‘Stop the quick counts’


    Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. is not about to give up the fight.

    His camp on Tuesday sought to stop the quick counts conducted by the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) as well as the Commission on Elections (Comelec), citing various discrepancies in the remaining 10 percent of votes.

    His campaign adviser, Jonathan de la Cruz, presented to the media former Biliran Province congressman Glen Chong, who in 2010 was a victim of the same scheme wherein from midnight till early morning, his lead in the canvassing was overtaken mysteriously.

    Marcos was leading in all quick counts after the closure of polling precincts on Monday.

    He was leading at one point by more than one million votes against his closest rival, Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo.

    At 10 p.m., however, glitches occurred and the counting stagnated for some time.

    “When it resumed, slowly the lead was reducing non-stop every after new transmission until it showed that Leni was ahead by 200,000 votes when we woke up,” Chong said.

    Among the networks doing separate quick counts are CNN Philippines, ABS-CBN and various radio networks.

    PPCRV is Church-affiliated and accredited by the Comelec to do the quick count.
    De la Cruz said he is sure Marcos will win.

    “Our internal survey is quite reflective of the Social Weather Stations exit polls, which showed that Sen. Marcos led the vice presidential survey with 34.9 percent as against Rep. Leni Robredo’s 32.5 percent,” he said.

    According to de la Cruz, the scheme is similar to dagdag-bawas (vote padding-vote shaving).

    Aside from an end to the quick counts, Marcos also asked the poll body to identify the areas where the Comelec has been experiencing difficulty in transmitting results.

    As of Tuesday afternoon, some areas in Laoag City, Ilocos Norte, and other parts of Northern Luzon, such as Abra, had difficulty in transmissions, just like in polling precincts under the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao or ARMM.

    De la Cruz said 4.5 million votes more or less are still unaccounted for, and it could still change the outcome of the vice presidential race.

    “The quick counts do not show the real and actual votes. There are so many that [are]yet to be sent like 11 percent from Ilocos Sur, 11 percent from La Union, 12 percent from Nueva Vizcaya, as well those from Lanao del Norte and Sultan Kudarat,” he added.

    Also on Tuesday, corps commanders of University of the Philippines campuses, who call themselves Youth for Duterte, urged the Comelec to hold a recount of the votes for Vice President, saying they do not like Robredo to win because “she is a threat to the Duterte presidency.”

    “The Plan B which Senator Marcos had exposed last week is now happening. After they had given up hope on their presidential bet [Manuel Roxas 2nd], they want to retain hold of Malacañang Palace by ousting Duterte and replace him with Robredo through impeachment,” said corps commanders Ronald Cardama, John Sun Patriarca, Billy Villareal and Vincit Tagoe.


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    1. Robert Iturralde on

      Plan B could be the plan of Marcos himself! No need to remind everybody how his father stayed in power or want to stay in power for his whole life. Nobody knows of this plan except him so he may concocted this by himself and use all his resources as the VP to impeach and oust Duterte ? Who knows?

      • I think you should widen your reading. Who has the capacity to rig the election? The Professors of Ateneo de Manila who are supportive of Cory had spoken. There is rigging against Marcos. Senator Miriam Santiago who is know as honest and fearless have also spoken. There is rigging. You only know to throw allegations that were never substantiated. 30 years after the EDSA Revolution, the people are now clear that Marcos was the best President and EDSA Revolution is a joke. That’s the reason why Digon won over unprecedented votes. Layo ng hinabol ng kandidato mo uy, Daan Matuwad 9Million lang. Magising ka na. So is Marcos, people voted him because they are known as public servants. PICC siguro nanood ka na doon. Airport, siguro nagbyahe ka na at nakinabang. 13th Month Pay, siguro nagpakasasa, thanks to Marcos thru his Presidential decree nalangisan ang tyan mo. Gusto mo pa icite ko ang pinakikinabangan mo na di mo alam, PGH baka nagpa check up ka na dyan o mga kamag anak mo? Thanks to Marcos nalibre ka o nakatipid ka sa hospital bill. Don’t be ingrate and self-righteous like the Daang Matuwad advocates and personae. PNoy ang lolo nyan nahatulan ng treason. Sya ang kasapakat ng mga Japanese nung sinakop tayo. Gusto mo pang makipagdebate? Mag isip isip ka nga!!!!

