• Stubborn Chinese poachers


    The Chinese nationals caught poaching in Palawan were charged with violation of Republic Act 8550, the Fisheries Code, Section 87 (Poaching) in Philippine waters, and Section 97 or fishing or taking rare, threatened endangered species, and of RA 9147, the Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection or Act. These are serious charges but the men insist that they were fishing legally in Chinese waters, the Half-moon Shoal. The men refused to have a lawyer from the Public Attorney’s Office and were recommended bail of P30,000 each, P40,000 each for violation of Sections 87 and 97. Although a representative of the Chinese Embassy was present, they did not provide their own legal counsel. The hard evidence points to their gross violation – their vessel and 350 sea turtles in their possession. They are deemed illegal entrants and will not be allowed to leave the country, but most likely will not spend jail time here.

    Presently, the Philippines does not want to add to the animosity and hostility with China, but the latter is the one which continues to violate Philippine waters through these illegal activities, more so of poaching as it will deplete the number of the endangered species of turtles. These turtles command high prices not only for their culinary but also medical values.

    Our authorities are only doing their job when they arrested the poachers. This should warn China that the Philippines is very serious in protecting its territorial waters and its marine life. The Chinese people does not seem to care about endangered species like the turtles, corals and other sea creatures for as long as they can gain profits from doing so. They seem to have the wrong understanding of what environmental preservation and protection really means.

    Jessamae Bautista


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    1. Golden king on

      Thus these Chinese violated Philippine laws it’s just absolute and fine that they will be charged and held for their serious illegal poaching. Any Filipino violated China’s law held even only minor violations how much more these crimes of poaching. We must be firm to deter and warn that our laws are not joke.

    2. Mang Karpio on

      Iyan na nga ba puro natural cure ang hinahanap at kapag nahuli kunwari hindi makaintindi. Paano talaga naman palang di makaintindi tapos nagiintsikan pa ang mga iyan. Alam mo na karamihan sa mga iyan ay di nakapag-aral di tulad ng pinoy kahit paano educated iyan! Sa kanila ang nature should provide for us to live not for us since they are top of the food chain chart. Kaek-ekan na naman iyan dapat sa mga nahuli eh pakuluoan kasama ng mga pagong na nahuli nila para feel nila what it’s like to be boiled. Bobo kasi ang mga iyan kaya walang pakialam sa atin territory dahil wala raw guhit ang karagatan derfor bukas for business. Nahulog ang brain ku duon.