Stop blame game over Kidapawan–Robredo


THE public and authorities should stop fingerpointing on who is to blame for the Kidapawan City shooting early this week that left at least two people dead and 30 others injured.

Robredo, a lawyer, was referring to the violent dispersal of farmers who were protesting the slow flow of government aid, mainly rice, because of their massive losses over El Niño (extreme drought).

“The focus should be on the interest and welfare of the farmers, instead of blaming each other. Fingerpointing is useless because it would not alleviate the plight of our farmers,” she said.

“We should look out for the welfare of our farmers and their families first. Instead of dwelling on the accusations, it is more important to address their plight,” Robredo added.

She earlier called for removal of the policemen involved in the dispersal pending investigation of the incident.

Initial findings released on Wednesday revealed that a police sniper on board a police firetruck shot a protester.



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  1. The money already went to buy warships and jet fighters no more left for the farmers.

  2. Typical Liberal Party,
    lets not blame anyone and move on, Lets not hold anyone accountable for the killings.

    Who got shot ? Who shot them ? Who ordered the Police to disperse the farmers with live ammo ? Ever hear of non lethal dispersal ?

    The videos i saw it sure looked like some police were trying to kill as many people as possible.

    The DILG immediately gave medals to the PNP men who took part in the massacre of hungry farmers.

    It’s more fun in the Philippines