Stop listening to Aquino, Deles, Ferrer. Listen to Senator Escudero


ALL indications show that the man is mentally, psychologically, psychiatrically, even emotionally, handicapped.  He should step down or be ousted.

And it looks like the two women BS Aquino has chosen to be the captains of the Philippine Republic’s team in dealing with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front have been working against our side. Proof of this is that even now–as Aquino is continues to pressure the House of Representatives and the Senate to pass the anti-Philippine Republic Bangsamoro Basic Law (which is to serve as the mini-constitution of the MILF-desired Bangsamoro autonomous region or substate)–the MILF’s Central Committee Chair Al-Haj Murad Ebrahim still refuses to accept our Republic’s Constitution and the foundational principles of our Republic.

The MILF chair insists that our Congress must pass the BBL draft that the Bangsamoro Transition Commission (BTC) wrote and President Aquino certified for priority passage. The BTC was chaired by MILF negotiating panel chief Mohagher Iqbal.

Murad also seems to believe — after years of Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process Sec. Teresita Deles and Government Panel Chair Miriam Coronel-Ferrer holding talks with their MILF counterparts — that there is no need for congressmen and senators to tinker with the BBL draft approved and mostly written by the MILF because Aquino, the commander-in-chief of the Philippines, has approved it.

It seems that Aquino, Ferrer and Deles — and their people — are not bothered a bit by the problem of Murad and his Central Committee having a wrong and distorted understanding of what the Philippine Republic is.

Why are Ferrer and Deles unconcerned about the MILF Central Committee Chairman’s misunderstanding or refusal to understand that “the commander-in-chief” cannot bind Congress and the Judiciary into ignoring our Constitution?  Could it be that they have become as mentally and psychiatrically challenged as Aquino?  Or worse, that they are actually determined to work to promote the interests of the MILF and their Malaysian patrons against our Republic and our people.  Senator Allan Peter Cayetano and Senator Pia Cayetano underscored this in the last Senate hearing.

That is why Senator Francis Escudero wishes Deles and Ferrer and other members of the government peace panel to resign and be replaced by others who will truly protect the interest of the Philippines.

Escudero’s old friend BS Aquino has appealed to congressmen not to be too rigorous in reviewing the MILF-Malacañang draft of the BBL. He reportedly told some House members that if the BBL that is passed is too different from the original, then the rebel MILF might refuse to accept it and then the goal of peace in Mindanao would not be achieved.

Aquino’s moves have driven Senator Escudero to speak out.  He has reminded his fellow legislators that while BS Aquino has every right to push his and the MILF’s version of the BBL, Congress has the serious duty of rigorously reviewing the proposed BBL so that all provisions that are unconstitutional and injurious to our Republic are amended or removed.

In the field of battle, the government’s army did not move fast and heroically to prevent the slaughter of our PNP-SAF commandos by the combined force of MILF and BIFF armies. Aquino’s chosen AFP Chief of Staff, Gen. Catapang, admitted at the hearings that the AFP commanders stood down because aiding our Fallen 44 Heroes might have been misinterpreted by the MILF and the peace process would be affected.

The same ugly, painful and tragic betrayal of our nation in Mamasapano will happen nationwide if the senators and the congressmen listen to BS Aquino, Coronel-Ferrer and Deles, instead of the wise and patriotic voice of Senator Escudero.


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  1. jun y. viray on

    Kill the messenger but listen to the message. While we may not be a friend to Chiz , what he espouses are valid questions that need some acceptable answers.

  2. ALL indications show that the man is mentally, psychologically, psychiatrically, even emotionally, handicapped. These are a psychopathic syndrome.

  3. Yes, I think the government panel should resign because during the senatehearings, they seem to be the lawyers for MILF. I think we should listen to Sen. Allan peter Cayetano. The guy really talks sense. You are indeed your father’s son sir! Snappiest salute for you senator! Job well done.

  4. larry a. tamayo on

    This president will never listen to people he perceives as enemies!!! He will stand by his decision … even if it means … detrimental to the interest of the Filipino people!!!

