Stop terrorizing Congress, Aquino told


Malacañang should stop terrorizing legislators to force them to pass the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL), Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano said on Monday.

Cayetano was put off by the call of President Benigno Aquino 3rd on lawmakers to pass the measure “or start counting body bags”.

The senator said Aquino should allow Congress to carry out it legislative functions.

“It is like Filipinos don’t have any other options for peace. Either we accept the BBL in its present form or face war in Mindanao,” the senator said.

He noted that more serious problems would arise if Congress bows to the president’s demand to pass the BBL measure without any revision.

According to Cayetano, the bill has several provisions that are unconstitutional.

“Malacañang doesn’t only want to give Congress a timeline in passing the BBL but also for us to pass it lock, stock and barrel,” the senator lamented. He stressed that the Congress, particularly the Senate, will not act as a rubber stamp and that the Executive branch should expect changes on the proposed law. He said there are many questionable provisions in the BBL, such as the powers that will be granted to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) during the transition period. He claimed that during this time, the MILF will have its own police, Commission on Elections and civil service commission.


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  1. papaano nila irerespect ang batas natin, eh mismong Presidente ng Pilipinas nilalabag ang Saligang Batas ng bansa.. Akala mo hari siya.. or talagang walang alam sa batas.. palibhasa ang nasa kanyang puso at damdamin ay vengeance .. paghihiganti lalong lalo na sa mga marcoses, pero hindi nmn nya maipakulong tulad nila enrile, jinggoy at revilla… WAlang siyang pakialam maski mamatay ang mga ating sundalo o kapulisan.. Sa lahat ng naging Presidente ng Pilipinas ito ang walang pagmamahal sa bayang Pilipinas at pinaka worst President. Nais pang ipamigay ang mindanao sa Malaysia.???Moronic mind and attitude.

  2. mabuti pa si cayetano may paninindigan my principyo unlike trillanes and pimentel bahag ang buntot nagpapatuta kay pinoy sigurto may kapalit diba. maging makapilipino naman kayo huawag nman puro yes kawawa nman ang ph kung puor kagaya nyo 2 ang papalit

  3. the MILF will have its own Police force, commission on election, etc. Then they will hold a plebecite declaring total independence..Their election commissioners will then certify that 97% supported the measure…with the help of foreign muslims and massive logistics coming from our friendly neighbors, papaano mo pa mapipigil?? If that happens, for their own good, Rod Duterte might just be the Lee Kwan Yew that will bring real progress in the area. Guys, possible scenario lang ito!!

  4. bbl must be passed bfore pnoy steps down… just like Marwan et al he will be safe in the milf area !!!

  5. senator alan cayetano….tell pnoy the 50 million was only for corona’s head. bbl is entirely a different transaction!!! ano naman ang akala niya sa mga senadores, patukang manok??

  6. Waste of time, money, effort and lost hope ang BBL. Siguradong bagsak sa Supreme Court ang BBL like what happened to Bangsamoro Juridical Entity. Gaong presidente ito akala lahat ng power emanates from him. Di niya naisip na kahit ano ang mapagkasunduan sa BBL kapag unconstituitonal ay di papasa sa Congress or SC. Bobob kasi si Panot

  7. Cayetano should understand that he is talking to a fool. If you talk to a fool, two fools are talking. The senate will be a rubber stamp if they will adhere to the capricious of the Malacanang. Malacanang people are now hopeless. That’s the reason they are pushing the BBL at any cost as they said before the end of Aquino administration. They are putting the situation as if no other peace solution are to be carried out except the BBL. They are in hurry to pass the BBL because the idiot’s surrounding BS Aquino wanted him to be nominated for Nobel Peace Award. Do you think the families of Fallen 44 will have a lasting peace? Can you imagine that, they were able to crush the BIFF almost 50% of their members and why they cannot do that to MILF or MNLF? This is ridiculous. They do not even respect the separation of powers under the Phil. Constitution much more the rights of the fallen soldiers