• My story of happiness


    My happiness is busy making others happy.
    — Charles Simic

    Happiness, you are a traitor,
    our forbidden love you ignore
    and our childhood picture
    you torn down into pieces
    after you elope with other happiness.

    I tried to glue down the pieces
    especially when you blindfold me.
    I was surprised that your arms
    were not embracing at all.
    Hopeless am I for your return
    for that sweet blindness sweeping
    me off.

    I stopped disturbing the bar
    for my future happiness returning
    back. The bartender is dubious.
    My beer glass replaced happiness
    Only this moment, this moment.

    When I closed the door,
    shut my languid eyes in despair
    only to invite your presence,
    pressing your gentle hands once
    more against my eyes, I surprised
    myself to see happiness.


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