UP students mob the worst official ever


And he’s Budget Secretary Florencio Abad, coming across the other day an angry bunch of UP students who threw crumpled paper balls and even placards at him as they shouted “thief!”

“Hooligans!” Abad accused them .

The students’ ire was not undeserved.  We have had corrupt officials, elected or appointed, who stole money from the nation’s wealth for their personal benefit, but the worst would be one who had helped corrupt the very foundations of a nation.

Some could argue that secretaries Mar Roxas and Emilio Abaya – the two officials responsible for the MRT mess – or agriculture head Proceso Alcala and police chief Alan Purisima, are President Aquino’s worst officials.

But I vote for Abad as the country’s worst ever as he has played a crucial role in damaging severely our system of government through the Disbursement Acceleration Plan  (DAP), which he invented and implemented.

I found surprising though – at least at first blush – a Facebook post by Antonio La Vina yesterday:  “One of my former students reposted the article on Sec. Abad being mobbed at UP with this comment. I agree fully with him: ‘Only time will speak up on this: Sec Abad has done more for this country than any activist can do or imagine.’”

Well, the praise isn’t really unexpected as La Vina is the dean of the Ateneo School of Government, a position he had assumed after Abad’s wife left that post to run as representative of Batanes.  My alma mater, after all, has been inexplicably one of the remaining bastions of yellow thinking.

But I was shocked – and angry – at La Vina’s claim that “Abad has done more for the country than any activist can do or imagine. ”

The truth is the opposite: Abad has played a huge role in thrashing the institutions of this nation more than any other official has done in our history, with the exception, obviously, of Marcos who replaced the Republic with his one-man dictatorship.

Abad, of course, is merely President Benigno S. Aquino 3rd’s lackey.

However, Aquino has proven to be totally lacking in smarts to be capable of plotting out such a diabolical scheme as the Disbursement Acceleration Plan.

It is Abad who designed and implemented this evil DAP scheme that has channeled huge amounts of taxpayers’ money into politicians’ pockets.  No other democratic administration has ever implemented such a subterfuge before.

If the Supreme Court had not ruled it illegal, Abad would have carried on, especially in order to raise funds for the 2016 elections for their gang to stay in power.

But Dean La Vina believes: “Abad has done more for this country than any activist can do or imagine.”

But Dean La Vina believes: “Abad has done more for this country than any activist can do or imagine.” Source: DBM data

If he really believes in Abad’s integrity, I dare Mr. La Vina to defend in his newspaper column the DAP,  Abad’s scheme for Aquino to control both Congress and the Supreme court for their own agendas.

I have written several articles on the DAP, and neither Abad nor Malacanang spokesmen had questioned the points I raised against these scheme, and my exposes on it.

The DAP had been kept secret (except for a minor press release in 2011 which a clueless budget department bureaucrat posted on the department’s website) until Senator Jinggoy Estrada revealed its existence, and his knowledge as to its function: To bribe the Senate to convict Chief Justice Renato Corona.

Abad devised the DAP since the ordinary pork barrel (Priority Development Assistance Fund) was insufficient to bribe Congress for an extraordinary project, which was for the Executive and the Legislative branches of the Republic to conspire to decapitate the Supreme Court.

The following are facts I have reported before and have not been disputed:

Abad released P19 billion pork-barrel funds for Congress days before or just after its vote to impeach Corona, while he released P2 billion, from P225 million to P85 million for each of the senators’ pet projects mostly during and right before their vote removing Corona. (And Corona was guilty of what? His failure to disclose his dollar accounts, the legal penalty for which was just to have him revise his SALN and report it again.)

But Abad needed more money to bribe the senators —especially those not with Aquino’s camp, such as senators Juan Ponce Enrile, Jinggoy Estrada, and Ramon Revilla Jr. —for the unprecedented deed of removing a chief justice on flimsy ground.

It was through the DAP that Aquino and Abad raised an additional P6 billion to bribe the Senate to take out Corona. The documents Abad has been required by Congress to release the other day provide more evidence for this.

Morally depraved
How morally depraved can one be to bribe members of Congress so it would cooperate to attack a pillar of our republican system and a bastion of the justice system, the Supreme Court?

How morally depraved can one be to subvert the constitutional provision that it is the Congress that allocates the use of taxpayers’ money, and not the Executive branch, which is what the DAP did by juggling the budget on the flimsiest ground?

