Stop negative campaigning – Marcos


Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. has appealed to candidates in next year’s elections to focus on issues of importance and not on mudslinging and character assassination.

He urged candidates to carry on the “ceasefire” in trash-talk that brought silence to the political arena during the Christmas season.

Instead of engaging in trash-talk, candidates should inform the electorate of their solutions to the problems facing the country, he said.

“Now and during the campaign period, we candidates, should present to the electorate discourses, speeches and statements that are issue-based and in a dignified and decent manner,” Marcos, who is running for Vice President, said in a statement.

Bitter rivals in this year’s polls, especially several of those contesting the top national position who had figured in intense verbal exchanges, took a respite from the harsh word war during the holidays.

“Well, we have done it. I can’t see any reason why it could not be done during the entire campaign period. The people are waiting to hear solutions to the lingering problems of the country and that should be given to them. It would be an insult to their intelligence if this is sidelined by nonsense quarrels,” Marcos added.


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  1. that’s my vice president go senator bong bong marcos,they shoud present issues not petty quarrel s of nonsense

    • There is no moving on if there is no closure. The majority,if not everyone, will always remember the cruelty the Marcoses.

    • The “ILL-GOTTEN WEALTH” of Ferdinand E. Marcos

      It is going to be the greatest discovery of the world about the story behind the ‘ill-gotten wealth’ of Ferdinand Marcos. Find sometime, do some research and soon you will be amazed of what this righteous man had done for the Filipino people and the humanity.

      As a young man, once, he questioned himself in his diary, would I be a scholar or hero? But to his entire enemy and doubtful legions, he was accused of all imaginable horrendous crimes being a tyrant, plunderer and murderer. He died and carried his undoubted legacy to his death bed with his final belief he was not only a scholar and a hero. We will find out who the real Ferdinand E. Marcos.

      The new documents leaked in this modern art of mass communications-the internet, in fact, the perspective has elevated to the highest degree unimaginable to be given to a human being. Magdalene absorbed the worst degradation of her life from her own people being a prostitute but became a saint when the world learned who she really was.

      The worst fate the former president experienced when his own people thrown him out from his own enchanted Maharlikan Kingdom known as The Republic of the Philippines in this modern day. A very ill and harmless 89-year old man begged to attend his mother’s funeral but denied to go home. He died months later, yet, his remains was refused to be sent home by the same accusers and until to this day, stolen of his rights as a veteran soldier who defended his country during World War II to be buried a hero. History will judge Ferdinand E. Marcos when people will realize what he had accomplished as a testament in his last WILL during his last days of his colorful life.

      Ferdinand E. Marcos was not only a modern day scholar, a hero but the 20th century highest model and honorary human being award as a great President, great Philosopher, great Thinker, great Investor, great world class Lawyer, world banks Sole Trustee of the world’s wealth of humanity.

      Being one of the richest human in early sixties, Ferdinand E. Marcos enriched the Philippines to be the richest country of world to save the Filipino people and humanity. He was able to gather all the most expensive gemstones, bullions of gold belonging to a great number of nations and the Maharlikan Kingdom and common people of all kingdoms, known today as the Filipinos with diverse ethnicities who live in this modern day of The Republic of the Philippines.

      Being the top lawyer and the best President in multi-layered generations that this country ever produced, he used his brilliance to secure and lead the implementation, protection and genius investments of the world’s wealth to many countries. Secretly to his own people, alone, he fought the United States of America, European countries and banks of the world to preserve the wealth as a sole trustee through the guidance of divine spirits and magic, he played his role as a brother of the famous Bernardo Carpio, Jose Rizal and survivor of the last enchanted Maharlikan kingdoms to deliver the wealth to the people when the right time comes.

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      Without the shadow of a doubt, the new trustees and Ferdinand E. Marcos, the Entrusted Savior of the Maharlikan Kingdom, its Wealth and Humanity, had SUCCEEDED in their quest!

  2. Pnoy will definetely used all government against Bongbong Marcos to destroy politically. Massive disinformation campaign ads will be shown on the Edsa people celebration on February 25, 2016. This I believe will have no effect on Bongbong candidacy because it will come a month after the one year anniversary of Mamasapano massacre on which Pnoy have direct hand and supervision including Mar Roxas who suddenly suffered temporary amnesia on the insident. Biglang walang alam si Boy Alam Ang lahat ng ng gobyerno ni Pnoy. Ang problema ni Pnoy mas Marami siyang personal na laba dura kaysa Bongbong. Bongbong did not even blame Cory on massive blackout during her term because she can not longer refute it anymore and Pnoy wanted to blame Bongbong on his father about the martial law years.