Students to hold own anti-pork rally at Luneta


STUDENTS from various universities and colleges in Metro Manila will hold their own anti-pork rally on September 13 at the Luneta, organizers said.

During the #Abolishpork Movement’s meeting at the Sto. Domingo Church last Tuesday, representatives of the groups Youth Act Now and Youth Revolt proposed to conduct their own mass movement from 3-6 p.m.

A similar event was scheduled for September 11, which is actually a sequel of the recent Million People March against pork barrel last month.

According to YOUTH ACT NOW Spokesperson Victor Villanueva, they are expecting students especially from the universities along Taft Ave., Intramuros and the University Belt to come en masse.

“The students are shocked at the extent of the corruption and want to express their stand against the pork barrel system. We hope to be with our parents on that day who are just as concerned as we are about the money they are paying as taxpayers,” said Villanueva.

Religious organizations have proposed an interfaith service to kick off the rally. A concert right after the rally is also being proposed by some musicians.

The #Abolishpork Movement and the Sept. 13 rally are the offshoot of the Sept. 3 meeting attended by anti-pork barrel groups, netizens and concerned individuals.

The group issued a call to action demanding the abolition of the pork barrel system, the prosecution of all those involved in the pork barrel scam and the rechanelling of the pork barrel funds to social services.


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