• Stop these mad men already!


    The nation is moving toward a political crisis that looks nearly as bad as when President Estrada was impeached for high crimes. It is also nearly as bad as when those traitors known as the Hyatt 10, President Cory Aquino, and those opportunist Makati business organizations, called for President Arroyo’s resignation in 2005. Developments could even turn for the worse similar to the situation when the Enrile-Ramos tandem broke off from the Marcos regime to make their last stand at Camp Crame.

    The trail of blood of the 44 commandos killed in Mamasapano has led to President Benigno Aquino’s residence in Malacañang. It could even lead to the Cabinet member in charge of the police, interior and local government, Mar Roxas, who has done little to heal both the deep wounds of grief of the families of the 44 heroes and the rift between the PNP and the military.

    The nation is fissured on the issue that involves local government: the setting up of a so-called Bangsamoro, or Moro State within the Filipino state.

    Yet, what does the Interior and Local Government Secretary do, what has been in his mind the past months?

    He pursues his obsession, which began last year to go after the front-runner in the 2016 presidential elections—Vice President Jejomar Binay —the person he hates most in this world for depriving him of his choice for the vice-presidency in 2010.

    I had thought that Roxas had given up on his plot to pin down Binay for the alleged overprice of the Makati Building II. After all, the contractor Hilmarc Construction turned out to be a respected one with an unblemished track record, among them  the construction of three Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) offices in the provinces, the renovation of the Batasang Pambansa building, and the construction of the anti-graft special court Sandiganbayan building.

    Mine is bigger than yours: Roxas' makes trouble in Makati, while his boss' is still on Mamasapano.

    Mine is bigger than yours: Roxas makes mischief in Makati, his boss’ was in Mamasapano.

    Why, the contractor’s current engagement is to build Liberal Party leader and Senate President Franklin Drilon’s pet project, the Iloilo Convention Center. And the Makati II Building’s cost is the median of those for these projects.

    Even the noisiest of Binay’s accusers, Senator Alan Cayetano, has realized he was on a wild-goose chase, most probably ordered by Aquino, that he has moved on to other issues that would give him higher media exposure.

    There have been seven months of full-blown propaganda operation against Binay. There were  17 Senate hearings on his alleged corruption and  a special audit undertaken on Makati City hall finances.  The Anti Money Laundering Council has been used to dig into his bank accounts and  the BIR has harassed his  friends.  The Philippine Daily Inquirer tried to  brainwash Filipinos’ minds with banner stories for 44 nearly consecutive days that he was corrupt.     I wonder though why Binay hasn’t found the balls yet to break away with Aquino, who along with Roxas is  behind all these dirty tricks.

    Yet, Binay remains as the front-runner if elections were held, according to the most recent survey done by a reputable pollster for the first week of this month, showing him way ahead of runner-up Grace Poe, who just got half his votes. Roxas is way further down, now behind Ferdinand Marcos, Jr., Miriam Defensor Santiago and Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

    Desperate, with a year and a half to elections, Roxas is becoming a mad dog with its mouth foaming, barking wildly after the Binays.

    C’mon, the Ombudsman wouldn’t be as reckless as to do the following, if the aim is not serve justice, but to deprive the Binays their bastion. Makati City, and then scour through the city’s files to come up with other trumped-up charges against the Vice President:

    • 5 March: A special – yes that’s the Ombudsman’s actual term, “out-of-the-ordinary”—panel of investigators submitted to the Ombudsman the complaint against Mayor Jejomar Edwin Binay and 19 other city officials for their alleged involvement in the Makati Building II overprice.

    • 9 March, or four days later: Apparently with the 74-year-old Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales working overtime and reading the complaint even during the March 7-8 weekend, she ordered Mayor Binay to submit his counter-affidavit, i.e., his reply, within 10 days of his receipt, which was the next day, March 10.