    2. Ateneo de Manila University Professors believes Marcos is being rigged by the Administration to push Leni’s victory. Everyone knows how crooked this government and how vindictive it is. So they will do everything to rig the election and win. Plan B is true. If there is someone lying, it’s PNoy’s government and this ambitious woman who wants power out of rigged election. What a shame for her late husband. She ruined the name of her husband!

      • Vindictive? Has any misfortune befallen the Marcos family because of the two Aquino administrations? Man-up and accept defeat as a civilized individual (if you are).

    3. this guy BOBONG marcos accused hi opponent of cheating when he and his family are the big cheaters in PINAS. they cheated Juan dela Cruz with their big LOOT.
      marcoses cheated the previous election since then from the beginning.

      they are shameless family living in a lavish life style with expenses of Juan dela Cruz.

      when shall this empire of thieves will end?
      only God knows.. cross your finger and the end will come.

      • Hahaha, may evidence ka, Self-righteous? Hello, di sya iboboto ng 13Milliong mahigit kung naniniwala pa mga tao sa pinagsasabi nyo. Kasama ka rin sa mga kunyari malinis at ingrato. Wag ka tumanggap ng 13th month pay. Through presidential decree naimplement yan. Si marcos nag issue nyan. Kakahiya naman sayo. Ang linis mo. Pahiran nga kita ng puting panyo ng mahawa ako.

      • Another patriot who knows the Philippine history. You can never be more right than that! Thanks for the refresher course, lest the people forgets.

    4. a 1.2 million vote lead of Marcos on the eve of the 9th was wiped out overnight and early on the following day Robredoi was leading by 100 thousand plus votes, then progressing to 200 thousand etc. etc. , While the vote count of Chiz and Cayetano was creeping almost to a stand still. Weird behavior of the VCMs?

    5. We will not concede. BBM will surely win and we will expose how this comelect manipulate the dagdag bawas and switching votes to their Leni the cheater. check a lot nomalies made by this administration. time to Pnoy and his allies go to Jail, IF Digong will put him in Jail. Iam doubt about it, as digong is also supporter of BBL.
      dont forget that Digong wants BBL to passed…Filipinos will regret it…

    6. Myra Hollerich on

      I really don’t understand why the resistance for an honest recount. I really don’t mind if Mrs Robredo wins after the recount. They even do recount here in the United States…no big deal. I am really baffled why some people think that Bongbong Marcos doesn’t have the right to do so.

    7. Matino T. Delacruz on

      There’s not even a slight evidence of dagdag – bawas activities nor cannot be proven at the end because it never happened. Marcos Jr. camp theories and accusations are shallow and the only people they can convince are the people voted for him, and the shallow minds.

      • So matalino ka na nyan? Galing mo!!!! Shallow ha. Your candidate Daang Matuwad Leni who is a lier said that she ranked 2nd in the early counting because Marcos votes from his bailiwicks came in first. Take note of that because I will expound it for you Mr. Matalino. She also said that she overtook BBM in the poll count on the 11 May because her votes are now coming in. Ang tanong, Mr. Matalino, how did she know where the votes coming from. Lahat tayo di natin alam dahil di brinobrodcast ng PPRCV kung saan basta bilang ng bilang lang. Nakuha mo Mr. Matalino. Pangalawa, balikan natin argumento ng kandidato mong si Daang Matuwad Leni who is a lier na early vote counts from Marcos bailiwick. Region 1 – BBM has 1.6 Million, Leni has 290K; Region 2 – BBM has 1M, Leni has 177K, Regions 3 – 2.09M for BBM, Leni has 1.3M; NCR – BBM has 2.17M, Leni has 1.35M; CAR – BBM has 420K, Leni has 110K; Region 4-A – BBM has 1.8M, Leni has 1.9M; Region 4-B – BBM has 245K, Leni has 453K. Magkano ang difference Mr. Matalino? Saan ngayon pinulot ni Daang Matuwad lier Leni ang boto nya para makalapit kay BBM? Matalino ka nga ba? What a waste of time explaining this. I made myself a fool explaining to Mr. Matalino. Kaya pala sira sira ang bansang Pilipinas kasi Mr. Matalino is still being duped by the Yellows! hahaha

