Stop playing with Grace Poe unless you want an uprising


IT is pure contempt of the Constitution and the law and those who want to live by the Constitution and the law for President B. S. Aquino 3rd, his financial cronies and foreign “advisers” to insist that Sen. Grace Poe-Llamanzares should be considered a possible candidate for president in 2016, regardless of what the Constitution says. It is an open invitation to trouble, big trouble, including a possible uprising against Aquino and the oligarchy.

I have written screeds on this subject, and did not wish to inflict one more word on my readers about it, until PNoy met with Poe and Sen. Francis Escudero to talk about it. He reportedly suggested that Poe and Interior Secretary Mar Roxas, the presumptive Liberal Party presidential candidate, get together to agree on a common administration candidate.

I am no supporter of Mar Roxas, but the fellow has already taken so much garbage from PNoy, and he doesn’t deserve any more. I would understand it if someone with utterly irreproachable credentials had risen from within the ranks of the ruling Liberal Party to challenge the party commitment to Mar Roxas, but Poe? Who and what exactly is she? She is a party outsider, and is not even constitutionally qualified to be in the Senate, much less daydream of the presidency.

I have said, and I will say it again, and again, and again, that Grace Poe is not qualified under the 1987 Constitution to run for President, Vice President, or even for senator or congressman. She is not a natural-born Filipino, and for PNoy to insist that she could run for president despite this fatal disqualification is like Caligula making a consul of his horse Incitatus, or some unschooled duck farmer entering his duck in a cockfight (“pintakasi”).

The Constitution is as clear as the clearest sunlight on this issue, and it needs no interpretation of any kind from anybody. But what violates one’s basic decency and dignity is that PNoy, his cronies and his foreign puppeteers seem to believe they could turn this purely constitutional issue into a “popularity contest” and let some crooked survey and an ignorant and deranged mob decide to spare Grace Poe from the rigors of following the Constitution and the law.

To quote the Constitution for the nth time, Section 2 of Article VII provides: “No person may be elected President unless he is a natural-born citizen of the Philippines, a registered voter, able to read and write, at least forty years of age on the day of the election, and a resident of the Philippines for at least ten years immediately preceding such election.” Sec. 3, same Article, says the Vice President “shall have the same qualifications and term of office and be elected with and in the same manner as the President.”

Similarly, Sec. 3 of Article VI provides that “no person shall be a Senator unless he is a natural-born citizen of the Philippines, and, on the day of the election, is at least thirty-five years of age, able to read and write, a registered voter, and a resident of the Philippines for not less than two years immediately preceding the day of the election.” Likewise, no person may be a member of the House of Representatives unless he is a natural-born citizen, at least twenty-five years of age and a resident of their district for at least one year immediately preceding the election.

Therefore, whether one is running for president, vice president, senator or congressman, it is not enough to be a citizen; one must be a “natural-born citizen.” What does “natural-born citizen” mean? The Constitution itself, not a mere Webster, Oxford or Cambridge dictionary, supplies the meaning. Sec. 2 of Article IV says: “Natural-born citizens are those citizens of the Philippines from birth without having to perform any act to acquire or perfect their Philippine citizenship.” Those born before January 17, 1973 of alien fathers and Filipino mothers, who elect Philippine citizenship upon reaching the age of majority, are “deemed to be natural-born citizens.”

So for the nth time, I say Grace Poe is not a natural-born Filipino. She knows this, or she ought to be the first one to know. She was born of unknown parents, abandoned inside the Jaro Metropolitan Cathedral in Iloilo City, where she was found by a woman churchgoer on Sept 3, 1968. She was thus stateless from birth. She was adopted by the actor Fernando Poe Jr. and his actress wife Susan Roces, who were married on Dec. 25, 1968. She took the citizenship of the Poes. This entailed performing a legal act, which would have been completely unnecessary if she were natural born. This constitutes the first living and subsisting proof that she is not a natural born Filipino.

Later in life, she renounced her Philippine citizenship “absolutely and entirely” to become a citizen of the United States. This was long before the Philippine dual citizenship law took effect in 2003. She could not claim to have opted for dual citizen then, even assuming dual citizenship was allowed under US law. In the meantime, she married an American citizen, gave birth to three American children, and raised an American family in Virginia.

