Students vent SAF cover-up outrage

STUDENTS WALK OUT Polytechnic University of the Philippines students stage a walkout on Friday to press for President Aquino’s resignation over the Mamasapano carnage. (Inset: Student’s message on her face). PHOTOS BY RENE H. DILAN

STUDENTS WALK OUT Polytechnic University of the Philippines students stage a walkout on Friday to press for President Aquino’s resignation over the Mamasapano carnage. (Inset: Student’s message on her face). PHOTOS BY RENE H. DILAN

THOUSANDS of students from various colleges and universities across the country walked out of their classes on Friday in a massive show of nationwide outrage against President Benigno Aquino 3rd’s attempt to cover up his involvement in the Mamasapano operation.

In Metro Manila, students from the University of the Philippines (Manila and Diliman campuses), the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, and the Philippine Normal University led the opening salvo of the day-long protests, with UP, PUP and PNU students staging simultaneous class walkouts, snake rallies and flash dances around 12 noon.

“Today, we march out of our classrooms to protest against a shameful presidency that even has the gall to talk about peace, even as it orchestrates a massive cover-up to escape accountability from the Mamasapano operation,” Mico Pangalangan, Youth Act Now spokesman, said.

Students of private universities also joined in the protests, voicing out their concern not only about the Mamasapano operation but also with the Aquino government’s “lackadaisical” approach to impending tuition hikes.

Noise barrages and class walkouts were held at the University of Santo Tomas (UST), De La Salle University-Manila, University of the East, University of Manila, National University and the National Teachers’ College.

“Students are joining in today’s nationwide walkout for two reasons: first, to call on the President to resign from his post as he no longer has the moral ascendancy to rule the nation. Second, to protest against the Aquino administration’s continued policy of education deregulation, which is the root of incessant tuition and other fee increases that students face every year,” Sarah Elago, national president of the National Union of Students of the Philippines and convenor of the Rise For Education (R4E) Alliance, said.

R4E earlier reported that about 400 colleges and universities are set to increase school rates for the incoming school year.

Student protesters also joined ranks with other sectors of society in three mass-up points in Manila: Nagtahan Bridge, Taft Avenue and Finance Road and UST España Boulevard. From these points, the rallyists marched and converged at Mendiola Bridge, in effect literally encircling Malacañang Palace, official residence of the President of the Philippines.

“Today, we shall let the thunder of a thousand steps echo to the Palace’s gates. The youth and people want truth, justice, accountability and change. The movement for Aquino’s resignation is growing and the people’s call is getting louder,” Anakbayan chairman Vencer Crisostomo said.

“We no longer want a government ruled by a corrupt, liar, US puppet, haciendero brat. Game over [already], Noynoy. It’s time to step down,” he added.
Noynoy is the President’s nickname.

Youth and students also held protests in key cities and provinces, including Baguio, Pampanga, Laguna, Iloilo, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro City and Davao City.

“This nationwide class walkout is only the beginning of the end. Aquino’s days in Malacañang are numbered. In the coming weeks, we urge more Filipino youth to join the protests, and together, let us kick out of office this incompetent, callous, and murderous President,” Pangalangan said, adding that a transition council should replace Aquino and pave the way for justice and reforms.


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  1. francisco santos jr on

    by hook or by crook, Ides!!! I told you so!!! your time is up!!! May the GOOD LORD bless and keep you all!!! Amen.

    • Akasi Mendel on

      That is a senseless, vicious question! How can a nation whose students have launched an idealistic movement to save the nation be hopeless?

  2. Two months from now everyone will forget, and the BBL will be passed initiating the breakup of the Philippines. Woe to the non Muslims in Mindanao who will be persecuted and thrown off their lands, if not beheaded or burned alive in a cage.

  3. Very amateurish negotiators:
    Reading the BBL, one gets the distinct impression that the team of Deles, Ferrer and PNoy is giving away the Philippines. An example is the section on “Share in Taxes”. Please read.

