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FOR 119 years, The Manila Times has been trusted by its faithful readers. The broadsheet daily has lived through many adversities, including national financial upheavals, natural disasters and the most trying was caused by the dictatorial and authoritarian Marcos government. Trusted since 1898, it firmly stands as it has been, surviving 17 presidencies.

In August 2001, Dr. Dante Arevalo Ang acquired The Manila Times and gave it new vigor and a renewed sense of mission with the August 8, 2001 issue carrying his pledge to reclaim the greatness of the newspaper.

“A window on the past and a door to the future,” is how Dr. Ang, now the newspaper’s Chairman Emeritus, describes The Manila Times as it flourishes under his watch.

He continues: “Our mission, then reflects on great decisions and events, to arouse the intellect, to excite curiosity and wonder, to honor the past and pave the way to the future, but always with the aim of sharing with our readers and advertisers the joys and sorrows, the triumphs and the defeats that are the stuff of our daily lives.”

Dr. Ang recognizes that there is still a long way to go, but declares that “we will get there.”

After its relaunch, The Times became the fourth widely circulated newspaper in the country. A recent poll shows that it ranks number three in the Visayas region. The Times has been winning new readers for being an independent, reliable and hard-hitting newspaper.

Decision-makers and young business professionals comprise the majority of The Times readers. These readers belong mainly to middle-income families although the daily also enjoys a proportionately larger share of readers from the Class “A” bracket.

Demographically, they are commonly drawn to The Times’ fair and incisive treatment of news. Although inspired by its wide following among young professionals, The Times is determined to expand its market. It continues to introduce new editorial content and services to attract wider readership.

On the occasion of The Times’ 119th anniversary, Dr. Ang reiterates the commitment he swore when he acquired the newspaper: “Recording, storing, perpetuating the national memory was the principal vocation of the old Manila Times. We intend to regain that distinction.”

Special issue

For this issue, the men and women behind The Manila Times painstakingly prepared 17 sections. Sections A to C are the regular sections that carry News, Opinion, Business, Sports, Lifestyle and Entertainment sections. Section D is for Classified Ads.

The Manila Times main section delivers the latest national, metro and provincial news daily.

Meanwhile, Opinion and Editorial (OpEd) is the newspaper’s most popular section. In-depth analyses of major news events, incisive columns by opinion writers — who are hailed as the best in the land – and commentaries contributed by experts and the most respected authorities on different disciplines, and readers’ letters and comments make The Manila Times the best in this area today. (See related article on Section H)
The Business Section updates readers on the latest local and foreign economic news. It also features the weekly Real Estate, Green Industries, Agribusiness, Maritime and Shipping and Health and Wellness sections. It also carries the highly useful Classified Ads and Marketplace section every Thursday, Sunday and Monday.

The Times is also a vehicle for the weekly publication, The Sunday Times Magazine, which features Filipino Champions, Life & Times, Show Times, Literary Life and Arts Awake as well as other weekly specials namely Parenting, Beauty and Fashion, High Living and Expats & Diplomats.

Other weekly favorites are the award-winning Fast Times every Tuesday, Education every Thursday and Golf Times every Sunday.

Section E features the new direction of The Manila Times while Section F is about achievements and accomplishments.

Section G is trivia about The Manila Times like “Getting to know Newsboy,” “Appreciating Casa Roces” through “The Manila Times History and Transcendence” and buildings occupied by the country’s oldest newspaper.

Section H, on the other hand is about the famous columnists of The Times and another trivia about the Manila
Times Village in Las Piñas.

Section I features the The Times “knights of the round table” and the New section of The Times, and TMT online force’s continuous growth.

Sections J to P is about the Philippines’ aim to join the club of developed nations and reports about infrastructure, economy, business, tax reforms, use of funds, liberalization, outsourcing, township developments, mining, universal health, e-justice, military, labor and employment, Mindanao issues, climate change, sports and motoring.

Section P is about a glimpse of the past while the last section is about the men and women behind the country’s oldest and most trusted newspaper.


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