• Stop name-calling, Poe urges ‘warring’ rivals

    ALL’S WELL Grace Poe wears a shirt given by former President Fidel V. Ramos during her courtesy call on the former leader on Wednesday

    ALL’S WELL Grace Poe wears a shirt given by former President Fidel V. Ramos during her courtesy call on the former leader on Wednesday

    STOP the name-calling and start discussing your platform of government.

    Senator Grace Poe on Thursday issued this call to her rivals who have resorted to calling each other names.

    Poe said the people deserve more than insults and sound bites from presidential candidates.

    “Let’s raise the level of discourse. We always say that let’s follow a particular standard based on issues,” she added.

    Vice President Jejomar Binay, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and former Interior secretary Manuel Roxas 2nd have been engaged in a word war.

    Duterte on one occasion called Roxas “bayot,” Visayan term for gay, after the Liberal Party (LP) standard-bearer claimed that the campaign promise of the Davao mayor to end crime and corruption in six months is an empty promise.

    Roxas lashed back and called Duterte “ampaw” (hollow).

    Binay also attacked Duterte, calling him “berdugo” (executioner).

    Duterte in response called the Vice President “berdugo ng pera ng tao” (executioner of the people’s money).

    Poe said her rivals should focus on discussing their programs.

    “What would people get if those who want to be President would rather insult each other than presenting programs they want to push for the country and the people?” she asked.

    The senator said that if elected President, she will stop corruption, create jobs and address the peace and order problem.


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    1. carmen natividad on

      Even before they are elected you will see how they deal with things. Give the highest position of our government some respect.

    2. Only in the Philippines!! Presenting the Candidates vying for the highest elected office of the land, and they are : Ampaw (hallow), Berdugu (executioner), Kurakot (cought with his hands in cookie jar) and an American, well connected to the movie industry, was able to manipulate the system by lying with the help of billionaire friends. This American Family is presently residing in the Philippines, but still pay their U.S. taxes.

    3. tama! maging propesyonal naman sana ang mga ibang kandidato at plataporma ang ihain nila hindi yung puro lang sila parinig at paninira sa bawat ibang kandidato. kapag pangit talaga ang plataporma sa ibang bagay na lang itinutuon ang rally e pangungundina sa ibang tao ang ginagawa.

    4. Grace Poe if elected President of the Philippine, will constitute a grave threat to Binay’s Corruption activities, human salvaging works of Duterte and know nothing, see nothing and no telling of Mar Roxas and Miriam will say “what happened”? What a lost world!