    • 10 March: The day after the Ombudsman asked Binay and his officials to submit their replies within 10 days (which would be March 20), she ordered them suspended for six months, and directed the DILG to implement it immediately. Did she forget she gave them 10 days to answer the accusations?

    “The law is the law,” Roxas said solemnly in a press conference, although one could easily detect a smirk on his face.

    Now dear reader, do you think that is lawful, or is it the “law” totally prostituted for the sake of this madman’s dream of being president?

    Binay and his co-accused, of course, appealed to a court of law – which is not an office that has proven to be a political tool – the Court of Appeals to stop not just the patently illegal order, but an absurd one. (Why did the Ombudsman give a 10-day deadline for a reply, when she ignored it the next day?).

    Guarded by a thousand policemen, the suspension order was taped on the Makati City Hall’s gates by Roxas’ officers.

    The absurdity doesn’t stop there.

    With the blatant abuse of power by the Ombudsman, and you’ll realize it is so by just the chronology of events, the Court of Appeals on March 16 issued a restraining order against the Ombudsman’s suspension of Binay.

    What does the Ombudsman say about that?

    She says the Court’s order is moot and academic, since the suspension order had been served.

    What? The anti-graft prosecutor declares a court of law’s order moot and academic? An illegal order is stopped by a Court, and she claims the court cannot do so since the order has already been issued? Basta!, Roxas stomped his foot, and ordered our poor policemen to what I hope won’t be later called the Makati “mis-encounter.” If I were acting Police Chief Leonardo Espina, I’d have myself confined in the hospital for some illness — he’ll likely be blamed by Roxas if blood flows in Makati city hall.

    And I nearly forgot:

    The contracts for the Makati Building II’s construction, which the Ombudsman investigator claimed was overpriced, were made before this mayor was in office.

    It was when Vice President Jejomar Binay was still mayor. And even if some of the buildings were constructed during his son’s first term, there have been several Supreme Court decisions (Aguinaldo vs Santos, Garcia vs Hon Mojica, and Ombudsman vs Evangelista) in which the High Court, following US jurisprudence, bowed to the concept of the supremacy of the people’s will, that the very fact of an official being reelected (as Jejomar Edwin was in 2013) exonerates him of any alleged previous misconduct in his previous term.

    And the other mad man?

    Roxas’ boss, who else? How can President Aquino pretend that the Philippine National Police Board of Inquiry on the Mamasapano, which put the blame on him for violating the chain of command, didn’t exist in his speech at the Philippine Military Academy? How can he threaten at this time, that he will crush his critics? How can he take a cheap shot at the Special Action Forces, when he congratulated an army solider for killing five insurgents in a firefight, and remarked that the soldier “wasn’t even with an elite force?”

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    1. Pusong-Pinoy on

      Binay himself admitted he wants Mar Roxas as running mate. Binay admitted that he has a long list of people he’s considering, but Roxas is #1 in his consideration. Check out the news.

      So all those things Binay is saying about Roxas must not be true because the former wants the latter.

      This reveals the true nature of Binay


    3. Parang asong ulol si Mar Roxas di niya matanggap na tinalo siya ni Binay as vice president at tiyak na mauulit uli na matalo siya ni Binay sa 2016 at tiyak sa mental hospital pupulutin si Mar Roxas kasama si abnormal Pnoy wag lang gagawan ng kalokohan ng Smartmatic ang hokus pikus machine sigurado na si Binay sa 2016 kung di nila pinagtulungan si Binay sa senado ay tiyak na napakataas ng ratings niya

    4. 2016….9 is the hash total…better ask the numerologists of what this number brings. But for me..Madam Auring ano ba ang hinaharap na ating bansa..? Yep everybody is now clinging to anything worthy, even from sooth sayers famous or not. Horrible is the term used for BSA era en memoria…2016 let us hope for the best and vote for the right president. Now…where is s/he?