    “Section 10. Share in Taxes of the Central Government. – Central Government taxes, fees, and charges collected in the Bangsamoro, other than tariff and customs duties, shall be shared as follows:
    a. Twenty-five percent (25%) to the Central Government; and
    b. Seventy-five percent (75%) to the Bangsamoro, including the shares of the local government units.
    The aforementioned twenty-five percent (25%) share of the Central Government shall, for a period of ten (10) years, be retained by the Bangsamoro Government. The period for retention may be extended upon mutual agreement of the Central Government and the Bangsamoro Government.”

    Imagine that you now own something and somebody comes and tells you “I’ll take that from you, but I think I’ll be generous and leave you 25%”. And you say thank you. Then he says “But I will keep your share for 10 years. You can not use it.” And you say thank you again. Then he says “After 10 years, we will talk about it, I may not want to give you anything”. You say thank you again and then put this agreement in writing.

    This is not a negotiation. These are terms of surrender. I have not seen such amateurish negotiation. Even a slave negotiating with his master will not sign such an agreement. Deles and Ferrer must be removed from the negotiating panel.

    • I don’t care who you want to elect, i believe they are all crook.
      I hate to say this…. The only solution to stop corruption let run the country like the Muslim country does…

  4. where is armin luistro? the judas who sold lasalle’s dignity for 30 silver pieces? redeem yourself armin and do what judas did. someone give armin a rope please!

  5. Hail ye students! This president, more corrupt than Marcos, must go. If he doesn’t, he will live a life of ignominy after his term.

  6. As the saying goes: “NOTHING HIDDEN CANNOT BE REVEALED!”

    This President clearly break the rule of law, violated public trust, and trying to abused his position by using an intimidation tactics to silent his critics and to cover-up his mistakes.

  7. chthonic monster on

    “when our leaders act contrary to conscience, we must act contrary to our leaders”!

  8. The students are the future leaders of the country; it is their future. They are doing the right move and I support them. Right on.

    • Same here. Go, go, go students. Make good of your future by rising against this mis-administration, who’s slaughtering our republic to pieces.

  9. Hey, students, are you sure that PNoy stepping down now will solve all the problems?
    Shame on you. Are you sure you are making intelligent decision in your moment of anger? Who is that person who you think has super abilities to lead this country amid the resulting chaos? You said PNOY is a puppet. Are you not the brainless puppets
    used by a power hungry personality for his own selfish purpose? I still believe in democracy and we should follow the rule of law (if there is any in this country). I suggest you students should initiate a recall election move. It’s with this democratic process that will determine the sentiment of the general public. I have the impression that the noisiest of you are spoiled brats who are dying of attention. You never experienced the pre-martial law and early martial law days of Marcos as I did. The whiplash of that era is still with us today. Go back to school, study hard, really hard so you can say to yourself: “I am the hope of tomorrow.”

    • Tama ka.kahit na si kristo ang mamuno sa pilipinas,Hindi parin tayo kuntento.marami tayong hinaing na tayo Rin ang may kagagawan.hangat maraming mahirap Hindi magbabago ang pilipinas.

    • We did not say PNoy stepping down will solve ALL the problems, but it’s a step. It’s true, we want attention. It’s because the government doesn’t give a rat’s ass on what’s good for the MAJORITY of the Filipinos, which in case you didn’t know are POOR PEOPLE. Read about what happened to PUBLIC HOSPITALS and SUCs for starters. PNoy is very incompetent and heartless. We don’t want that anymore. Such a shame for someone who experienced “pre-martial law and early martial law” to be insensitive on what’s happening to our country. Try talking to farmers in the provinces and put yourself in their shoes. I assure you, we don’t do this not only for our selfish interests, but because we know that we are the hope of tomorrow. And by doing these “noisy” protests, we’re fighting for the rights and improvement of everybody’s welfare. Peace.