Stop extortion, then we talk peace – Palace


MALACAÑANG on Monday called on the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), the New People’s Army (NPA) and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) to stop extortion and other hostile activities if it wants to resume peace talks.

Presidential spokesman Ernesto Abella announced four conditions on the communists calling for a stop to the following: collection of “revolutionary taxes” or extortion activities, ambushes on military personnel, burning of property and provocative and hostile actions.

“While it is understandable that suspicions linger about the motives of the parties on opposite sides of the ideological spectrum, some compelling reasons need to be provided for talks to resume. Considering the unprecedented goodwill the President has shown, these [conditions]may provide compelling reason and could put at ease, to some extent, the apprehension of the military and the administration,” Abella said in a statement.

“When guns are silent, we can better listen to each other. We need the President’s vision for a peaceful, just and inclusively prosperous Philippines. He has already taken the first steps forward in good faith. We wait for [the NDFP]to respond,” he added.

Abella however called out the communists for demanding the immediate release of their 400 detained comrades, which the rebels claimed were already old and sickly.

“It may be pertinent to take note that the [NDFP] probably pushed the envelope too fast and too soon in demanding the full release of political prisoners prior to any signed agreement and for lifting the ceasefire ahead of their deadline,” Abella added.

In a separate statement, Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process Jesus Dureza said President Rodrigo Duterte was willing to negotiate a bilateral ceasefire pact with the Reds.

Dureza issued the statement after the communists expressed willingness to negotiate a bilateral ceasefire agreement and announced on Sunday the release of six government men held as “prisoners of war.”

Talks were initially scheduled on February 22 to 25 in the Netherlands, but Duterte cancelled all negotiations and a unilateral ceasefire on February 4 after a series of NPA attacks on military men.

The cancellation of the talks came after the communists junked their own unilateral ceasefire declaration because of the President’s refusal to free the 400 detained rebels.

“We welcome and respect the positive position coming from the leadership of the CPP/NPA/NDF. On the part of the Philippine government, we share the same commitment to work for just and lasting peace in the land,” Dureza said.

“When compelling reasons, as President Duterte earlier announced, are present, then we in government will take the next necessary steps,” Dureza added.

As this developed, child rights watchdog Children’s Rehabilitation Center accused state forces of escalating human rights violations in the government’s all-out war campaign versus the NPA.

Jacquiline Ruiz, executive director, said children in the countryside continue to live under siege. “We are very much alarmed that children continue to carry the heaviest brunt of military abuses in the countryside,” she said in a statement.


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  1. Wow, the NPAs call their captives prisoners of wars and yet their comrades caught by the government are labelled as human rights victims and political prisoners. We should either relabel them as caught terrorists or prisoners of war. And by using the term prisoners of war, the communists have actually made FM’s decision to declare martial law as the only way to suppress the war the communists waged against the government. And that was the truth and not a revisionist take on history as the yellows and reds would have it.

  2. What??? demanding NPA’s to stop their extortion activity? over their dead-red bodies…no way would these people give up their millions of cash hoard and go back to the simple life of a barrio folk. that means the peace talk is doomed but I’ll be happy to be proven wrong!

    • You are correct and I have always said that peace talks are futile when a group really wants to grab power and not to return to the fold as mere citizens who have to pay taxes to the government. Why would they do that when they seem to have a better life extorting money from businessmen?

  3. Peace talk & cease fire will not be the solution. This is just making no sound, but the real thing these rebels are not going or willing to put a stop.

    Of course as a father of the country he wants PEACE. But too bad there are children in the family whom they called “BLACK SHIP”.

    Clean-up the weeds so there will be good fruits. GO, GO cheers to our President DU30.

  4. aladin g. villacorte on

    Don’t release all so-called political prisoners; many of them are plain criminals – with blood on their hands. Rather than talk with the absentee leaders, the greying armchair guerrillas in Holland, the government should cut a deal instead with rebels on the ground, those who stage ambushes and run, indeed those who cling to their weapons close to their heart.

    Forget about the ideologues – Joma, Jalandoni, Agcaoili, etc. – and their anachronistic rhetoric. They represent the archaic Left, who believe that China still dances to the music of Mao. A former disciple of the Red Book confided to me recently: “I’m afraid to admit we were on the wrong side of history”. What he really wanted to say, after a brief tour of Beijing, is that China is the success story of capitalism.

  5. NPA is a pest that needs to be eradicated. They claimed that they are for the People but how is that possible that when you start a business they will ask for revolutionary tax or else they will burn your businesses, transportation equipment and they will harassed you like you are a criminal. Let us unite against their tyranny and let us move to a progressive very affluent Philippines. Amen.

  6. Do not waste money and time to the leopards. Leopards can not change their spots.Adopt the formula of former Defense Secretary ILITO. Get all leaders of NPA and put them in Jail…!

  7. JoMa Sisson and Jalandoni should be taken out from the CPP / NPA / NDF negotiating team because these two morons’ way of thinking are still in 60s and 70s and what they think and what they believe about the world are already obsolete. If these criminals do not comply with PDU30’s requests and wishes, there shall be no peace talk and all the talking will be done in the battlefield, wherever that maybe. The CPP / NPA / NDF should have that sincere desire, if they want peace and start joining the government rebuilding this nation. Communism is dead and freedom loving Filipinos will not allow your ideology to prosper.

  8. jeff jaramillo on

    The NPA/NDF are not after peace, they are after the government. They like to run & govern the country. So, it’s best to get rid of them. Dissolve them. They call for peace talk they they are cornered. We should not listen to them. Kill them all if they do not surrender.