if your kids what to go out. would you not feel better that your kids are home by 1am because they have no place to go?. in the news do you see day in and day out families get massacred? or road rage? or traffic accidents? or drug dens and drug markets? you dont cause we know if we do that you die. and police and military here are approachable and good people. have you heard of a police being slap by a mayor because he is a corrupt cop? only in davao.

    lastly if digong wont win it is ok for us davaoenos. we will still have our mayor and we will still have our city. we will still love davao. when foreigners ask me where im from? i never say im from the philippines i always say im from davao. because they always think that filipinos come from manila. i dont care of people in the north. i dont like working there and i will never live there. yes we dont have malls, party, stars, buildings etc. but we dont have 3hour traffic, smelly streets, apolluted city, from air to water, we have less crimes(those data from pnp luzon about crime rate here? its b.s. walk our streets and you have nothing to fear.), we dont have expensive food.

    if you want to feel safe go duterte…

    • Really? How safe were the 1,700 helpless boys, girls, men and women he and his death squads killed without going to court? How safe were journalists Jun Pala, Rene Galope and Ferdie Lintuan who were all murdered for criticizing him. Why could duterte not clean his city from criminality when he was in power for more than 20 years – holder of the record as the current murder capital of this country and a top 5 in in number of crimes. Is this the case because the mayor is a killer and with no morals. Davao City is safe for people who only exist but not live.

    • yechezchial garcia on

      Really? How safe were the 1,700 helpless boys, girls, men and women he and his death squads killed without going to court? How safe were journalists Jun Pala, Rene Galope and Ferdie Lintuan who were all murdered for criticizing him. Why could duterte not clean his city from criminality when he was in power for more than 20 years – holder of the record as the current murder capital of this country and a top 5 in in number of crimes. Is this the case because the mayor is a killer and with no morals. Davao City is safe for people who only exist but not live. —————- helpless? look at the records they committed the crimes more than once and was given a warning not to do it again. like i said like any other city in the philippines davao is not 100% safe. but we are one of the most livable cities in the world you can ask every foreigners who lived here. they prefer it here than any other city in the philippines. im a law abiding citizen, yes i received a speeding ticket or violate traffic laws. but i did not steal, sell drugs or use drugs. so im glad they are all dead. in davao crime does not pay, small or big time. now dont start asking me about no fish caught in davao its just that you people not from davao did not heard about it in the news. as for the deaths of journalist? their are no proof that he ordered them killed. its an urban legend. ask de lima she tried and was dared by digong with the help of the city to find any proof that he ordered anyone killed. as for the statistics, we are glad that we are in the top 5 or make it number one. those are not random killings, those are police operations, the criminals fought back thats why they are dead. as long as we walk the street anytime of the day or night feeling safe from criminals, we from davao dont care about stats and what is happening in other cities.

  8. When we hear or are told nothing but the evils, the weaknesses and the vulnerabilities of our presidentiables, we picture the hopelessness of our country and people, of the next generation, of the future of our children and their children; this is no good reason and it is the worse time though to let go and waive our right to vote. We must vote. We must choose our next leader. If our barometer is the negativity attributed to the candidates, then there are only two (2) choices left for the electorate – the lesser evils: Roxas or Poe (Miriam is too sick to even be considered!). Then, we must go for Roxas, for three reasons: Integrity; Experience; Continuity. His performance and human side may perhaps tell of some weakness, but the evil equivalent is perhaps too little to even matter as against the good and beneficial value of the totality of his goals and programs for good and productive government and progressive society. Philippines – let us go for Raxas! Mabuhay ang Filipino!

    • Yes, I think Roxas is the best among the candidates, except that I worried that he might not be able to send Pinoy to jail. Im choosing between Poe and Roxas. Binay and Duterte are totally out for me.