  5. The endorsement by the editors of Chiz Escudero is disappointing to say the least. How soon do we forget his vote in the Corona impeachment trials and the fact that he is reported to have received the biggest bribe money in both the Corona case, and also the biggest share in the the DAP scam and h e hasn’t denied any of these. Obviously the editors only remembered what he has been saying to the press, and ignored the way he votes in crucial issues, which are two different things. To most people, Escudero has proven to himself to be the most sneaky and scheming operator for his buddy, the president, in the Senate today. I’d sooner trust Drillon than this unreliable and double talking senator. At least, with Drilon, you see what you get. With Escudero, you never know until it’s too late.

  6. how can the BBL drafted by terrorists and mentally incapable people be passed.? how can it spell peace when these people are terroristwho never know what real peace is? anything that the bbl contains are pro terrorosts.. sadly even the mentality of deles and ferrer are conditioned to favor the terrorists . they can deny this accusation ….denial and more denial will not make their actions right. they must be receiving compensation as “govt peace panel’ (which is very much doubted) and spokespersons and lawyers for the milf. … ….

  7. What?! Escudero, who earned the ire of his supposed parents-in-law, is not worth listening to.. I think he’s a hypocrite with bad manners who talks like a robot and with no depth.

  8. Ang mahal kong Pilipinas ay Luzon, Visayas, at Mindanao. Huwag sanang maging Luzon at Visayas na lang, dahil Nobel Prize kapalit ay “MINDANAO”.

    • BINIGAY NA NI CORY ANG SABAH… IPAMIMIGAY PA RIN ANG MINDANAO? PERANG COLLECTION NI HENARES 70BILLION IBIBIGAY LANG SA MILF… tapos ano? hihingi din MNLF? Hihingi din ang ABU SAYAF? tapos ano kulang na ang Budget ng Pilipinas … mangungutang nalang sa World Bank… Bakit di nalang ipagpatayo ng schools yan roads and Bridges sa Mindanao… Gamitin ang Construction Battalion ng Military para free ang labor… Mag Hire ng mga teachers … magpaaral ng mga high school graduates para maging tapagturo sa kanilang lugar… ang daming makikinabang sa perang yan kaysa ipang bili lang ng mga terrorista na pangbili yan ng Armory nila…

  9. Either way (an accepted or a rejected BBL) war & chaos will ensue due to the fragmented views & opinion of the Filipinos on the issues. War & chaos is a necessary evil that a country will eventually go through in order for it to attain a relative state of the ideal peace. We should review the history of the developed countries like America, France, Japan, Great Britain etc. They undertook civil wars & bloody revolutions then became great nations. Just saying . . .

    • Absolutely! Sometimes war is necessary to attain peace. Look at what the Sri Lankan govt did to tamil tigers. They eradicated them so they are now at peace.

    • Correct. The reason why we take our freedom so lightly is because we have not paid for it with blood. So, yes, we need a revolution, and it has to be a bloody one (unlike the EDSA series) before we can truly become great.

  10. Sorry but I disagree in the title of this Editorial. We should not trust Sen. Chiz Escudero in about anything he says. Escudero is just a simple fake personality. He makes lots of noise but do not make follow-ups. Since he was a Congressman, Escudero is very good in talking but when push goes to shove, he will change the tone of what he talks. Many times did Escudero says something negative about PNoy and his policies and decisions, but it is up to that, he criticizes but when voting comes, he will be the first to declare that he favors what he was critical about. Chix Escudero is very much like his father, a fake nationalist.

    • ha ha ha, natumbok mo. agree ako sa sinabi mo tungkol sa chizwiz. napansin ko rin na tuwing may mabigat na issue ay magsasalita si chizwiz kontra sa gusto ni boy sisi pero in the end at botohan na bigla syang boboto sa kung ano ang gusto ni boy sisi. mas mabigat yata ang pinagsamahan ng pag yoyosi.

  11. all i can say is NO TO BBL….kng kailangan hugutin c pnoy sa malacanang ..why not?….kng ituloy pa rin nya ang katarantaduhang yan…so be it…..