How morally depraved can one be to corrupt our democratic system by creating the DAP which raised P14 billion in funds for Aquino’s campaign kitty in the 2013 elections? (See “Aquino and Abad used DAP funds for 2013 elections,” July 28, 2014)

How morally depraved in the most petty instance can one be to have allocated P140 million in pork barrel funds to one’s home province Batanes, with a 17,000 population and another P133 million in DAP funds, the same magnitude of funds given to provinces with 100,000 residents and more?

How morally depraved can one be to have refused to provide the Commission on Audit DBM documents involving pork-barrel disbursements of politicians who are with Aquino’s camp, so that only opposition senators have been jailed for alleged theft of government money?

Worse, like his boss, Abad has a talent for cloaking his nefarious schemes with noble nomenclature, as in the case of the DAP, which he claimed would accelerate the use of government funds, but which actually rechanneled funds as bribes for Congress and to boost his party’s 2013 election kitty.

Since the pork-barrel system was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, Abad renamed it, first as “Bottom Up Budgeting,” and then as Grassroots Participatory Budgeting for Priority Poverty-Reduction Projects.  Abad didn’t even bother to reduce the amount from those under the old Priority Development Assistance Funds, so it reached P20 billion in 2014 and P21 billion as proposed for next year.

And of course, he didn’t forget to allocate P75 million from the new pork barrel for his and his wife’s fiefdom, Batanes.

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  1. definition of DAP: Disbursement Accelaration Program

    definition of ABAD: A – Arrogant,
    B – Blantantly defiant
    A – Annomalous and
    D – Downright corrupt

  2. I hope there is no truth to the plan to change the name of the Ateneo School of Government to Aquino School of Government.

    Perhaps a survey among Ateneans should be conducted if such a proposal is acceptable to them or not. The Alumni Association has email addresses of its graduates. Conduct the survey via email.

    Personally, I think the proposal will not do Ateneo any good. There is nothing wrong with its present name. So why change it?

    Only Lasallians will probably argue that the Ateneo is not a good school. But there will be many Ateneans, Lasallians, etc. who will agree that Pnoy is not a good President.

    Sorry to say but even Cory was not a good President if one considers the power blackouts we experienced during her term among other booboos.

    Rene Moral

    • Which Aquino? Benigno Jr? Cory? For all their virtues, it wasn’t efficient government they were known for. Benigno III? As an Atenean I suggest the Department of Psychology be upgraded and named the Ninoy School of Psychology, to remind them of its failure in diagnosing a patient

  3. But I was shocked – and angry – at La Vina’s claim that “Abad has done more for the country than any activist can do or imagine.”

    My take of La Vina’s comment is that since La Vina did not define ‘has done more’ it can mean that Abad ‘has done more DAMAGE for the country than any activist can do. Remember the student activists have less experience than A-BAD, they know better than A-BAD, whose DAP implementation is unconstitutional. La Vina’s claim has double edge.

  4. Before its Pnoy in Naga now its Abad in UP. these teenagers are showing us how coward we are nowadays. Its nice to be young again.

  5. You are right Mr. Tiglao to label Butch Abad as the “worst official ever”. I applaud the mobbing that the brave UP students did to this man they called “thief”. I could have taken pleasure too if someone had whacked this lowlife right on the head with a placard.

  6. Batanes will never have another elected governor or congressman unless his or her family name is Abad. I just hope that Batanes should be annexed again to Cagayan so the family of Abad can no longer control this island.

  7. mr Abad man, fyi. kaya naging sobrang galit sayo ang mga istudyante sa U.P
    dahil sa gusto ka nilang sabunutan kaya swerte ka wala silang mahagip kaya
    lalong sumidhi galit nila. Dati ka rin aktibista at ipinaglalaban nyo “kuno”
    nuon ang kapakanan ng mahihirap kontra kay Marcos. Pero ngayon
    ikaw at ang amo mong si mr clean ang naluklok sa poder, tinalo nyo si
    marcos, kasi sa inyo nauubos ang pera pero walang nakikitang kapalit
    para umunlad, tulad ng ibat ibang infrastraktura, napunta sa bulsa lahat
    ang bilyones na pinanlagay ninyo sa mga kaalyadong mga liberal imbis na sa kapakanan ng bayan.

  8. Abad must be telling this to himself: “Those students are not register voters in Batanes, anyway.”

  9. The students expressed their disrespect to Abad, who diserved tham and even more. Aquino has placed Abad above and the students acted in the only way available to htem.

  10. The mobbing of Abad is too minor an incident. They should have hanged him to an acacia tree with his head down.

    This Abad is too shameless and callous to the core of his soul. He seems oblivious of what might happen to him starting in the middle of 2016.

