OR maybe we begin with: Stop artists like Jim Paredes and Leah Navarro from self-destructing, as they reveal how burgis they are, declaring to the world that the most important issue for them at this point in time is to stop one person from running for President in 2016.

Because you know, not much else is happening in this country.

A mess of a nation
There is so much that’s wrong with THE nation that one wonders why these artists who decided to “walk the talk” against the VP have not walked the talk for other more important issues.

Say, the rising cost of education, the kind that has meant leaving school for many a Filipino student, if not one too many of them killing themselves over high tuition fees. And what about the K-to-12 mess of the Department of Education, that one that’s not just about badly-written textbooks and learning materials, but also about unprepared teachers and students, as well as lack of classrooms and toilets? And surely these artists have heard about the unjust wages we subject our teachers to?

Speaking of wages, what of the majority of Filipino workers who can barely earn enough to cover three meals a day for their families? What of these workers who suffer in the hands of capitalists? Capitalists who have been further enabled by this government to oppress employees with inhumane working conditions and subcontracting?

What about unsafe public transport, that one that endangers the lives of a majority of Filipinos every day? And we’re not just talking about the MRT and LRT either. We’re talking about dangerous streets, unreliable buses and jeepneys, drivers forced to drive like maniacs on the road if only to earn their daily bread. There is no reason to ignore the fact that a majority of Filipinos suffer everyday in the hands of abusive public transport companies when, in fact, safe and efficient public transport is a basic right.

What of the 72 Kentex workers who died in a fire that could have been avoided were the Labor Department strict with capitalists? What of the 397 workers of Tanduay on strike at its Cabuyao Laguna Distillery? What of the Mamasapano Operation of the President and his best pal ex-suspended PNP Chief Alan Purisima that killed 44 Special Action Force policemen?

One could go on and on. But, alas, to the burgis who want to #StopBinay, only one thing is worth talking about – and walking for.

Stop Him How?
What astounds me about the artists who spearheaded this “walk” is not just that they have chosen this cause to be the most important thing, given the many urgent concerns of the nation. It is surprising that they did it in this way, via a hashtag that holds multiple meanings. On the one hand, Paredes asserts that this was an expression of disgust at the VP’s refusal to face the Senate; on the other, Paredes also says that “as a presidential candidate, he (Binay) should at least answer the charges against him.” Navarro echoed this when she said that: “We believe that we should tell the Filipino people that no public official is above the law. He must follow the law, answer the questions.”

And if he does appear at the Senate, would they all still be so disgusted? Apparently yes, because the ultimate goal is to stop the VP from running in 2016. But why, pray tell, would Binay listen to 1,000 people? Do they not fall in the “noisy minority” category? I wouldn’t be surprised if there were anti-Binays who might turn balimbing and vote for Binay anyway just to spite the Paredeses and Navarros of this world.

For the rest of us, after all, the corruption in Makati is puny compared to the PDAF funds, the DAP allocations, and the Presidential discretionary funds. To the rest of us who can go beyond personalities and candidates, we know now that what ails this country is the misguided and ungrounded leadership of the burgis, matuwid na daan notwithstanding.

Too: some news reports say that in fact the group of Paredes and Navarro were chanting “Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap.” How’s that for a rally that isn’t politically motivated?

In fact, if Paredes e tal actually wanted to walk the talk for anything, their time would’ve been better spent taking a stand against Charter change, the kind that even VP Binay is pushing for, something that will lose him votes for sure.

Because it’s not true that what we need to improve our industries is competition from foreign capitalists. In fact, if there’s anything that the system failure of this government has revealed, it is that we cannot even deal with transnational corporations that are already here, be it in terms of competition or unfair labor practices.

With the entry of the larger media companies like CNN Philippines – and if the grapevine is correct, BBC Philippines as well – smaller production houses have folded, unable to keep up with the lower cost of producing documentaries and shows within the transnational corporation. It was early in this government’s term, as well, that printers and publishers had to deal with the rising cost of paper, with local paper factories closing down due to competition from paper imports with lower tariffs. The same is true of our agricultural products, and our rice. And certainly any artist would know of how difficult it is to even compete with foreign music, television, and films.

Charter change can only make matters worse, unprepared as we are to even compete at this point, dealing as we do with the crisis that globalization and transnationalization have wrought. VP Binay is absolutely wrong in thinking that Charter change is what we need: it will certainly kill the smaller players in industries that are already struggling under the weight of rising prices and lower tariffs.

One would like to think that the artists who were walking the talk could level up the discussion by taking on the critical issue of Charter change. Then, they could actually inform the voting public about why we must not vote for VP Binay. But of course that will mean saying no to every other candidate who will take a pro-Cha-cha stance, including burgis favorites Interior Secretary Mar Roxas and clean-as-a-whistle Senator Grace Poe.

But that’s what walking the talk, and standing by one’s hashtags, truly means.


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  1. Of course we all know that some of these people are bloody snakes, but don’t strike a concept like Constitutional Reform – a concept that you don’t understand, just because you’re frustrated.

  2. Veck del Rosario on

    I really do not understand why the author needs to criticize other well meaning personalities. Just wondering exactly what she had done substantial to earn her right to judge others. The article sounds to me like she is a first class citizen who has a solution for every country’s problem with the way she has pointed it out. Looks like a personal vendetta against Pnoy. Just speaking out how it affected me when i read it.

    • veck, ur attacking the personal attributes of the author, rather than the points/issues he has rised against paredes and navarro …argumentum ad hominen its a big falacy in debates .. stick to and argue against the issues raised, please

  3. What the trio of trillianes, Pimentel and cayetano cannot do in the senate hearings..now comes these duo of irrelevant paredes and Navarro…..binay still lording it over on the latest surveys just showed that the LPs are scratching their dumb-empty heads what’s it’s gonna take to put away Mr binay…….