  12. This BBL, written by terrorist minds, concurred by traitors and endorsed wirhout question by a perverted president, is a sure formula for national disaster and chaos. Who can save our republic, these spineless and corrupt puppets? If they can have what they wished, balkanization for this country might set in.

    • Don’t blow smoke into our ass! Definitely Deles, Ferrer et all are much better than you and your friends. Don’t characterize their mind as one of terrorist. Honestly you’re closer the way you insult our President and government paanels. You have no place in our country amongst Filipinos who are peace loving. Obviously you have no idea what goes in Mindanao and to our peace loving muslim brothers who took arms to defend their homeland. Who knows if their land become well developed and their economy improved then the Mindanaoans don’t have to live in Manila. This is their dream and certainly for Filipinos like me who was born in Cotabato with siblings both Christians and muslims. Mabuhay ang mga Filipino! This is the slogan I wish for our country and not Mabuhay kaming…MILF, BIFF or SAF. One nation, one flag and one ideal.

    • Hi JT, uwi ka na lang kasi sa Cotabato.iadopt mo na lang si AbNoy at mga utol nya. Si Deles, Ferrer, isama mo na din sa Cotabato para masaya kayo….

  13. The insistence of B.S. Aquino on the approval of the BFF is enough to oust this sitting president. How in the world can the leader of a country rather have the constitution, he should uphold and protect, compromised just because because of his belief that peace cannot be achieved if the muslim brothers’ group cannot get what they want. Sign of a weakling president and not qualified to govern.

  14. victor m. hernandez on

    Review, amend or remove any provision of the BBLt that is unconstitutional and threat to the security and integrity of the Philippine sovereignty and territory, definitely.Indeed, it is the duty of the Legislative (representatives and senators) to rigorously perform its duty. My preference is that, if
    BBL pushes through, it will be subjected to a nationwide plebiscite because I surmise it will have an effect of amending the constitution.
    An alternative mode, as I reflect on the discussion on the funding of development projects in Bangsamoro, is to extend the life of ARMM as it is, extend the ceasefire, allow MILF members to join the electoral process, and the government conscientiously implement the development program. This will entail a special commission that will act as regent and oversees the implementation of development and empowerment of the ARMM people, whic h will eventually become the Bangsamoro Autonomous Area, over at least seven years. There may be a similar mechanism in the Peace Agreement and its annexes, which can be adopted in the regency mode.

  15. BS Aquino has shown repeatedly a mental disorder and being unfit to govern. Which President will cede a piece of our territory to the separatist MILF, give it P70 billion of taxpayers money, then allow it to expand its army to kill us later, except this Aquino? And like what many others had commented, his traitor BBL negotiators Deles and Ferrer are working for the separatist MILF by giving in to their demands. These women, including Aquino himself. did not even express disgust nor sorrow at the massacre of our SAF commandos. Who then is working for us? Nobody.

    Scrap BBL and suspend negotiations with the MILF. Dismiss Ferrer and Deles as peace negotiators and charge them for selling out the Philippines. Aquino the incompetent must resign!

    • Why not cede the Cojuangco’s properties, rather than Mindanao?

      By the way, PNoy is a psychopath.

    • Speak no evil one of another, Jose. He that speak evil of the President, and judge his brother, speak evil of the law, and judge the law: but if you judge the law, you art not a doer of the law, but a judge.

  16. The people that coddled terrorists, massacred our 44SAF, trained by terrorists, recruiting ASG members will be granted autonomous bangsamoro by approving their BBL, and giving them P75B every year, and their leader can also apply loan from other countries, which only the president of the republic of the philippines can do that, their can do that according to their BBL, which the tax payers, the pilipino people will pay for their debts after all…

    • Put yourself on the side of the Filipino muslim brothers who were killed.. Then you’ll see peace as the only solution.

  17. Nobel Prize nga at any “Price”.

    Fake Nobel Prize?
    Fake Hero?

    Ano pa ang susunod – si “Kris” for Vice President?
    Another PCOS installed VP?

    Huwag na, Tama na, SSSUUUBBBRRRAAA NNNAAA!!!!!!!