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    Gretchen Ho

    Gretchen Ho

    What modern women are made of
    Volleyball superstar turned TV host Gretchen Ho, radio darling Sam Oh, and mom-cum-dramatic actress Denise Laurel have defied the notion that women can only do so much by breaking away from their confinements.

    Ho, along with other volleyball players, proved that the lady sport can be a huge hit in a basketball nation, she later transcended as a server of news; Oh, went from hosting in TV to commanding a show in a timeslot dominated by men; and lastly Laurel never let her baby “blessing” hinder her from pursuing a career in acting.

    Serving as role models, The Manila Times asked the three how they themselves define a modern woman.

    Sam Oh

    Sam Oh

    “A modern woman is strong. Because I think more than ever, women are more empowered now, we try to voice out our opinion whether in social media or in different positions of influence,” Ho answered.

    The TV host added, “We like doing things the way we want to, we like pursuing our passions, we want to be at the same level as men. And I think womanhood should be celebrated!”

    For the Korean Oh, who has embraced Filipino culture and living wholly, the key is authenticity.

    “Authentic in the sense that we are more empowered now than ever and we are in the position that we can make choices that feel right to us. We no longer have to cave in to pressures that are put on us by the society or by anyone else really. Now is the best time to live exactly the kind of life that you want,” the eloquent host proclaimed.

    Denise Laurel

    Denise Laurel

    Lastly, for Laurel, who believes that women are now breaking through everything, one word that defines a modern woman is driven.

    “Very driven. Now we have more opportunity. Women can breakthrough the things of the past, show how driven they are and show what they’ve got. Because, really, women want it all,” Laurel concluded.

    Starting tomorrow, 9 p.m. at ABS-CBN’s Lifestyle cable channel, the three modern women will be hosting Modern Girls, a chic, fun and feminine talk show that will cater to every modern woman’s interest such as dating, love, fitness, beauty, music, art, culture, food, and many more.


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    1. Three things 1. what they shared were interesting and inspiring for women who like to try challenges. 2. Sam Oh is now working for ABS-CBN? wow! But, I wish great hosts like her have leeway to work sa kahit anong network. exclusivity is frustrating minsan for artists and professionals 3. Good to know na may show like this again.