Students still on the pork barrel


In the early morning of August 26, 2013, a sea of solid white flooded Luneta. Armed with various signs, stickers, and posters, Filipinos gathered together to protest one of the most dishonest schemes in Philippine history: The Pork Barrel Scam. In this recent political scandal, billions of Philippine Pesos were stolen in order to fund fictitious NGOs. Fortunately, this crime did not escape the people. Today, this issue has become so widespread that it affects even the Filipino youth. As part of the youth, this is something we can’t take sitting down. Today, we want an end to the injustice that our country has been facing for the longest time because we are concerned citizens who want nothing but the best for our country.

Face it: the youth wants a good future as much as any other Filipino citizen in this nation. Still, we keep wondering: how will we have a future, let alone a good one, if politicians keep spending money on themselves instead of for the betterment of the society? We want you to know the youth has countless dreams and aspirations for the future. However, these dreams will never come true unless we get the support of the government to provide us with quality education and sustainable professions.

Although there are so many things that the government needs to spend on to improve the quality of life in our country, they still misuse it for their personal benefits.
Many seem to have forgotten that the youth is the hope and future of the country.

With the authorities constantly failing to be good role models to the youth, how can we be expected to run the future Philippines well? Ironically, instead of solving the issues of our country the government exacerbates the problem and soon, the disastrous state of our country will be inherited by the youth. Really, how are we going to make headway into the future if the government’s problems are constantly providing obstacles? This scam has not only ruined the image of the Philippine government; it has also shown the citizens of our country that our officials serve no one but themselves.

To our fellow Filipinos: this is your wake-up call!

To those honest and innocent government officials whose intentions are to truly help our nation: We applaud you for being firm in your morals and having the courage to be different, despite external influences.

To the other government officials: NOW is the time to take action. There is still time to redeem yourselves and start again.

Start by forming values. If there’s one thing that a government official is supposed to have, it is INTEGRITY. TO LEAD IS TO SERVE! If you truly love your country, revive your nationalism! Open your hearts to the people and understand the hardships that they’re going through because of the wrong that you’ve done! Detach yourself from the materialistic notions that revolve around money; do you even plan on using that for the development of the country? If your only aim is wealth, then know one thing: we would not have elected you if we did not believe in your ability to lead the country.

Know that we put you in those positions because we want a good future. We want a change for the better.

Ever since we were children, we were taught that we should not take what is not ours.

The perpetrators of this scam must know that spending the Filipinos’ money for their personal use is not only a severe blow to the reputation of the Philippine government but also a great betrayal to their people. From today onwards, let the government officials remember that true leadership is not about wealth and power. It is not about cash, cars, and extravagant 21st birthday parties. Rather, true leadership is all about true spirit of service.

From the concerned youth,
Camille Alvarillo, Anthea Anastacio, Rita Camacho,
Abby Gutierrez, Steph Naval, and Julianna Paul


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