  9. I used to admire you Mr. Adaza but now perhaps you are just venting out your frustrations at not being able to win in electoral contests and you train your sights to a candidate who is possibly the only one who can end the wars in our country, don’t you wish for that to happen? And by no any stretch of imagination that Duterte will be like Hitler, Stalin and Polpot, that you can justify the genocide and atrocities to humanity simply because they are intellectuals. Why don’t you also ask the same questions to the other candidates; the source of their funds, their intellectual capacity and so on and so forth. Duterte dared the others to reveal their bank accounts and waive the bank secrecy law. He was met with silence and ignored his challenge. Need i say more?

  10. If all you claim about Duterte is true I would still rather have him as President than the old corrupt establishment, who are all talk and do NOTHING, Nothing about the poor NOTHING about corruption, Nothing about putting the Philippines back on the map in SE Asia and not the lagging poor man. Even if Duterte has got billions from this and that he has not stollen money from the poor of the country like the 100 rich familes and the likes of the catholic church and the likes of Binay and his clan. Duterte will do something about the poor he will do something meaningful with the corrupt elite families. I just hope he does not get killed doing it…. Duterte My President….

  11. The Pimentel’s already contradicted principles of spoused by PDP and their previous pronouncements. They are showing their true colors, they simply are power hungry and greedy politicians.

    • Pimentels and you talk of principles? You must be kidding.Go to CDO and you will know who they are.

  12. bono, sanay na pinoy sa mga may diperensya sa utak na lider. matatapos na yung isa, hindi ba?? gusto mo ba bono na yung amerikana, na lumaki na ang ulo at naging delusional (mental problem din ito, hindi ba??) ang maging lider?? kung ganun ang paniniwala mo bono ay marami ng nasiraan ng ulo dito sa pilipinas sa 6 na taon ni benito. can you imagine your favorite whipping boy duterte getting the approval of the so called elite based on the surveys?? pati yung mga matrona na taga gated villagers are for du30 already.

    • I know bon since UP. He is a maverick. He is right. Something is wrong with the mind of our leaders and so with the majority of our people. Long live the Bon adazas of this world.

  13. The typical Adaza. He can utter a million words just like he can ask many questions. Problem is NONE of them are significant though. Its not Duterte who institutionalized killings. It’s your mind Mr. Adaza. Why don’t you run as President and let’s see how many VOTES will you get.

  14. Wilfredo Sescon on

    Itong si Bono Adaza as isang laos na pulitiko. Dati siyang member of parliament ng Batasang Pambansa at governor ng Misamis Oriental. Siya ang nagtatag ng Mindanao Alliance na isang political party nuong panahon ng martial law. Hindi sya nakakasundo ni Senator Nene Pimentel ng PDP-Laban (ama ni Senator Coco Pimentel) kahit pareho naman sila na taga Misamis Oriental. Ang PDP-Laban ay ang political party na nag-endorso kay Mayor Duterte na maging kandidato pagka-presidente. Si Adaza ay nagtitiyaga na lang sa pagiging columnist ng Manila Times dahil hindi na ito nananalo sa pulitika. Kahit sa pagka-mayor nga ay hindi ito mananalo. Mukhang nabayaran itong si Adaza. Dahil nagsimula lamang itong magsulat ng kung anu-ano laban kay Mayor Duterte ng lumabas ang latest na mga survey ng Pulse Asia at Social Weather Station kung saan nangunguna si Mayor Duterte.

    • Tama naman ang ilan sa mga sinabi mo WIlfredo. Pero ang alam ko si Nene Pimentel 26 ang graft cases nya nung naging mayor sya. At ngayon ay sobrang yaman nya. Atty Adaza cannot tolerate such kahit na kaibigan pa nya. Nung nakaraan si Binay naman ang binanatan ni Atty. Adaza, kaya I dont think he got paid for this. He is just expressing his opinion and analysis. Hindi naman yata tama sa sinabi mo na nagtiyaga na lang magsulat sa Manila Times, si Atty. Adaza dahil laos na. Mahusay na pahayagan ang Manila Times, kaya dont look down on this paper. Of all the newspapers in the country, Manila Times is the only newspaper who is not bias, balanse talaga. Kung hinde, eh bakit nagbabasa ka ng column na ito?

