• Stress triggers can be identified … and managed


    The rise of health and wellness trends in food, diet, fitness and different regimens show that more and more Filipinos are getting attuned to health and wellness. However, one may wonder why not everyone is successful in achieving good health.

    “One of the reasons why we miss our health goals is that we often forget to look at our well-being as a whole. Our well-being is greatly influenced by determinants of health, nutrition, sleep and relaxation, exercise and movement, stress, and environment, and how we are able to manage these factors reflects in the quality of health we get to enjoy,” medical practitioner Zoe Arugay of LifeScience Center for Health and Wellness intoned.
    Since one’s health is uniquely individual, the center introduces the Lifestyle Assessment Sensor to gauge overall health and well-being by identifying areas that needs management like stress, recovery from exhaustion and right exercise for functionality.

    “While most people understand the impacts of stress in health and performance, not many have been successful in managing it. Chronic stress can take a toll on one’s health affecting productivity, triggering health issues such as high blood pressure, skin problems, eating disorder, and even affects moods in dealing with people,” said Arugay, adding that with proper coaching from health experts, recovery from stress is possible through effective methods that fit one’s lifestyle.

    The Lifestyle Assessment Sensor uses and analyzes data from what the patient’s body tells through the advanced medical tool, Firstbeat. It provides precise data on how the body is reacting to daily activities and environmental factors through heart rate variability.

    With the patient and medical practitioner working together, stress triggers can be identified which can be managed and determined to better recover from the impacts of stress and improve moments of rest and quality of sleep to regain energy and focus, and choose the right type of exercise to develop functional quality.

    For more information on the Lifestyle Assessment Program, log on to www.lifescience.ph.


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