In 2005, after her adoptive father FPJ lost his fight for the Philippine presidency in 2004 and died a few months later, she came home, using her US passport as an American citizen. She traveled several times from the Philippines to the US and back, using the same passport until Dec. 27, 2009. She remained an American citizen all throughout.

In 2010, PNoy appointed her chairperson of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board. Then, as now, only a Filipino citizen was eligible for this position. But Grace Poe was still an American citizen when she was appointed. She even acquired a new US passport from the Washington Passport Agency in 2011. According to the Federal Register, the daily journal of the US government, she renounced her US citizenship during the second quarter of 2012, ending June 30. It was only upon the US official acceptance of this renunciation that she lost her US citizenship. She got a Philippine passport only in 2014.

Therefore her appointment as MTRCB chair was void and illegal ab initio. If she had executed any statement saying she was already a Filipino citizen when she took her oath of office, then she committed perjury, and falsified the relevant official documents. These are not minor offenses. If Aquino had appointed her to the MTRCB, knowing fully well that she was still an American citizen, then he himself committed an impeachable offense. But this was not the only offense of the parties. Since she received an official salary and other emoluments for her illegal appointment, she and the appointing power violated the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act.

A year later, after renouncing her US citizenship, Grace Poe ran for the Senate and “won” in the infamous “60-30-10” across-the-board arrangement in favor of PNoy’s senatorial candidates. This required a natural-born Filipino citizenship and a two-year residence in the country, as such citizen, immediately preceding the election. Grace Poe lacked both.

She clearly perjured herself and falsified her certificate of candidacy by stating under oath that she was a natural-born Filipino, and that she had been living in the country, as a natural-born citizen, for not less than two years immediately preceding the election. Both are serious offenses, the second more serious than the first, with a long prescriptive period.

Poe should have been instantly disqualified from running, or from taking office, if her offense had been seasonably discovered. But it is only now—two years later—- that the facts have surfaced. Her political life has been one great lie, but her supporters are trying to invoke her so-called high “popularity ratings” to intimidate people from raising questions about her fitness to remain in the Senate and to dream about the presidency or vice presidency in 2016.

Their game plan appears to be as follows:
Let Poe file her certificate of candidacy despite her not being a natural-born Filipino and her lack of 10-year residence immediately before the election—she started residing in the Philippines as a Filipino citizen only in 2012, or a mere four years after she had renounced her US citizenship;

Flood the media and all political space with paid propaganda drivel showing her alleged “popularity” with the masses;

Let those questioning the constitutionality of her candidacy file for her disqualification before the Comelec, and let the Comelec sit on any such petition or throw it out instantly;

Should anyone raise the issue before the Supreme Court, try to pay off the justices so that they would throw out the petition or sit on it until Smartmatic proclaims Poe’s victory and she takes her oath as “president-elect.” Then turn the constitutional issue into a political one, with Poe and her supporters invoking the bogus principle of “vox populi, vox Dei.”

It is a perverted way of running a democracy. But PNoy, his business cronies and foreign advisers seem to believe they could get away with it and have their way.

I don’t believe we should allow them to. Grace Poe should be removed from the Senate, where she occupies a seat that belongs to a natural-born Filipino, and prevented from tarnishing the race for presidency.

All those who are trying to use Grace Poe to exploit the ignorance of the ignorant and the gullibility of the rest should be dealt with more severely. They should be exposed by name, and prosecuted in the appropriate forum at the appropriate time, as the people’s real enemies. We, the people, should be prepared to confront Aquino and his cabal should they decide to disrespect and trample upon our Constitution and our laws and the sensibilities of those who want to live by our Constitution and our laws.


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  1. Born in Iloilo with of course Filipino parents. Then adopted by Filipinos again. I don’t get it why she’s not natural born with that.

    • Possibly so. But she had already renounced her citizenship once and pledged complete allegiance to another country. Her husband and children are Americans. Talk about conflict of interests!

      Aside from this issue of citizenship, her being Filipino and even a college graduate and having the necessary “winnability” and promises to be “faithful” to the Filipinos are not qualifications of a good president. Even for an ordinary corporate CEO, the qualifications would require experience and previous accomplishments. Should we settle for less in choosing our country’s President?