  4. Let the free speech advocate-censors of this paper say something in my stead. Go ahead guys.Say now what is acceptable to your majesties.

  5. The writer seems to have the same view as the administration…Namely don’t allow charter change because it would adversely affect Philippine businesses, to hell with the fact that is would bring lower prices and benfit the working (and non working) public.

    Yes Ms Santiago let us worry about the affect on the businesses who frankly prove day after day that they don’t give a damn about the general public and raise prices on a whim. Mcdonalds who recently raise their prices 10% across the board, everything they sell went up 10%.. But check out their prices, a portion of fries at Php 39 pesos, when potatoes cost Php 35 per kilo…. Coke for Php 18 a small cup, when a liter in the supermarket costs around Php 20 The bakers whose pandesal is still at a high price despite the 20 reduction in the price of flour since January this year..

    The list goes on and on

    Bring on the charter change and let us see Internationals supply 16Mbps broadband for the price Globe and Smart are charging for 1Mbps (which never reaches that speed) I was in South Korea in year 2000, my Korean co-worker had 10Mbps connection in his home and that was common since all housing at that time was required by law to be built with fiber optic internet connection… That is 15 years ago!

    Don’t give me a sob story for the businesses who really need to get their act together and bring down their costs and reduce charges to the customers.

  6. Ireneo M. Panopio on

    Hi Katrina,

    If you want to accomplish anything, any issue at all: stay focused on the issue you want to raise and correct. Do not drag other issues in the subject at hand.

    All you said was down with Jim and Leah, and “leave Binay alone”.

  7. whats wrong with charter change? whats wrong with businesses that can create value to the society and even more than idiots like you who really just cant compete? if you cannot compete, it’s not another entities’ fault, it is your fault so instead of ranting about how foreigners are detrimental, why not work hard and compete and be better than them and create employment ?these foreign companies will actually create employment so filipinos dont have to go out of the country because of idiots like you who doesnt want competition and who are too scared of competition because you are just too stupid and too lazy

  8. Where were Jim Paredes and Leah Navarro when the PDAF and DAP controversy was the hot topic?or when the whole country was mourning the SAF44? Or the lingering MRT/LRT woes?or their stand on BBL? They were demanding that Binay sould follow the law, but who is the biggest lawbreaker in the country?

  9. middle and upperclass denizens marching against Binay. just leave him to the investigators and the courts. what are you afraid of?

  10. Maxwell Alvarez on

    Jim Paredes a while back posted a rant online that he was leaving the Philippines because he “was tired of being Filipino”. I’m actually tired of his fake self-righteousness and phony militancy. His words emanate from the Malacanang Communications Office. When 2016 comes around, many of us will be glad to see his kind pack his bags and go. Because frankly, dear Jim, the Philippines is pretty tired of you.

  11. Those artists believe the people should know them by heart by now. But Jim Paredes was part of a trio and would have failed had he tried it alone. Leah Navarro is someone I could not even remember that appeared in a movie or in a stage play. What is she known for anyway? And they expect people to follow their lead because they are stars? Stars of what?

  12. To stop an evil person to become a President is the most noble thing in the world. If you could only watch for yourself all the senate hearings and learn all the maneuverings of an evil man you will do all things so that you will stop this man from becoming the leader of a great nation. Let’s presume for conversation sake that this Mr. Binay is an evil man and you truly believe that he is evil, will you not yourself do everything in your power to stop this man? If not I don’t know what kind of person are you. These artists that you say just truly believe that this Binay is an evil person and they are just doing what they believe is right thing to do just like these many people who join this #STOPBINAYMARCH .

    • Then, all corruptors in this government should be labelled evil and prevented from joining the election as candidates? Why discriminate Binay against administration officials who have taken so much PDAF and DAF away from the poor and hungry? There are courts of law where investigations can be made legally. The Senate is only a stage for political gimmicks and “in aid of legislation”, for media persecution. Nothing has been proven as of this time. All inuendos and chismiz. Its all showbiz.

    • i think what the writer is saying is that why only biNOY. these trio should be disgusted with the way boy sisi and abadinding together with drilon and lolo sb had been mishandling of our money. remember, the monies used for dap and pdaf are our hard earned money. so ok, biNOY is a as corrupt as you and they say, but what about the corruption of the LP (Lapiang Pork) in misusing our taxes for their own benefit? btw, i am not a fan or supporter of biNOY. i would not and have not voted for him. am of the opinion that should biNOY win, he would spare boy sisi from being thrown in jail.

    • Braincleaner on

      Oh yeah? Then why don’t you stop other evils from becoming President also. Like Grace Poe who push the FOI but decided to keep her silence when she was bribed by Aquino III of perks, privileges, and support for a higher position when she decides to go for one. She led the grand cover-up in the Mamasapano SAF44 tragedy masterminded by the US using Aquino III. And still without justice while keeping her silence in exchange for corrupted patronage. She demands others to clear themselves of their alleged indiscretions while refusing to show documents proving her citizenship issue. And like Binay is now saying she will explain herself in court should a case is filed against her. She kept silent on every single issue that affects the people engaging with nothing and focused on “pa-cute” PR typical of showbiz tactics. All corruption allegations against various departments of government were evaded by Grace Poe so as not to antagonize Benigno Aquino III, the exclusive holder of a trillion discretionary funds, and lump-sum appropriations otherwise known as pork barrel. This goes with Mar Roxas, Ping Lacson, Chiz Escudero, Duterte, Defensor Santiago, and all pro-Aquino III, including Binay of course!