    I surmise, he will retreat in Batanes for the rest of his life, a sort of self-exile in Itbayat (a town in that province nearer to Taiwan than Metro Manila) where he wasted 110 Million Pesos for an irrigation project that never was in the late 1990s.

    • Whether Abad is wrong or right, decent, educated and professional people should not engaged in mob! If they do, it says a lot about people’s evil mentality. We are a democratic country and that we have to demonstrate our patience, emotional intelligence and steadfastness in uplifting our moral values. We are not a rogue country as China’s Daily Paper depicted. So we should not engage in mob, nor downplaying or encourage the incident yesterday. Students who participated in mob should be investigated and the instituion which is paid by people taxes should disciplined their students.

    • he’s a conman since GMA’s time till now.Even as a Congressman he was already pocketing his pork barrels allocation.Worse than Janet Napoles

  11. I think that you and mr. la vina do the ateneo debate challenge that Mr. RSaludo wrote in his column couple of days ago!

  12. For the first time, I agree with what the UP students did to Abad. Let’s see more of it until these mob of thieves and liars get the point, THE PEOPLE HATE YOU PISS OFF! And good riddance to bad rubbish.

  13. Tony La Vina, who? Okay there goes a challenge to LA Vina to defend the DAP. Let us move forward, fast forward and let La Vina defend the DAP in his column in The Manila Standard. Lets go, La Vina, show us your wares.

  14. jose hernani m. parco on

    to be truthful these corrupt public “servants(?)” had it coming, they truly deserve such treatment! if politicians do not have a battalion of goons with them all the time when appearing in public they would get the same treatment and not exclusively from students alone! today they are considered the most despicable people in the Philippines.

  15. nadinig ko sa dzrh program ni angelo palmones at nino padilla na papalitan yung pangalan yata ng ateneo school of gov’t to benigno aquino school of gov’t. kaya nga ang tawag ni padilla sa mga atenista ay aquinista na. siguro ang gagawin nilang mascot ay hindi na blue eagle kung hindi bald eagle, he he he. joke joke joke.
    as to the abad being mobbed at u.p., swerte nga nya hindi sya binuhat at itinapon sa basurahan

  16. Alfredo a.k.a Usi Sero on

    I visited Batanes in 2013 and no semblance of a province that received that huge amount! That amount of money could have built world class roads and playground for the kids. There’s a small park in one town with rusted swings and the town plaza has lots of improvements to be desired. The national road was being re-done, but the entire national road can be paved with concrete using one year PDAF with plenty to spare. The greening project is convenient excuse…they can just say that the plants died. The ABADs just made their banks greener for sure. He deserved what he got from the UP students…I wish they’ve thrown paper with feces in it because that’s what he is…full of crap.

  17. You ask this question ” how morally depraved can one be to bribe members of congress so it would cooperate to attack a pillar of our republican system & a bastion of the justice system, the supreme court ” ?
    I have a better question,” how morally depraved can one be to allow yourself to be bribed to cooperate to attack a pillar of our republican system & bastion of the justice system, the supreme court “.?

    It seems the people bribed cared more for money than the country.
    You need a complete overhaul of your politicians. & you reporters need to be more responsible & show these people for what they are. Just yesterday a writer on here wrote an article & referred to the senator who proposed banning of crash helmets when riding motorcycles to stop crimes from them by being easier to identifying them by seeing their faces. He wouldnt name him to save him from further embarrassment. But you should name him at every opportunity as if he thinks like that the people need to know he is not the right person to help run this country. He is inept & his ineptitude should be shown at every opportunity. Let him persue a career elsewhere where his talents are more suited.

    • You cannot ban helmets. Some one should design it in a way that it protects your head but shows your face.

  18. hindi po magnanakaw si A bad…… MANDARAMBONG siya… ang ginawa ng mga taga UP sa kanya ay walang iniwan sa isang magnanakaw na nahuli ng taong-bayan at pinitik lang ang kamay at piningol lang ang tenga…..sa halip na kuyugin. dapat lang na magpasalamat pa iyang A bad secretary of budget na ganun lang inabot nya….

  19. I am one of those who take pleasure in the mobbing of Abad. As the writer of another newspaper, Jojo Robles, opined, he could have been given a whack in his shiny bald head. So the mobbing of Abad is a minor incident, fully expressive of the rage of the people on the unconscionable thievery of Abad and the Abnoy, who is not only a failure as a president but an illegitimate one per the admission of Sixto Brillantes due to the tampering of the PCOS machines. May we have more protest actions in the days to come.