  2. lucid interval on

    The constitution is clear and the requirements are definite. Its either you qualify or not. Plain and simple. If Mr tatad’s data on grace poe are all accurate it is not difficult to accept that she’s not qualified. There’s still 2022 for her.

  3. Susan Macatanga on

    I have just one question: how was Fernando Poe able to run for President and his adopted daughter can’t. I like her because I can understand where she’s coming from and the sense of public service that I see in North America. I hope all these negative comments are just because they are scared of her. Too bad if we don’t give her a chance to prove herself.

  4. George DeCarlo on

    While I would avoid the distasteful aspect of her being a foundling whether questionable for being natural born or not under the constitution, her being a United States citizen until the date discovered is a serious issue. Also, while she obtained a Philippine Passport, where and when did she file the form and take the oath to re-obtain Philippine citizenship? Just because someone has a passport from a nation does not necessarily make them a citizen. Again, where and when is the form filled out and oath taken? So for a period of time was she a US citizen during two positions in government and has she been stateless during part of that time?

  5. Isa pang nakakaalam na si Grace Poe ay anak ni Rosemarie at nang dating presidente ay ang bugaw ni dating presidente Marcos ay si Maceda, dahilan sa koneksiyon niya sa Sampaguita Pictures, si Maceda ang taga suplay ng mga starlet para sa matataas na tao.

  6. This is an utterly garbage article. What recede from Tatad’s view, is his two-pronged agenda to shape and convince the voter/reader that Poe is unqualified which is a blatant lie and to sow intrigue to the LP members/supporter of Roxas. Don’t ever trust this mouthpiece of martial law. I don’t even support Roxas, Binay and Poe. What we need is a Duterte.

  7. May nauna na kasing kaso na halos ganyan din. hindi natural-born citizen dahil naging AMerikana by naturalization, ni hindi nag-renounce ng pagiging Amerikana bago nag-file ng kandidatura sa Kongreso. Ayun, dahil lamang kapartido ng Presidente walang habas na nilalabag ang batas-Pilipinas kahit pa final and executory ang mga DECISION NG COMELEC AT KORTE SUPREMA na nagdiskwalipika sa kanya at kung anu-anong PROPAGANDA sa bayarang media ang pinangangalandakan na walang kinalaman sa kaso. Ganito na KABALUKTOT at KABAHO ang pagtrato sa batas ng bansa ng rehimeng pangkasalukuyan. Si POE ay isa lamang sa mga nakaabang para magkalat pa ng kabaluktutan at kabahuan.

  8. substantial article. great comments. what can i say more? this should mean that since no filipino anyway is qualified (kasi di pa ipinapanganak), then Pnoy, congress, senate and the supreme court should dispense of the constitution. May i propose my wise dog as well as a candidate?

  9. Why until now nobody filing a complaint against the disqualification of Poe as Senator? Where is Richard Gordon, why until now he didn’t bother to file a complain against Poe? Any reason why until now nobody filling a complaint, how about IBP or PHILCONSA are they not allow to file a complaint? We suggest that the IBP or PHILCONSA can iniatiate the filling of complaint against Poe, so that this lady will learn her lesson. The complain shall include perjury because of lying. IBP and PHILCONSA start your action, better file a complain against Poe.

  10. We filipino people, had to STOP now the syndicate and mafia of these Liberal parties in our country, lead by Aquino /Cojungco Family and yellow oligarchs business man.
    Inuubos nila ang kayamanan ng bayan sa kanilang sariling interest.
    For the sake of the next generation , and for better future, NO TO LIBERAL PARTIES of this Pnot administration. He is no.1 violator of the Philippine Constitution. He should be jail for Treason…ZERO VOTE FOR LIBERAL PARTIES, and Dont Vote Idiot and Stupid people…..

  11. you tatad, marcos errand boy, until now you are the mouthpiece of the mobs who hates Pnoy’s achievements.

    until now ou are still a kerk…

  12. Let us see come the time when Ms. Poe files her candidacy for RP Pres or RP VPres. We can test the integrity of COMELEC..should comelec accept or not Ms. Poe’s application. Any which way comelec decides…then the battle of legal luminaries begin…then legal cases filed with the courts by those opposing…then there is the wait for the verdict…then there is the appeal..then there is the SC decision…then Ms. Poe is already 92 years old or more..then you see the light people Ms. Poe is doomed not to run. Judges pls guide where the TRO can be isuued in the process. Then there is the TRO…then…..