    • You don’t know Adaza. Kong di ka bata seguro, botango ka. Kong di ka sa dalawa, i-Google mo nga si Homobono Adaza, kong hinhi basahin mo nga ang mga libro niya. Kong totoo kang tawo at matapang ka tulad ng idolo mo na hindi makalad kong walang sangkatutak na gwardiya, bakit hindi mo ilagay ang totoo mong pangalan at saang parteng mundo ka nakatira.

  15. Atty. Homobono Adaza

    How dare you compare Mayor Duterte with Hitler! that’s a direct insult to German Dictator.

    Fear of Crime is real and a very important issue now in Philippines. Many Filipino express anxiety and fear of rising drug related crimes (including rape w/ brutal killing) and about being victimized. This probably explains why Mayor Duterte is now very Popular and may soon be our next President.

    A murderer will kill you, a thief will steal from you. But you’ll never know where you stand with a liar 

    Would you rather :

    1. steal from people you are suppose to serve, or
    2. kill bad elements of society to protect people

    Sad state we are in – NO CHOICE. Because both are viewed as a villain. While others is clearly incompetent, inexperienced and old/sick/weak.

    If I may ask po, who is your candidate? and why?

    Hinde rin naman po pwede wala iboto sa election bcoz important positions in government will be VACANT mid2016.

    The National Transformation Council cannot simply take power (Transitional Government) w/out participation in election and get clear mandate.

    I was originally advocating for NOTA (none of the above) and I have yet to decide who to vote. Both Miriam & Duterte are not in my hit list, but it doesn’t mean po I’m a die hard fanatic or supporter of Duterte.

    He may not be our perfect candidate and yes his life is an open book – a self confessed bad guy (profanity, womanizer, killer, etc.), but Philippines still need a strong leader after a very poor performance/bad leadership in PNoy (pretends to be good/saint).

  16. Frodo Godofredo on

    If Duterte could lead with iron fists and KO the 100 or so ruling families in the country then he’s my president as long as he can keep his fists closed and out of the masses’ pockets.

  17. The question is why is he so popular? Because the majority of the Filipino voters have a very low perception of a good leader. The majority have very low I.Q. And mostly coming from poor families. They think Duterte and Clint Eastwood is one and the same person. Thanks to the head of PNP Marquez that there is a down trend of criminality in Metro Manila. Checkpoints all over the city. MMDA no contact/apprehension policy ends the Kotong System of the MMDA thanks to the new commissioner. We are on the right direction after the worst police general, General Alan Purisima. It will just take a few more months and every thing will be alright after changing the DOTC secretary Emilio Abaya.

  18. clive pardoe on

    It seems from your post that you pose more questions than answers. Indeed the contents of your article are just one long diatribe of accusation and inuendo so the reader is drawn to the conclusion that you are at best misguided and at worst a paid hatchet man. But in regard to the latter, of course as we get nearer election day and Dutertes popularity stays high, one would expect nothing less from the opposition would we? I read once that it is a sure sign of a great persons success when people smear and try to drag them down so Duterte supporters should take great heart when weavels like Adaza come out of their cloistered woodwork.Last but not least the accusations herein remind me of a very clever man who once proved by logic that Napoleon never existed. indeed he made an unasailable case but where he failed was that he started with one false premise.By contrast your article is full of false premeses and therefore lacks any relavance whatsoever !!

  19. Characteristics of a popular politician: a horrible voice, bad breeding, and a vulgar manner. _ _ Aristophanes

  20. Very timely and informative for any investigative journalist out there. Any one?

    Election (formality only, because our votes will not be counted. It will be summed up by VCM) is very near. Duterte is a color yellow. Why? he was pushed to run by koko of pdp-laban, creation of nene. Who is nene? creation of cory including binay, also formerly pdp-laban. The four entries are marked yellow who will not dare to say they will put pnoy behind bars. Pls ask this question during the last debate. ” Who among you will dare to say ‘i will put bsaquino behind bars?”

