Students condemn pork barrel scam


The pork barrel scam is an issue that is widely talked about in the news nowadays and we, as high school students, would like to express our opinion on the said issue:

We are worried for our country if the government officials involved in the scam are the ones “leading” us. What will happen to our future if they are the ones robbing the country’s coffers? The fact is, the pork barrel provides a great opportunity for corruption. With the huge sums involved and with almost no control measures in place, the temptation is too great for a number of Filipinos in office.

This very much shocked and angered us because these are the people we voted into office to be responsible for the growth and well being of our country. It seems to us that these government officials do not put real heart into their work – something that is just flat-out “un-Filipino.”

In all honesty, who actually needs 28 houses? Napoles certainly doesn’t and neither do any of the government officials abusing the pork barrel. The money for those houses could have easily been used to provide shelter to the people on the streets who desperately need housing. With greedy government officials pocketing public funds for themselves, it is no wonder countless Filipinos are suffering from poverty.

If we are to speak to the government officials involved, we would like to know one thing: what was the point? So what if you had all that money? Quit thinking about yourself and look around at all your outraged countrymen – the stress you feel right now with all this commotion is nothing compared to what you did to our country.

Nicole Bugayong, Cristal Gochangco,
Ria Herce, Frances Jacob, and Erika Mutuc
PAREF Woodrose School
Acacia Avenue, Ayala Alabang Village,
Muntinlupa City 1780, Philippines


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