‘Stranger Things’ stars remind kids to take a break from social media



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The stars of “Stranger Things” may have more than a million followers each on social media, but they never forget to have fun the old fashioned way. In The Know had the access to bond with Noah Schnapps, Joe Keery and Season 2 newcomers Dacre Montgomery and Sadie Sink when they visited Manila for the promo tour and was amazed by how in the moment these kids are.

Sadie even shared how she reminds her fans to be in sync with reality more than their mobiles, “You need to like go outside and be a kid and don’t just type on your phone!”

To which Joe seconded, “Do not get sucked up into it! I feel like a lot of the problem is people being interested in the popularity aspect of it.”

In The Know with Noah Schnapps (left) and Joe Keery

True to the adage “Practice what you preach,” these kids along with Millie Bobby Brown who plays Eleven go biking around the small town in Atlanta where they are taping the series.

Season 1 had a handful of cliffhangers and even though persistently prodded, Noah did not give away what would happen to him after the finale.

“I cannot spoil anything but what I can share is that it is scarier than last season,” he carefully shared.

There’s also a suspicious aspect of Season 2 thanks to Dacre who plays Billy the classic punk and girlfriend-stealing-bad-boy and Sadie who plays Max (a suspicious tomboy and the latest addition to the group of Will, Dustin, Lucas, Mike and Eleven).

“I love how I got to adjust so easy in the group. Millie even invited me to go and vacation with her in Cabo. I’m so excited for the fans of the series to get to know my character because there is so much in store,” Sadie shared.

Stranger Things Season 2 will be available in Netflix on October 27.

As a thank you to their fans in the Philippines, British millennial boy band The Vamps held a free concert on Friday at the newly opened Vertis North in Quezon City.

Thousands of their fans flocked the mall to see their idols Tristan, Bradley, Connor and James who visited the country for the fourth time already.

“How can we not visit? If we could we would do it each year! The fans here in the Philippines is our thirs largest and most active in the world,” the band members agree.

Speaking of active, because of Filipina actress Liza Soberano’s loyal fanbase, her own supporters paved the way for her to meet her favorite band.

A year after, Bradley shared that Liza and the whole band are friends now, “The last time we were here we saw Liza all over the billboards. And then Liza watched our two concerts way back. We keep in touch online.”

Visiting British pop band The Vamps (from left) Bradley Simpson, Connor Ball, Tristan Evans and James McVey

“I know that she is now the local Wonder Woman now,” Bradley added. Talk about being updated!

GUESS WHO? Insiders say that this mysterious-actor-no-more (MA) is being controversial for his desire to be released from his endorsements, contracts and obligations.

Moreover, MA is aware of the implications of his recent behavior and allegedly, he used it as his scapegoat to file for a leave.

But according to sources close to him, this actor really is headed to a rehabilitation center for him to start cleaning his act.

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