    8. In this election time the best Man/Woman wins, this is how the candidates are perceives by the voters in their choices to pick the best candidate .If the candidate platform suits the voters expectation he got his/her votes.

    9. Juan T. Delacruz on

      Maybe there is a slight truth to Plan B, and it could been engineered by his good friend PNoy. On the other hand, Plan B could have been the product of their anxieties and does not exists, as well. Anxiety id defined as “fear of unknown”. lol.

      Marcos Jr. should not put himself in a very stressful position thinking that he will win in Muslim Mindanao Region. This is the territory of Leni Robredo and most likely, it was “SOLID LENI”. The people there will never forget on what Marcos Jr. has done on the BBL- he did not agree to many of the languages used and did not put effort to work with the lower house to come up something that would be acceptable for both parties. Tae siya dito sa Mindanao.

      The small percentage of votes to be counted from the three provinces up North do not even guarantee they voted for him. Solid North concept is dead and it did not work for him nor to any future candidates running for National Office. The reason being is that, literacy rate up north has gone up and this means more people are fairly educated now.

    10. Rizal Sychitpin on

      Bongbong has valid reasons to complain, dagdag- bawas happened in the middle of the night.

      • Romeo Tuazon on

        How? Can you explain how it could happen when there are watchdogs and Mandarambong’s people around while it is being counted? Explain how this can happen.

      • Of course, we were not born yesterday. Lumang tugtog na yang pandaraya. Leni said in the morning of 10th May papasok na ang kanyang votes from her bailiwick. If that is correct, how come early on 1 milyon lang lamang nya kay Marcos? Sabi nya yung unang bugso ng bilangan comes from Marcos’ bailiwicks? PPRCV has not been disclosing where those votes are coming from so we all don’t know but Leni knows. Okay, fine, syempre, alam nya siguro kasi nandadaya nga. Anyways, so kung unang bugso ng bilangan comes from Marcos bailiwicks bakit 1 Milyon lang ang lamang. Heto ang figures. Region 1 – BBM has 1.6 Million; Leni has 290K, Region 2. BBM has 1M votes; Leni has 177K; REgion 3 2.09 Million for BBM, Lenis has 1.3M. NCR, BBM has 2.17Million, Leni has 1.35 Million, CAR, BBM has 420K, Leni has 110K; Region 4-A, BBM has 1.8M, Leni has 1.9M; Region 4-B, Marcos has 245K, Leni has 453K. Magkano ang difference, 1 Milyon lang ba? San kumuha si Leni ng votes na from 1 Million ay ang bilis na humabol pagsapit ng madaling araw nagbugged down ang server at unti unti nang lumamang si Leni. Nagbugged down ang server kung kailan tulog ang mga tao. Typical na pandadaya hehehe. Shame!

    11. Ang architect ng Plan B ay walang iba kundi si Abnoy, at ang mga implementors ay si Chairman Bautista at ang mga kulay dilaw na media kasama pati ang PPCRV.

    12. Romeo Tuazon on

      Talo kana and pls concede. The people of the Phil voted and Robredo won. The people of Mindanao spoke, the people of Bicol region spoke and voted. BongMangdaramBomg new I his heart that Dutards may either die or be impeachment and therefore will throw all kinds of allegations that the LP has something to do with Robredo winning the VP.

      • marcoses are cheaters and it runs in the family a shameless.

        still they have guts to show their faces in public and the Pinoys are also stupid and enablers.