  13. The only thing that matters to PNoy is that the next president will be sympathetic to him and will not allow the filing of criminal and plunder cases against him. PNoy will back Grace Poe if Poe looks like the most winnable candidate. Unfortunately for Roxas, he is miles behind as a viable presidential candidate. PNoy has shafted Mar before. Doing it again will be no surprise. To PNoy, only PNoy comes first and foremost. The country has always taken the hindmost.

  14. ferdinand concepcion on

    this abnoy mis-administration who becomes comfortable violating the constitution, will really use grace poe, and violate the constitution again, to have her on their side. it’s sad that Filipinos, including the so called professionals, can still be fooled by the propagandas of the yellow media- abs cbn, gma 7, inquirer, philstar, portraying poe as a presidential potential, ‘though she’s an alien. even the cronies, like the ayalas, want to use her, such that their greed can continue. I long for the days when the awakened students, like those from UP, will take to the streets for explosive issues like this. now our students are busy with their gadgets, gimmicks….and don’t care if this regime and the liberal party, violates the law. they just want to be entertained, by the binay trial sideshow, to hide the wrongdoings of the senators trillanes, Pimentel, cayetano, congressmen rodriguez, barzaga, Gonzales – thieves, the abnoy, abad, de lima, morales… ALL of these should have been exposed by our students on the streets…

  15. Vic Penetrante on

    Let the Comelec or the courts decide on Poe’s candidacy. People want to given a chance to vote on a thoughtful, serious and ethical politician, who would make a ‘good’ president.

  16. Teddy Sevilla on

    Mr. Tatad’s persistence is admirable; Grace Poe’s disqualification has become an obsession.

    Assuming that Tatad is allied with Binay, from a political strategy standpoint, this insistence is confusing. The Binay camp was the first to bring up the issue – and was severely punished at the polls. Poe’s visibility shot up, Binay’s popularity went down, and a humiliated Tiongco was forced to apologize to his colleagues for the tactical mistake. Luma na ang script na ito at hindi bumenta. The public has a soft heart for the underdog and refuses to accept that because “pulot lang siya,” she therefore, ab initio, was not Filipino and has no right to be president.

    Tatad’s “legal” opinions are just that – the personal opinions of a non-lawyer. There are other more compelling viewpoints, and the one I find most interesting is this: The burden of proof lies with Poe’s detractors and not with Poe. Poe does NOT have to prove that she is a natural-born Filipino; it is UP TO HER CRITICS TO DISPROVE THIS. It is Tatad, et al’s burden. And to do this they would have to come up with, and LEGALLY PROVE, the not-quite-believable scenario where Poe was born to a non-Filipino couple (or at least an alien father), was born outside the country, somehow managed to get to the Philippines when merely a few weeks old, and gets abandoned in an Iloilo church. And incidentally, Poe is aready a senator. She has, not just a foot, but more than half a body inside the door.

    Contending that the elder Fernando’s act of “conferring” his citizenship upon Grace’s adoption is the act that the months-old Grace needed to acquire her citizensip seems convoluted. The elder Poe had certainly no idea then that 40-plus years later his adopted daughter might want a go at the presidency.

    In the Philippines, what the Constitution says is never straightforward. Clever , well-paid lawyers – and their rich clients – can get away with what they want anytime. Here, we have a SC-approved doctrine where a corrupt politician gets exonerated for his public crimes by simply getting himself reelected – notwithstanding the Constitution’s prescription for granting pardons. In this country, a convicted plunderer of public funds and an ex-president was able to run for the presidency a second time and even win a city mayorship, all with the blessings of the SC. Grace Poe, notwithstanding your objections on constitutional grounds, will be able to file and sustain a candidacy if she wants to. Again it is not what the constitution says; it is what the public – or the more powerful ones -believes and wants at the particular time.

    If she wins, that, I believe, would be the right time for you to question her citizenship. If she loses, well… “no harm, no foul.”

