• Stop contractualization or face closure, companies warned


    President Rodrigo Duterte has warned companies to stop contractualization or face closure.

    Duterte threatened to cancel the permits of companies that insist on hiring contractual employees.

    “My message to them is very simple: Do not wait for us to inspect. I will be unforgiving. You will not only lose your money, you will lose your pants,” the President warned.

    “This was my promise to the people and I will do it. Stop that practice, pay your employees right, stop contractualization. It will not do good to our country,” he added.

    The President specifically called on employers of security guards, who he said sometimes work for 24 hours straight.

    Duterte said companies should give their employees all the benefits mandated by law.

    “If you do not take care of the workers, then I cannot take care of you,” he said.

    “I’m sorry, whether SM or all companies, I will close the entire Republic of the Philippines and we can all go into hunger strike,” Duterte said.

    SM Investments Corp. in April maintained that it does not practice contractualization but hires seasonal workers.

    The President urged contractual workers to air their complaints by calling 8888, the 24-hour government hotline.


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    1. Romeo Tuazon on

      Thank you Pres. Duterte. This is long over due. Previous president did not stop it because of their failure to see or refuse to see this greatest ills of the society specifically the Phil govt. That is why in our country, the poor gets poorer and the crooked rich becomes richer. Let us continue to pray for Pres. Duterte that while he may begin to seek God, that he maybe surrounded with godly men and women.