    5. Johnny Ramos on

      I hope the Court of Appeals should make an announcement to clarify its TRO probably change it to status quo ante order. This legal technicalities should never be an issue since both mean the same. Mar Roxas is probably losing his mind because no matter what he do or have not done is bringing him down to drain. Poor loser like does not care anymore basta ang gusto na lang niya ay mang Inis dahil Wala na siyang pag asang maging pangulo.

      • Since the suspension is for six months, then its implementation can be restrained anytime within that six months.

    6. …i dont know what will happen if 4% candidate beats 29% candidate…MADNESS…

    7. Benigno Kuha-Ko, Akin-Na on

      Hindi lang bootlicker si ConCHEATa Moral-LESS, asslicker pa ni PeeNOY. Pareho sila ni LIE-La Delimaw.

    8. Trying to be alarmist to further one’s agenda, sending one’s credibility down the drain.

    9. “Do not underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups. In politics, stupidity is not a handicap.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

    10. Bert O. Romero on

      The fate of the 100 million or so Filipinos cannot be left in the hands of either Roxas or Binay comes 2016. Both are unprincipled and opportunistic trapos with the latter carrying the additional baggage of being accused of corruption many times over. ( Mahatma Gandhi considered politics without principle one of the seven deadly sins.) Being unprincipled and opportunistic, both continue to stick it out like leeches with Pinoy, despite the latter’s plunging trust and popularity ratings , because of the substantial resources – money, personnel, government machinery ( as distinguished from political machinery), and technology – which are attached to the office of the president and are, MOST IMPORTANTLY, unaudited. Neither has abandoned Pinoy not because Pinoy can help their candidacy as a person but because of the wherewithal of the office of the president which Pinoy represents. As a person, Pinoy’s endorsement will assuredly be a kiss of death . And both know this.
      The Filipino voter, after long years of having shown electoral resiliency ( remember, the first election in the Philippines was held in 1917 ? ), has long resigned to the fact that Filipino politicians are unprincipled and opportunistic. But has he also accepted the fact that incompetence ( Roxas’ baggage ) and corruption ( Binay’s baggage ) are acceptable attributes of a potential president? Incompetence / unpreparedness on one hand and theft/ corruption on the other will in all likelihood define the message of Roxas’ and Binay’s campaign , respectively. Are these all what the Filipino is worth voting for?

    11. And Mr. Perfecto Garcia says that only Duterte can beat Binay? So what’s special about Duterte? Mr. Garcia, magtanong tanong ka. Perhaps kabilang ka sa mga apektado na ng nangyayari sa bansa at naghahanap ng alternatibong kandidato. DUTERTE?? Go to Davao and ask the people who earned a living in Davao Sasa Port area. Go and ask why the good Mayor Digong, who’s now dreaming to become president and chief executive officer of the Philippines, cannot even STOP his own son, vice mayor Paolo “Pulong” Duterte of Davao from extortion business…collecting hard earned money from the local entrepreneurs, small companies engaged in legitimate business operations in Sasa Port. Vice Mayor Pulong is in cahoots with a certain Samuel “Sam” Rodriguez, who has been using his INK membership to terrorize people, even PNP officers. This is madness!! Have you forgotten the DYNASTY issue being thrown against the Binays? Check how long the Dutertes has been in control of political power in Davao? Rodrigo Duterte is the Mayor, the son, former Davao ABC President Paolo Duterte is the Vice Mayor. So… ano ipinagkaiba?

      • Ronaldo Valdes on

        Tama ka kuya…humanap tyo ng bago matalino, matapang at nde corrupt…..Meron pa kya ????Tignan naten at subukan si Senator Poe or Senator Defensor

    12. THE RULE OF LAW… and this is the subject of Bobi Tiglao’s Opinion of what’s happening now in Makati City. It’s not about the “survival” of Junjun Binay…but all about the RULE OF LAW, which no less than the no. 1 Chief Law Enforcer, President Aquino himself, pays no respect at all. The President, being the Chief Executive Officer, Commander in-Chief of all ARMED FORCES has consistently violated the law and the Constitution…the latest of which was tasking a suspended police officer in-charged of a major police operations, resulting into the lost of 44 lives and lost of military armaments to the lawless elements, disguised as “revolutionaries.” What about the unaccountable P120 Billion DAP funds? Where’s the money? Nakalimutan na ito!!!