    Believe it or not Mr. Tatad, on the issue of Grace Poe, we are on the same side. Our reasons may be different but I, too, DO NOT WANT POE to be president. I do not even want her to be a candidate. She will just muddle the field, and the good, uncorrupted, competent candidates will get pushed further away.

    If you really dislike Poe and do not want her to be your president, Mr. Tatad, look for other things to disparage her with. Believe me, you are helping, not damaging, her with your present discourse.

  17. Amnata Pundit on

    The title of your article should instead be aimed at Grace herself: Stop allowing these men to play with you ! But you can see that she is having the orgasm of a lifetime, so why should she listen. The way to deal with what they are forcing all of us to watch is to just sit back and enjoy the porn show.

    • Yup, I also did a double-take on that title, but later it dawned on me that Mr Kit wanted us to be “jolted”, hopefully not w/ our orgasmic fantasies but with the sober truth about Ms Poe’s more-mundane qualifications (rather, disqualifications) as a Philippine public official while enjoying to be an American in full view of the appointing power in the Palace!

    • Don Arendonk on

      my personal opinion, is this how you Filipinos, allow yourselves to be manipulated, and bought? your leaders are so busy selling you out! your leaders are so busy making money because the taxpayers especially the people who have been selling their votes in exchange of the their security of their homes illegally placed on some privately owned lots! I wonder how Filipinos could endure such leadership, such cruelty! God i’m sorry to say this in vain, but please clean this country of the mess they’ve been allowing themselves leading to their destruction!

  18. If the president have violated the law, then we, the “law-abiding” citizen, will no longer have a reason to follow the “Joke Book”, err, the “1987 Constitution”.

    It was too unfair for powerless citizens like us to see those in power that mocked the law of the land, and at the same time, punished us for small violations with the “full extent of the law”

    If there’s a chance, I would like the people to revolt. Justice no longer exists anyway.

  19. genesisbughaw on

    It’s pitiful to see that the loyal lieutenant of Yellow Bird(not to our Constitution), I’m referring to Boy Pick-up who still in the delusional state will end up in the junkyard of political pychopaths.

    On Sen. Grace Poe , hopefully she may not be another barbie doll of the cabals/shadow draculas.

    Just be TRUTHFUL and there will be no trouble.

    Psychiatrist Confirms: Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder


    Pray po natin na magkaroon na ng desisyon yung ihinain ninyong petition sa KGG. KORTE SUPREMA.

    The draft BBL is inedible fruit, FAB and CAB the toxic roots

  20. How come nobody files a disqualification or removal from Senate on her? Definitely, she will not voluntarily resign with allegations you have raised. A need for you or a group of decent and patriotic citizens need to act now before its too late because it will be argued later on as a mere political-partisan propaganda and personality demolition. Please do it now and those in the know. Thank you!

  21. kit, sanay na sanay si boy sisi na bastusin at isintabi ang konstitusyon. together with de limas, both have violated the constitution since the start of his reign. do not forget what they did to arroyo. these two should not be allowed to go free and retire. both should be thrown in jail together with the moral less and the dap creators.

  22. Amado Aguila on

    With all the naysayers and complainers, why can’t one person pick up the phone and call the Comelec already. Better yet tell Mayor Gordon he was rob of senate position. This ship has sailed. What kind of track are we hoping to gain.

  23. Kale Alaskador on

    Mr. Tatad, start naming those people who want so desperately to make Grace Poe the president of the Philippines.

  24. Rogelio Nastor on

    They are asking Poe to go with Mar wherever he goes. Why, of course to use her boost Mar’s popularity like undermining the people that She is endorsing him while she herself is running for the highest position of the land. PNoy’s last resort. If she gets disqualified it doesn’t matter to him because she would have served her purpose. If she is wise enough she would not agree with this. I wonder how Chiz is feeling right now. Wala talagaing utang na loob si PNoy, una kay Chiz na nagpanalo sa endorsement sa kanya nung last election at kay Mar na nag-give way para sa kanya dahil nga sa kamamatay lang nang nanay nya.