  21. Maria Taffer on

    A comment from Giancarlo Reyes Saulo puts it well when he said:
    People say we need to elect a good “Model” as our Perfect leader…It shouldn’t come as a surprise.However did we ever look on the standards of God when it comes to choosing leaders?..Jacob was a cheater, Peter had a temper, David had an affair,Solomon had 700 wives, Noah got drunk, Jonah ran from God, Paul was a murderer of Christians, Gideon was insecure, Miriam was a gossip, Martha was a worrier, Thomas was a doubter, Sara was impatient, Elijah was moody, Moses stuttered, Abraham was old, and Lazarus was dead. Did it matter? God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the CALLED!

    • Nililito mo lang sa galing ng pananalita mo ang tunay na mabuting leader. Sorry wala kay Duterte ang katangian ng magandang leader. Ganun lang kasimple yun. Paano kung si Poe o si Binay at hindi si Duterte ang manalo masabi mo kaya na God qualifies one of them.

  22. Maria Taffer on

    NO to another Yellow Oligarch Minion/Puppet.
    NO to an AMERICAN FIRST FAMILY in Malacanang & another puppet of the Yellow Oligarchs.
    NO to the biggest kickbacker&pickpocketer of people’s hard-earned money.
    YES to CHANGE.
    If you have lived all your life in Metro Manila, I would understand if in love na in love ka sa present UNITARY form of govt., kasi 60% of the national annual budget lovingly goes to Imperial Manila and the rest of the country outside Imperial Manila will have to make-do with the remaining 40%.
    Wag naman tayo sobrang maramot.This is one major reason why economic growth outside your beloved Manila is S-L-O-W.
    Like, share and repost if you believe that change is possible and change is coming….

    • Ang isa sa rason kaya S-L-O-W ang economic growth sa buong Pinas hindi lang outside ng Manila. Kasama ang Manila dahil sa mga corrupt na mga politicians, hindi exempted si Duterte dun.

    • Many people still didnt understand why duterte is so popular. Filipinos showing support for duterte are like rebelling against imperial manila. Ang damdamin ng mga taga probinsya ay nagkaisa dahil sawa na sa mga palpak na mga leader na product ng manila. Sa history ni minsan hindi pa nagkaisa ang boong pilipinas sana ngayon mangyayari ito.

    • For a minute, I liked the comments from Maria. But when I reached the part where she says, “Federalism,” I automatically stopped reading the comment. We are one screwed up and dysfunctional society because of misinformed people.

  23. I shat my pants reading this. The sheer ignorance and arrogance in this article is unbearable. Talk about political bias. Not much to expect from old sh*t journalists.

  24. Samuel Santos on

    This article will surely (a)waken Duterte to his senses. Sa kabilang dako, nawa’y hwag na sana namang magtulogtulogan pa ang mga botante.

  25. Nagsalita naman itong magaling. Ikaw anong nagawa mo nung nasa gobyerno ka, maliban sa dakdak ng dakdak?

    Kung saang tsismis ma nasagap ang mga yan, doon mo hanapan ng sagot.

  26. The biggest mistake of the STUPID Filipino voters will be voting for either Duterte or Binay. Duterte is too fresh and thinks that nobody on earth is right except him. It will be very dangerous for him to get elected because his children will become abusive. In the case of Binay, his greed for money has no end. He will continue stealing government’s money as long as he lives.
    The solution for this; Pray to save the Philippines from Duterte and the Binays. May their lawyers and followers suffer the WRATH of the Almighty God.

    • clive pardoe on

      Yes Keem and may you suffer the wrath of common sense. Rest assured its a healing balm…try it !!

    • And what if once again you were Wong? I would rather pray to save the Philippines from a Poe presidency!

    • Duterte is too fresh? He served Davao for 30 years! He is no Freshman, as apposed to Poe who is very fresh! But behind her is her puppet masters who are not fresh but very experienced in plunder and graft. Duterte is needed to turn the Philippines upside down and give it a good shakedown get rid of the old corrupt. The rich families who constantly screw the poor filipinos. A prime example is Globe and PLDT monopoly that makes the internet the slowest and most expensive in SE Asia if not the world. how can the country be competitive if we dont have affordable connectivity? … the country is a joke!