Stricter screening of police recruits pushed


THE chief of the Manila Police District (MPD) vowed to review the local police force’s screening process to weed out unfit recruits as dismissal proceedings are being readied against a rookie policeman who went berserk.

On Tuesday, Mayor Joseph Estrada said he wanted the rookie policeman who fired his gun indiscriminately at the MPD headquarters on Sunday and threatened to kill him dismissed from service.

“‘Yang mga ganyang mga sira ulo, may mental disorder, ‘di dapat patulan (We should not take crazy people seriously),” Estrada said of PO1 Vincent Paul Solares. “But he’ll be dismissed because of what he did.”

Meanwhile, newly installed director of the MPD, Senior Supt. Joel Coronel, vowed to review the local police force’s screening process to weed out unfit applicants.

“We are looking at the possibility that he may have a mental health problem. We have to be more vigilant and more careful in screening applicants so we have to review again the procedures used in the selection,” said Coronel.

Solares is still detained at the MPD jail.

Estrada said based on the reports he received, Solares may have a psychiatric problem.

“I don’t know him. I have not even met him personally,” Estrada replied when asked why the policeman wanted to harm him. “Well, he was too drunk and he has family problems. He is out of his mind.”

Solares, who was assigned at the MPD Police Community Precinct 11, has been in the service for barely two years. MPD charged him with illegal discharge of firearm and alarm and scandal after his rampage at the MPD headquarters, where he destroyed several framed pictures of the Manila mayor in anger.

Solares was also charged with physical injuries and grave threats for pointing a gun at and hurting a Manila traffic enforcer.


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