Student survivors testify in Korea ferry trial


ANSAN, South Korea: Student survivors of South Korea’s ferry disaster testified at the murder trial of the captain and crew on Monday on how they were left to fend for themselves in the sinking vessel. One recalled orders for her and her classmates to stay put being relayed “over and over,” until the ferry had listed so far that the door to their cabin was above their heads. Another described watching a wave sweep her classmates back inside the sinking boat. The actual trial is taking place in the southern city of Gwangju, but the judges and lawyers decamped to a court in Ansan city, south of Seoul, for a special two-day session with the 17 students who agreed to testify. Police cordons blocked public access to the district court as the students—all from Ansan’s Dawon High School—arrived in a red mini-bus and were escorted into the building by a tight phalanx of police officers.



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