    13. Amnata Pundit on

      Don’t you find it revolting that in this pig sty that is Philippine politics today the only “pearl” that you can find is Binay ?

    14. Wow! there is such a law that protects corrupt government officials from prosecution even if they plunder our national treasury by the mere fact that they are elected that exonerates them from their corrupt practices? Only in the Philippines is corruption not only tolerated but even enshrined in our jurisprudence. What future is there for this impoverished nation?

    15. I hate all wicked doers all of them. The people who voted for them all should be the ones to blame. They sell their votes. We need a true honest competent and most of all Godly not religious keaders if we are expecting to get out off the mess we are in since the Marcis Era. Otal change of all the politicians or TRAPOS all their kinds and kindreds total resignation of all corrupt officials. We need somebody who has the courage and guts to impose and execute all laws regardess of whoever cross the line. But sad to say I Found None.

    16. Wow! there is such a law that protects corrupt government officials from prosecution even if they plunder our national treasury by the mere fact that they are elected that exonerates them from their corrupt practices? Only in the Philippines is corruption not tolerated but even enshrined in our jurisprudence. What future is there for this impoverished nation?

    17. I have an answer to my last question. The way to sort out this mees & quickly is to invite china to invade you. To take power here. They will investigate everyone from the top & they will do it within weeks & those found guilty will be severely punished if not executed for their crimes. When they have sorted this mess out & set up this country with honest politicians then give them the spratlys & the other islands they want & the philippines can start to prosper.

    18. I find it funny that Mr Tiglao’s crusade to crucify Aquino involves absolving his own boss Gloria for her transgressions which caused the resignation of the 10 cabinet members in 2006 (by calling them traitors) and the call of the business community for Gloria to resign.

      True colors…

      • …but you also forget that all the case were junked/thrown in the bin, oh i made a mistake yeah there is still one pending the pcso, were all the main accused set bail except gma…

    19. A lot of this is so confusing. First of all the 3 senators in custody are charged with offences that are non bailable, yet they keep going back to court to try for bail. I still dont understand that.
      Now binay is suspended & he gets a tro, well when applying for a tro shouldnt the court ask the other side involved to show evidence why he is being suspended & so not give the tro.
      What i do see here every single time is people accuse others of going against them just because they dont like them. They say its a witch hunt, they say there is no evidence then want evidence shown to be surpressed.
      It seems the courts system here is a complete shambles. I just have no idea where you will start.
      I look back to the impeachment of cj corona & it showed he was a liar & a cheat, he had P180,000,000 in his dollar accounts that was never mentioned to the tax man. This is the top judicial person in the country.
      It seems from the top to the bottom they are all liars cheats & thieves.
      So where do we start in sorting out this horrendous mess.

    20. Leodegardo Pruna on

      I have always been looking forward to reading Amb. Tiglao’s commentary for its incisive review and analysis of events in the country. His commentaries are eye openers and thought provokers which we in the country need under the kind of administration of P-Noy and his cohorts who have mutilated the country through their unconstitutional acts. While there is still time, P-Noy and cohorts should make the “mea culpa” as well as amend their ways. God bless the Philippines.

    21. alfonso g. aquino on

      what’s is happening to the land of my birth. when is the madness going to cease?

    22. You are correct in saying that our country is right now headed by incorrigible madmen.

    23. If I am not mistaken, a contempt of court charge can be pursued against Ms. Conchita and Senyor Kho Reena. Anyway, wala naman yata term limit ang pagsasampa ng criminal complaint so natitiyak ko na ang susunod na pangulo ay magsasampa sa kanila ng kaso. Maski ano pa ang mangyari sa halalan ng 2016, nagkaroon ng contempt of court at kailangan lang panagutin ang nagkasala. Hindi pwede na sabihin na moot and academic o di kaya overtaken ng events ang kanilang ginawa.

