Students used by leftists


Dear Editor,
Seeing students burning the flag of the United States in a rally in Mendiola is so disappointing.

These students allow themselves to be used by their elderly leftists companions. I doubt if they understand what they are doing, and continues to do. The flag of any country is sacred to its people and government. To burn a country’s flag is an act that should be condemned.

These students are clearly exploited by communists.

Who will be the first to be affected if hostilities erupt between Philippines and China? The Philippines will be a site of devastation.

These young people should realize the implications of their actions. They do not care about the nation’s peace and security. Again, these young people are manipulated by leftists groups, which pretend they love our homeland. The fact is, they love only themselves and their interests .

Our government should proceed with its plans, to give the US and Japan greater access to our military bases—and help us protect our territories, especially against China, which continues to bully and threaten us.

If Filipinos must held rallies, it should be in support of the alliance rather than to decry it.

T. M. Castellari


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  1. John W. USAF(ret) on

    As much as I agree with your position, I do see their right to protest. So long as their is no further escalation, then the pressure can be alleviated. My questions are: Where is the U.N.? Where are all the so-called movie stars and musicians at? Why are there no protests from them? Why are there no protest songs being sung? How about the rest of the world? Where is Europe? The silence is screams aloud. Based on these observations, I find this to be absolutely hypocritical. Prayer is powerful and is needed more than anything else. Stay safe