• Striking gold with Orocan


    Every household in the Philippines has a bucket, be it for water, dry solids to lug around in, a utility perfect for almost every chore around the household. Buckets need no specific class for utilization be it for the uppity class or for the poor. The bucket known for the pail of water is a necessity today as it was the past century. Don’t throw away an old bucket unless you know whether the new one holds water. Swedish people live by this proverb and Orocan lives up to its advice.

    As a maker of plastic houseware, Orocan makes sure your pails, basins and pitchers hold water or any other liquid you might put in them. The company also makes organizer boxes, drawers, cabinets, dish drainers and insulated products like cooler jugs.

    Orocan, the brand known for basic household utilities–pails be it for transport, or collection of water, basins to wash clothes, drawers and cabinets to organize your bedrooms, organizer boxes to keep your homes uncluttered, pitchers for your drinks and dish organizers for the kitchen are but a few of the innovative products born out of necessity All these products are produced with an emphasis on originality and quality. Beyond being functional, Orocan’s innovative designs also please your aesthetic preferences.

    As homes get more organized with less space requirements, needs have increased for solutions that Orocan provides, so our market continues to grow. Orocan space-saving products not only achieve their purpose but improve the aesthetics of the home. They are designed to look nice as well as to be functional. When it comes to durability, there is no other product like Orocan. One of the company’s innovations, the Majestique, is a full-sized cabinet made to hold clothes that need to be hung together with garments that are best folded. We design products to fit the modern lifestyle, which guarantees continued growth. Helping people solve their space problems remains a viable and growing business. Necessity with design coupled with durability is what the market has identified Orocan with.

    The brand name was coined in 1984. Oro, which means gold in Spanish, signifies value or something precious. Can, which is English for container, refers to the company’s beginnings as a maker of pails and plastic drums. The brand Orocan comes from the combination of these words, which describe a line of products that are valuable to own. A direct translation would be Gold Can or Gold Container. Simply put, the brand is definitive for its utilization other than the easy recall it is today popular for.

    Orocan started out by making pails and basins to address the omnipresent water crises in cities. It then introduced other innovative household items such as pitchers, insulated products and dish organizers. In 1997, the company launched its Caha de Oro line of drawers and cabinets. The company now makes flexi-boxes or organizer boxes as well.

    The Orocan brand was officially developed in 1984 by Ko Hu Que, the founder, and Ramon Go, who has been the president and general manager since the company’s founding. In the beginning, there was no factory, just design and sales activities. In 1994, the company rented its first factory and introduced its Koolit insulated products, Dimple pitchers, Dishgard and Rice Gard. In 1996, operations moved to a new factory, this time owned by Orocan. Beyond that, machines were doubled from seven to fourteen, greatly increasing manufacturing capability. Caha de Oro drawers joined the family in 2008, followed by Caha de Oro Majestique multiple cabinets in 2010. All expansions were implemented to find creative solutions to the daily problems people face.

    Orocan is proud of its innovative approaches to product design, with unique functionalities designed into individual wares:

    The Dimple pitcher, introduced in the 1990s, boasts of a handle design that allows it to be shipped efficiently while providing ergonomic properties to the shape of the product. The open-ended handle design enabled Orocan to nest the pitchers together into a tube for shipping, saving at least 30 to 40 percent in shipping costs. This, of course, translates to cost-effective pricing for consumers. But other than its affordability, the unique design made it the market leader in its class.

    The Dishgard provides consumers with a modern rendition of a dish drainer. Other than the facility to drip-dry crockery and utensils, this product that offers design with ingenuity gives the kitchen the modern look perfect for the design-oriented housemaker.

    The Caha de Oro Royal was designed for cabinet and drawers to be placed side by side, offering consumers multiple ways to store all their clothes in one space.

    There is also the Caha de Oro Image Dresser with locks and keys, clock and vanity mirror. There, too, is Caha de Oro Kidstuff chest and drawers with locks and keys, and even Caha de Oro Bambino, a new addition to the Orocan family. These are all original Orocan concepts and designs. There is the need to understand the many effective ways these products offer. Mobility for one, no-rot plastic resin from which they are made and, best of all, their durability.

    The Majestique is another original concept and design of Orocan that puts ergonomics in the storage and retrieval of clothes. It has a small cabinet with a shelf on top to put folded clothes and a full hanging cabinet at the bottom. The idea is to remove the need to crouch down to the bottom drawer to retrieve or store clothes. Consumers can select their garments from the top cabinet while standing with their collection in full view. And to access their hanging wardrobe, they need only bend slightly. Fewer motions and less stress in storing and retrieving clothes is the welcome result.

    Orocan also produces plastic rigid matting, which is ideal for poultry and canine cages. And then there are the Convee poultry crates and Convee egg crates. And here’s a surprise, Super food keepers and Oasis pitchers with faucet and ladle included. The innovative utility for use with ease is what innovation is about. Then there is the impeccable design innovated for its utilization.

    Orocan fills household needs for plastic ware with products designed to be rugged and long lasting–longer lasting than those of its competitors. There is no other than Orocan.

    The Caha de Oro Royale and Majestique lines were launched with consumer preferences building up the Orocan brand as well as more variants in the works. The company continues to advertise on radio and now cable TV, creating sustainable awareness of the brand. Digital media is now in place, allowing consumers to communicate directly.

    Current conditions do not allow the company to do major campaigns but it does have campaigns on Bombo Radyo and CAT TV. It also has point-of-sales billboards to enhance its brand image. Social media is now part and parcel of the company’s ongoing communication campaign.

    Orocan is known as a maker of good and durable plastic products, although not cheap. The Orocan name is now a local colloquialism, equating the brand with quality and innovation. The company continues to improve its offerings, and while it may not have the entire spectrum of products the market needs, it is the best in the categories it is in.

    In its latest product, the Majestique, it has introduced into the Philippines the first cabinet with an intrinsically pleasing scent. This adds the dimension of Smell to household wares, adding to the existing dimensions of Form and Feel. It leads the industry and is proud to be awarded the right to display the Superbrand Seal of Excellence. Orocan, after all, is a Superbrand.


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