      • Leodegardo Pruna on

        Laymen like us has only logic and reason to base our side and the Ombudsman seems to have lost these very fundamental and basic principles. God bless the Philippines.

      • emmanuel san miguel on

        If what you just said is to be followed, ang una dapat kasuhan ay si deLIEma for disregarding the TRO issued by the Supreme Court ng hindi niya payagan na makaalis si GMA for medical treatment outside the country. next si moraLESS first for disregarding her own order ordering the mayor to reply within 10 days upon receipt of the order which was received by the mayor on March 10 effectively giving him until March 20 to submit his response. the next day March 11, moraLESS disregarded her own order and issued the suspension order which boy pick-up immediately served. second, for completely disregarding the TRO issued by CA by saying it is moot and academic. Meaning, no TRO can save the mayor from suspension dahil na-i-served na yung suspension order. hayyyy

    24. Peter Gonzales on

      This is the most opportune time to file an impeachment against this incompetent and basket case. Abnoy is already discredited among the Filipino people and can not rely anymore of his lackeys in Congress. Once the case is filed his cohorts in congress will abandon him in droves and then send him to jail together with the likes of Drilon, Belmonte, Abad, Evandone, Donkey Soliman, “grandson of power grabber aguinaldo”, etc.

    25. I am surprised at the patience and complacency of my people. What is keeping them from doing a decent but noisy show of pag-kakaisa para sa bayan, to throw these silly duo, Benigno and Mar out of Malacanang, permanently. They are not even a couple nor married, but their partnership seems to be written in blood. They seem so inseparable, so focused on staying together, through thick, thin and ugly. It is almost bizarre. Maybe they made a pact with the devil and are unable to break it.

    26. Maribel A. Calanda on

      How can one improve his standing at the polls with a 4% voters preference only? It will take an overwhelming miracle for this to happen. As for BS Aquino, he should end his whimsical caprice, tantrums and stubborness. As for his thousands of followers, open your eyes that your coward and incompetent boss’ days are numbered.

    27. It’s quite obvious that the palace and their cohorts, including the presidential wannabe, Roxas, are really “nagkakagulo” about what to do in the face of the conflagration and public antipathy storming them. It must be because they know they have lost all chances of making it in the 2016 polls, if there will be such a poll.

      The way their cards show, the wannabe will not make it and the Abnoy will go to jail. The ax has already fallen on their heads and there is no way they can reverse their destiny.

    28. Julian Tulay on

      If you are a Filipino living in the US, will you be thinking to go back home and live there, for what we read an heard about how the government are manage and run. I don’t need to elaborate, suspension was issued first and TRO after, one claim topo topo na nauna kami. What a display of immaturity and unprofessionalism

      • Stay and rot in your comfort zones. Forget the Philippines! GOD will not let us down forever. In the end, we will be like “gold”. Resilient and strong and healthy. Meron ba kayong malunggay?

    29. Yes, I agree to stop the madmen Binays. They have no respect most of all to the law of God like “Thou shalt not steal”. Let us pray, to end the reign of the terror Binays.

      • arcee delros on

        pareho lang naman ng mga binay si abnoy… kapatid ng magnanakaw ang mga sinungaling na katulad ni abnoy.. sabi nga ng inang ko pare pareho lang sila sa tuhugan ni hudas…

      • If anyone has concrete evidence proving the Binays stole/plundered public funds, please hand them over to the senate sub-committee. Mahirap sa atin may marinig lang na magnanakaw si ganito ganoon, sawsaw tayo ng sawsaw. Puro sisi, sisi, asan ang evidensiya? Computer generation na crab mentality pa rin ang pinaiiral natin. Ipakita ang ebidensiya para mapakulong natin lahat ng magnanakaw.