Stunning makeup trends that will dominate 2018


It is a fact that there is power in makeup. It can transform its wearer with the right tools and products, providing confidence, enjoyment and even express personal statements. The year 2017 was no exception in achieving all these with epic trends in beauty and cosmetics, among them rainbow lids, saturated lips, statement brows, graphic liner, naked palettes and natural reflections.

How then will the power of makeup transpire in 2018? Today The Manila Times outlines the year’s incoming trends as declared by global beauty authorities Harper’s Bazaar and Elle on their websites.


Black eyeliner
The black eyeliner is taking a dramatic turn in 2018. Trace it thick around both lash lines, wing it out at a dramatic angle, or make out graphic shapes with it. Just don’t trace a thin line above your lashes and call it a day because it won’t cut it this year-round.

Rhinestones, gems, and sequins are the new wear for eyelids PHOTO FROM ELLE.COM

Go wild with glitter—supersized—in 2018. Rhinestones, gems, and sequins are the new way to wear the sparkly stuff, with adhesives on your eyelids and around your eyes using lash glue. It takes a little patience to don the look but the statement-making payoff is worth it.


Cat-eye flick
This year, cat-eye flick is getting a new look. Instead of tracing an ultra-sharp wing, round-off the edge instead. Trace the outline of the wing first, then fill it in. Or use a small makeup sponge applicator as a stamp to create the rounded shape.


Thick lashes
Backstage at the Christian Dior spring 2018 show, retro clumpy, thick lashes made a comeback. These aren’t quite as dramatic as Twiggy lashes, but they do require layers of mascara and a few well-placed lashes.

Color of the year ultra violet for eye’s inner corners PHOTO FROM PINTEREST/THE FASHION SPOT

Ultra violet
Ultra violet is the color of the year according to Pantone—the worldwide standard for color communication and inspiration. Patrick Ta, who works with Emily Ratajkowski, Bella Hadid and Camila Cabello, predicts it will also be huge with makeup for 2018.

“Be prepared to see a boom of violet everywhere especially pretty on eye’s inner corners.” If you’re not convinced, let Rihanna’s impact convince you to invest in a few purple products. Pantone Vice President Laurie Pressman credits the artist in part for this year’s color choice and believes the singer and beauty mogul embodies violet. “When you think of this color, she perfectly sums up the originality, the inventiveness, the forward thinking, the non-conformity.”

Less makeup and more skin for a natural look PHOTO FROM ELLE.COM

Natural look
It’s time to put down the contour kits, brushes and sticks to go for a more natural look. “Go for less makeup and more skin, rather than the over-contoured look,” urges Ta. Tinted moisturizers are a great place to start according to the expert.

Glow up
“A healthy glow finish on the skin instead of matte caked or powdery finish,” says Ta. “A great way to kick off 2018 is to invest in your skin. Treat yourself to more masks in 2018.”

Pop of color
Brights are going to be big in 2018. “Color is back instead of all neutral monochromatic, but used in a clean way, not the over-the-top ‘80s way,” says Ta. This is the year to experiment with bright eyeshadow palettes and crazy lips colors you’ve never thought to try.

Lip gloss
Lip gloss is back to give your puckers a glimmer. Says Ta, it “[gives]your face youthful radiance.” The product also goes with the natural, dewy look 2018 calls for.


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