• Stop ‘destabilizers’ plotting vs Duterte


    Supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday said all moves that seek to destabilize his administration and eventually oust him from power are doomed to fail because of the people’s overwhelming support for his governance.

    “Let us not be swayed and sweet-talked by these destabilizers and demagogue politicians whose only advocacy is to grab power from the government… Let us continue to support the President in his advocacy against illegal drugs, corruption, criminality, insurgency and poverty and condemn and oppose these plotters and destabilizers!” the Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte-National Executive Coordinating Committee (MRRD-NECC) said in a statement.

    The group reminded Filipinos of their plight before President Duterte ascended the presidency in 2016.

    “For the longest time, our people have suffered so much injustices and abuses that have made lives miserable. These came about because of illegal drugs, corruption in the bureaucracy, criminality, insurgency and poverty,” it added.

    The group, which played a crucial role in convincing Duterte to run for President, said reports about a destabilization plot have been confirmed by many and that all supporters of the President should not take these suspicions lightly.

    “At present, the President is effectively resolving these problems but there are political leaders who are derailing the implementation of solutions to these problems as they are more intent in getting back their lost political glory. They have resorted to conspiracies and destabilization plots in order to oust the President from power,” according to the MRRD-NECC.

    The group maintained that these moves are backed up by “funds from drug syndicates who lost billions by reason of the aggressive campaign against illegal drugs and the extremists whose notoriety were silenced by President Duterte’s political will.”

    The MRRD-NECC lashed at politicians who are inciting the people to “rise up” by “sowing misinformation, misrepresentation and propaganda.”

    The group hinted that the group of Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th is among those plotting to remove the President.

    “Ironically, these politicians do not have any sterling record to identify them as good public servants, rather, as experts in destabilization and mutiny. In fact, recidivist mutineers and putschists,” it said.

    The group hit the Supreme Court (SC) and the Office of the Ombudsman for committing “selective justice” by acting on the complaint against Duterte rather than addressing the backlog of cases against officials of past administrations.

    It branded critics of the war on drugs as “hypocrites” who anchor their criticisms on the moral ground of sanctity of life when, in fact, they play blind to the thousands of innocent lives lost and wasted because of the doings of drug addicts and members of drug syndicates.

    The MRRD-NECC expressed support to the possible declaration of a revolutionary government, noting that many public officials who are protected by the concept of security of tenure have used their positions for self-gratification and advance their greed.

    The President last week said he would declare a revolutionary government if communists and other groups supported by his opponents attempted to destabilize his government.

    His daughter, Davao Mayor Sara Duterte, on Sunday said the threat of destabilization is “as real as terrorism.”


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