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We live in an age of real time documentation—where whatever we see, feel, hear, taste, and touch can be shared and translated into hundreds and thousands of likes in an instant. What’s more, we have gone past the routine of sharing snaps and clips of our real-time self and crossed over to broadcasting our thoughts and activities live—bringing whoever is consuming your content with you, virtually.

And just like that, we have seen how traditional media has tapped into the broad, all-encompassing world of online media and all its available channels, and embraced altogether a brand new “sharing” ethos put forth and dictated by this so-called new media.

Online media, have, in great lengths, changed the way we live. From where we get the news, to how we choose where we eat (and even our eating habits),to what movie we should watch out for. Fashion, for one, has been greatly democratized in the online sphere. So much so that brands, designers, and personalities have constantly chosen to break their pieces on the internet first before trickling down the traditional routes to reach audiences and consumers.

The potency of social media has empowered bloggers and online content makers to rival and even exceed the influence of editors, then highly-anticipated showings on catwalks and editorials on print have been replaced by style suggestions and look books posted in social media and the marketing vernacular has now put premium on “online presence”, “impressions”, and a material’s potential to go “viral”.

While it is both a boon and a bane, social media’s constant expansion and evolution has opened doors to the world of fashion once accessed only by the select few.

For this issue of Rank, let us focus on the good impacted by social media on the proliferation of influence online. We give you some accounts and personalities that are double-tap worthy to satiate your fashion and style fix.

Style Powerhouses
Nam Joo Hyuk
Follow Nam Joo Hyuk (@skawngur on Instagram)
The Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo star, Nam Joo Hyuk represents an entire culture of vibrant yet relaxed K-drama lifestyle. His online presence, for instance, shows an interesting mix of his incredibly swooned over body of work, sports, polaroids, and yes, his dog.

Nam Joo Hyuk (@skawngur on Instagram)

If he is not posting a snap from a shoot or an outtake from his fashion editorial, he is usually posting travels or down time with his dog. Just recently, we have rejoiced as local fashion retail brand Penshoppe welcomed the 23-year-old Korean superstar in its roster of style influencers.

James Reid and Nadine Lustre (@james and @nadine on Instagram)

James Reid and Nadine Lustre (@james and @nadine on Instagram)
Young showbiz power couple, James Reid and Nadine Lustre, are young and restless—and they are unapologetic about it. Scroll through their accounts and you will enjoy well-curated feeds composed mostly of fashion shoots of the couple decked in their most stylish numbers, OOTDs snapped masterfully using their own cameras, and travel polaroids.

The magnetic charm and free spirited vibe the two exude have recently merited them an endorsement campaign with local brand Folded&Hung. Creative Director, Eldsz Mejia says of their style influence, “They have always been into fashion and throughout the years, I’ve seen a constant evolution of their personal styles. I think more than just having great style, they’re both very knowledgeable when it comes to fashion. They look at brands and understand trends, but at the end of the day, they know exactly what they want.”

Maine Mendoza (@mainedcm on Instagram)

Maine Mendoza (@mainedcm on Instagram)
TV star, bankable multi-brand endorser, and now book author, Maine Mendoza is best known for her larger-than-life onscreen personality. But behind the facial calisthenics that catapulted her to national, and even global fame, the 22 year-old celebrity consistently shares a carefully-planned feed of her travel looks, daily OOTDs, and her witty daily selfies worthy of likes that average 120 thousand per post.

Style Instigators
Regiment Store is on Facebook and on Instagram (@regimentstore )

Regiment (Regiment Store on Facebook and @regimentstore on Instagram)

Multi-brand clothing store, Regiment, interestingly captures style sensibilities of a bygone era. Nestled at the heart of the Legazpi Street neighborhood in Makati, this apparel brand highlights the simplistic and functional aesthetic of 1900s to the 1960s. Its feed provides style edits from its rich lineup of brands that exemplify military wear to vintage Americana. It’s like reliving your grandfather’s favorite clothing staples in an era of authentic leather jackets, gentleman’s trousers, pea coats, and denim jackets.

Mitsuhiro Kubo at Gr8 (@gr8_kubo and @gr8_tokyo on Instagram)

Mitsuhiro Kubo at Gr8 (@gr8_kubo and @gr8_tokyo on Instagram)
Tokyo street fashion mecca, Gr8, and its founder and creative director Matsuhiro Kubo exemplify eclectic style choices that have consistently been shot by many a street style photographer globally. Kubo has also been a major champion of young emerging designers that are set out to make a dent in Japanese fashion. More than the unique fashion choices, it’s Kubo’s laidback, cool lifestyle that makes him a modern day style frontrunner.

Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist ( and @thesartorialist on Instagram)

Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist ( and @thesartorialist on Instagram)
Scott Schuman, more commonly known as The Sartorialist, has blazed a trail for street style photography on a global scale. He is one of the first few photographers who showed a knack for capturing unique style sensibilities framed in natural light. His work has been so hyped for years that his collection of street style snapshots has been compiled and released in a book. Until now, his eye for cool fashion continues to be celebrated by his millions of followers online and is considered a barometer for the latest trends and style edits.


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