• Student whisked away after disrupting Aquino speech


    NAGA CITY, Camarines Sur: A student from an exclusive school interrupted the speech of President Benigno Aquino 3rd at the anniversary celebration of the Philippines’ 116th Independence Day here on Thursday, saying the country’s leader has not made a difference almost four years into his presidency.

    As Aquino was wrapping up his speech, the student rose from the audience and shouted, “Walang pagbabago sa rehimeng Aquino [Nothing has changed under the Aquino regime].”

    The President was distracted by the commotion and paused for a few seconds before continuing with his speech.

    Police came up with two names in identifying the student—Emmanuel Mijares and Pio Emmanuel Reyes. They put his age at 19, his school as Ateneo de Naga and his group as the militant Anakbayan.

    Members of the Presidential Security Group were quick to respond and stopped the young man from further disrupting the event.

    The security group did not disclose any information on the identity of the few other Anakbayan activists in the audience.

    The teenager faces charges for disturbing public order.

    The President, an alumnus of Ateneo de Manila University, led the Independence Day celebration in Naga to commemorate the Quince Martires—the 15 martyrs from Bicol whose deaths inspired an uprising in Camarines Sur against Spanish colonizers.

    The university runs Ateneo de Naga and a few other Ateneos across the country.

    Taking off from the Independence Day theme of Pagsunod sa Yapak ng mga Dakilang Pilipino, Tungo sa Malawakan at Permanenteng Pagbabago, he paid tribute to the country’s other martyred heroes, who sacrificed their lives to free Filipinos from the foreign oppressors, leading to the proclamation of the country’s independence and the declaration of the First Philippine Republic.

    “On this Independence Day, together, we pay tribute to the heroes who fought for what was right and what was just. May they inspire us, as we continue to tread the straight path,” Aquino said.

    “Let us take to heart and live out the lesson they have bequeathed to us, that it is care and compassion for our fellowmen that will allow us to realize the aspirations we share as one people. Only in this way can we say that we are truly worthy of their sacrifice, only in this way can we bring about a truly just, truly free Philippines,” he added.

    The President was joined by National Historical Commission of the Philippines Chairman Maria Serena Diokno, Naga City Mayor John Bongat, Camarines Sur Rep. Maria Leonor Robredo, National Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin, Interior and Local Government Secretary Manuel Roxas 2nd, Armed Forces of the Philippines Chief of Staff General Emmanuel Bautista and other local and military officials.

    With Anthony Vargas


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    1. Why arrest them. We are a democratic and free country. They should have been wooed away. The problem is that Filipinos can’t question freely the government. Look at those Malacanang reporters question on T.V. with Lacierda and the bolerong si Coloma. I pity these reporters they cannot express their true feelings about the subject they are asking. Like living in martial law of marcos era.

    2. He should not be charged with anything. Is this reigime stopping free speech. There are millions of people who agree with him. Its things like this what is needed in this country to make politicians take notice of the common man. But he will be swiftly dealt with unlike these corrupt politicians who can legally dodge & dodge justice for years. But its what ive been saying, this young man is one of the well educated, the not so well educated just keep quiet as they dont truly understand, & thats how successive governments in this country want it. They hate any form of disent, they all think they are perfect & that we dont understand things. Well they arnt perfect & many of us understand more than they realise & we want these corrupt scum jailed for the rest of their lives. In normal jails not in special jails where life is so much easier for them. Let them suffer until they die, thats all they deserve.

    3. Really? Where have these two had been? How much have you been paid? By whom? And what have you contributed to the well-being of this country? Corruption has been with us since the dawn of our history. The president has done something to fight it if not just expose it. The general public is more aware of it than before. I challenge you guys to offer concrete solutions to the corruption culture.

    4. Pork King PNoy should be thankful that nobody threw eggs and tomatoes at him. In my contribution yesterday, I mentioned that something to this effect may happen and it came into reality. Good. The students are now awoke from the dreams PNoy have been bragging about changes for the better to the citizens which never happened, instead became worse.