  25. Obama is not eligible to be president either under us constitution because his supposed father was a alien from kenya. You have to be born in us to us citizens to be a natural born citizen. Our politicians and corporate media are very controlled in us

    • Leo, Obama was born in the united states as a US citizen of a natural born American mother. Even you if you are pregnant and come to the US and give birth here, your child will be automatically US citizen. that is why so many pregnant women slip into the country to have US citizen children who can petition them later in life if the parents are deported back home. NOw, that is the main difference, obamas mother was a true natural born American citizen. it doesn’t matter if she got pregnant by a pinoy or Chinese or an arab, she is an American citizen and the child is a natural born US citizen. do you even think for one moment that he could have ran the second time for presidency if he is not a lega US natural born citizen when all the republicans are scrutinizing every thing about him? you must have listened to fox news or to republican politicians without doing your homework.

  26. Johnny Ramos on

    It was plain luck when Grace Pod won in 2013. But for the presidency her overnight sensation on the Mamansapano is now gone. Her investigations ended up in the senate archives and it did not reach the senate plenary which 50 feet away from her office. Her several meetings with Pnoy could have been a ploy so people might forget the 44 SAF victims and no final report. Bakit naman magmamalasakit si Grace Poe sa SAF 44 e Amerikano siya.

  27. Great article from Tatad – he hit it right on target. Many Filipinos think the same way
    that Grace Poe should NOT be allowed to even sit as Senator. She should be penalized for being a fraud – fooling Filipinos about her residency and citizenship when in fact she is not even in compliance with the basic requirements of the law. She is a law-breaker !! How can she even sit as Senator as a law-maker ? She will be worse than PNoy – both of them disregard the Constitution. Also – the former driver of Grace Poe who was the driver of her adoptive father when he was still alive even resigned as Grace Poe’s driver because of her habit of heavy cursing- she is always “nag-mu-mura” to her staff including her driver who can not take her anymore. Her very own driver even said he will never vote for her. This story was relayed to us by the driver friend of Grace Poe’s former driver.

    • So what is the DOJ doing? Why is the DOJ not using its clout to file the necessary prayer for her disqualification? Otherwise, what is the IBP doing also? There is a travesty of the law and the IBP sits idly? Now, we have a Philconsa but what is Philconsa doing on the issue of greys sitting illegally on the senate? Isn’t frank supposed to conduct an investigation on the issue? Where have all those institutions gone?

  28. These people do not have shame. Pnoy, Poe, Escudero, Roxas and the rest of the LPs and the Oligarch. They can’t or they won’t control their greed even at the expense of the Filipino people. Never mind if there are laws, even the very basic ones. They are above the law. Indeed, their agenda should be stopped now. We need a leader that will bring us out of this bad situation, if not already worse. Sen. Bongbong Marcos should be it. Calling the good senator to take the cudgels for the Filipino people.

  29. Leodegardo Pruna on

    Only a fool could be fooled around by fools in the administration. The law is the law and the fundamental law of the land should be respected. God bless the Philippines.

  30. P.Akialamiro on

    Why don’t we let what the LP or BS Aquino is planning to have Grace Poe Llamanzares, run for President. Let’s see what happens, once and for all. Let’s see who among the ‘oligarch’ are ‘brave enough’ (?) to stick around the country. I bet all of them would like to flee the country just like during the Martial Law.

    Where have all those legal minds gone to confirm the disqualification of GPL First of all, she is not aptly qualified and “inexperienced’, at that. Except pure ambition and popularity because of her adoptive father’s name, she brings out the “idiocy” of the voters. Governing the Philippines these years takes more than heart and sincerity. It also takes hands-on experience, guts, decisive intelligence and statesmanship to govern, especially with the international problems of the country.

    If we have to go for populairty, why don’t we just go for Pacquiao, Vice Ganda, Aiai,
    and down the list, for President, Vice President, Senators, Congressmen, etc.?

    One big problem in the country is the fact that we don’t learn our lessons. “Ningas kugon” is the name of the game, as always.

  31. Susuan roces is living a lie too. She and that “kapatid ng magnanakaw ay sinungaling” dialog will haunt her. I really would like to see disGrace Poepoo go to jail for lying and holding a seat that is not meant for her and for aquino also to be held responsible. All of them should rot in jail….

