• Stop performance bonus for SSS, GOCCs


    With the Social Security System leading the way, the executives and employees of 32 government-owned and controlled corporations (GOCCs) are asking the Governance Commission for GOCCs (GCG) for a performance bonus based on the alleged improvement of their agencies’ financial standing last year.

    As reported by ABS-CBN, the government corporations that were the first to seek a bonus on top of their paychecks are: the Social Security System (SSS), Government Service Insurance System (GSIS), the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp.(Pagcor), the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO), and the National Food Authority (NFA).

    This petition would not be outrageous and immoral, if it were not being bannered by the SSS, an agency that has been standing at the center of controversy since the start of the year, because of President Aquino’s veto of the pension hike bill.

    The public would not be agitated by the issue if the commission that will pass upon the petition had a better record for probity and professionalism than the Governance Commission.

    Since the commission was established by Republic Act No. 10149 (RA No. 10149) in 2011, the GCG has ostensibly served as the “central advisory, monitoring, and oversight body with authority to formulate, implement and coordinate policies” governing government-owned and controlled corporations (GOCCs).

    Havens for cronyism and patronage politics
    Up to a point, the commission served as a vehicle for the generation of funds that could be used for promoting economic growth through the operations of GOCCs that are consistent with the national development policies and programs of the nation.

    But then the GOCCs were quickly transformed by President Aquino and his administration into havens for cronyism and a tool for patronage politics. They were used to reward protégés, relatives and friends with high-salaried positions.

    The GCG became a rubber stamp for the approval of unconscionable salaries and bonuses of GOCC officials.

    No two corporations have been moreemblematic of the practice than the SSS and the GSIS, where huge salaries and bonuses have been freely given by their governing boards with the approval of the GCG.

    In the case of the SSS, the commission never met a salary and bonus request that it did not like.

    Members of its board and top executives were rewarded with compensastion packages that sought to rival what highly profitable private corporations were paying their top executives.

    Through intrepid research by one of our columnists, the Manila Times published last February a Commission on Audit report that listed the 2014 salaries of SSS executives, which totalled P117 million in one year. It turned out that the official with the highest compensation was earning P6 million a year from the SSS. Her chief qualification: being a crony and friend of a top administration figure.

    It was the SSS board which heavily argued against the payment of the pension hike for retirees. Yet this same board has never had any compunction in rewarding themselves with bonuses and fat salaries from SSS funds.

    In 2012, the GCG approved more than P10 million in “performance-based bonus” for the SSS board members. Now for 2015, SSS executives led by SSS president Emilio de Quiros are seeking performance bonuses totaling millions based on 2015 operations.

    In leading this petition,. De Quiros should be ashamed of himself and should apologize to SSS members. According to the latest research findings, de Quiros is being paid by SSS members, who are the real owners of the pension fund, the sum of P 7.7 million per year.

    All that money for his leadership and management?

    SSS is only one example of the abuse of public power and unconscionable use of funds in government corporations.

    We say the looting must stop. And it should begin with the rejection of the demand for performance bonuses.

    With a government as incompetent as the Aquino administration, giving these performance bonuses is an insult to the Filipino public.


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    1. Performance Bonus for doing their job? Maybe, just maybe, wala silang delihensiya, katulad ng BOC kaya didadaan na lang sa legal na paraan. I would say, Hindi Po Pwede, ano ba kayo? If your agency have extra amount that you can spare instead, please give it to COA, to hire more auditors, so they can expedite the trials of these corrupt politicians. You can also give your agency’s extra money to another agency, such as Bureau of Prison to build a prison with a space for execution or firing squad dedicated for politicians convicted of plunders.

    2. Among the priorities of the new President not aligned with the current regime, is the abolition ( through the Congress or using his power to re-organize the bureaucracy ) of that so-called Governance Commission which anyway was just manufactured by the Penoy administration ( using his then new allies in Congress) primarily and mainly to purge the GOCCs of holdover board and management officials appointed for fixed terms by previous administration/s or by virtue of their respective corporate charter.

      Having accomplished that primary goal, that Commission has since served as virtual rubber stamp of the Palace in enforcing policies that lavish favors to Penoy’s appointed executives in favored state corporations while acting like a compredor in exploiting while making life difficult to the poor workers in most state firms, particularly those identified with past administrations and whose heads are not within the inner circle of power.

      ABOLISH that abomination!

    3. Joe Dela Victoria on

      Hello SSS Records were corrupted between certain years a cause why our pension in Cebu particularly are incomplete. Until now we’re just promised that soon this will be adjusted.
      One year plus has passed yet the promise is still the same. Hindi ba natutulog ang mga karaho sa pansitan. Tapos bigyan pa ng bonus?

    4. arturo b. odejar on

      Its very very unfortunate… that this is the kind of gov’t of NoyNoy Aquino that has to be investigated …spending the taxpayers (people’s Money). for the benefit of people he assigned that are benefited instead….

    5. Eduardo Cabrera on

      I have spent half of my career working for public agency and/or non-profit organizations. And no matter how good your performance had been, no bonuses were ever allowed. Gov’t. agencies are supported by taxes. And they are all considered non-profit. And I am sure the same goes with public agencies in the Phil. Including the SSS Administration. So, how could the officials and employees of any public agencies justify receiving or giving themselves performance bonuses. The main objective is to serve the public. How could they measure a performance of a service oriented organization? Like for example, the DMV or BIR. Does it mean that because the BIR collected more taxes in a given year, that they should be paid bonuses? Of course not. That’s what they’ve been hired for. Now, with the SSS. If their investment portfolio did well and generated additional revenue in one fiscal year, that increase in revenue would only offset any losses that could happen the following year or so. It will only act as a reserve for future losses. There’s no guarantee in any financial investments. It could be good in one year, but could fall the following year. Besides, any increase in revenue should benefit the members to cover inflation and other cost of living adjustments. Not to reward its officials and employees. Because during lean years, it’s the members who suffer or take the hit and not get any increases. Now, if they justify getting performance bonuses whenever they generated additional revenue on their investments, are they willing to take a pay cut if they failed to generate additional revenue? Are they willing to pay for their mistakes whenever their investments fall short?

    6. Pnoy disapproved the additional P2,000 pensions of senior citizens for reason that it will deplete the funds of SSS but Malacanang approved the request of SSS board member headed by De Qui2roz for a performance bonus and salary increase together with GSIS, PGACOR, PCSO ETC., all are being run by KKK? HINDI NA KAYA ANG MALACANANG MGA ITO NAHIHIYA MASKI KATITING SA PAMILYANG PILIPINO?

    7. The top leader is doing it, why shouldn’t the subordinates be doing the same. Those bonuses should stop. The SSS and other GOCCs should operate with a leaner personnel and more efficiently in this digital age, just like any private corporation. My worst fear is that too many free loaders could eventually bankrupt these institutions.