  32. Jose A. Oliveros on

    Sen. Poe-Llamanzares’s adoption by the FPJ couple did not vest her with Filipino citizenship because under Art. 341 of the 1950 Civil Code, the effects of adoption are: (a) gives the adopted person the same rights and duties as if he were a legitimate child of the adopter; (b) dissolves the parental authority over the adopted person of her natural parents; (c) makes the adopted person a legal heir of the adopter; and (d) entitles the adopted person to use the adopter’s surname. In fact, Sec.39 of the Child and Youth Welfare Code (Presidential Decree No. 603) clearly, explicitly and specifically provides that an adopted child cannot acquire Philippine citizenship by virtue of such adoption.

    As pointed out by the Supreme Court in its ruling on the FPJ citizenship case, in adoption, an adopted child would be considered the child of his adoptive parents and accorded the same rights as their legitimate child but such legal fiction extended only to define his rights under civil law and not his political status. This is because, according to an eminent Filipino civilist, the late Dr. Arturo M. Tolentino, adoption creates a relation only between the adopter and the adopted, and cannot extend to the establishment of a relation between the State and the adopted.

    • Sir, the reason she got the citizenship of the Poes was because she was supposedly ‘abandoned’. Although that ‘abandoned’ story may also be a fantasy.

      Kawawa naman si Llamanzares, her life started with a ‘LIE’?
      Her political career started with more ‘LIES’?
      What’s next?

  33. Mar Padilla ,Jr. on

    Propose candidate for President, Grace Poe Llamanzares has no qualifications except using the three letters POE, because this person who own this name POE is a popular actor, does not mean to say, that he is qualified. Actor Fernando POE did not even finish High.School. If you elect a person for President, he should be qualified mostly in all matters especially his educational qualification.
    If you elect Grace Llamanzares – Poe, she is not qualified, as if you.are electing another ERAP who cannot create employment for the people so he advise them to play HUNTING. Well, you know, you got a big 0HUETING money everyday?

  34. If Ms. Grace truly honest and want to preserve the dignity of her name(GRACE), she should tell to the people who voted her, I’m sorry for fooling you, forgive me. I will renounce or vacate my set from the senate and going back home to my country where I and my family belongs.

    Once again, forgive and I cant’t fool you twice.

  35. The opportunist Liberal party will make her as a scapegoat from the filing of voluminous cases against Pnoy and the gangsta.

  36. santi montealegre on

    I dont understand why voters/public continue to live with these kinds of lies –allow and even push this possibility. We are so over our heads and are disgustingly gullible on the credibility of this admin and their false advocacies which did nothing for the past 5yrs and are still willing to be fooled once again by pushing Poe and believing that her “integrity and honesty” alone can save this country. If we have another president like Pnoy whose only qualification if his famous family name, we cant blame anybody but our stupid selves if we fail again. Sadly, I personally would leave my beloved but hopeless and doomed country if that happens.

    • Pack your bags, there is nothing that will stop the liberal party from stealing the next election with the same rigged voting machines they used to steal the 2010 and 2013 elections.

  37. Straight from the Bikolano’s corrupt mouth. He is a pro-Binay paid hack.
    He’s again contemplating on being included as a senatorial aspirant together with the other paid for hire for a fee Maceda.

  38. Gusto ko ngang magkaroon ng himagsikan at nang sa ganoon ay dukutin ang mga corrupt sa gobyerno kasama na ang mga taga liberal party at ang mga magnanakaw sa kabinete ni noynoy. Dapat na na itali ang mga kamay nila at ihulog sa dagat.

  39. We, the people, should be prepared to confront Aquino and his cabal should they decide to disrespect and trample upon our Constitution and our laws and the sensibilities of those who want to live by our Constitution and our laws.

    They have been doing it for years and getting away with it, no matter the charges or scandal all they do is call out the lapdogs in the senate, house, military and Dept Heads to deny everything and sometimes pledge a transparent and honest investigation which turns out will be neither and a month later it’s old news.

    The whole system is corrupt, there is nothing at this point to stop them mostly because it’s all of them protecting each other, one giant system of corruption, graft and plunder.

  40. in so far as pnoy and his cronies are concerned, nothing is impossible. afterall, to them, they are the ones in power so the hell with the rest.