Stylish, durable and safe school bags


For may students one of the most anticipated purchases during the start of the year is their school bags. However, many common school supplies like bags and trolleys may contain harmful chemicals that could affect the learning processes of children.

Recent tests show that most of the school bags available in department stores have high lead content. Remarkably, Hawk Bags have passed the US Standards for consumer products and are safe to use.

Facilitated and monitored by Ramir Castro of QES Manila Inc., the series of tests checked for lead content from the leading brands of school bags. Analysts used an X-ray fluorescence device or XRF to detect lead from the bags’ main materials. Under the US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, only bags with 90 ppm (parts per million) of lead content are considered safe for use. Anything that goes beyond the acceptable 90 ppm is already harmful.

The test results were alarming. A well-known superhero brand was found to have lead content that went as high as 221 ppm. A popular doll brand, on the other hand, registered at 494 ppm. Franchise characters were positive for lead content, containing 200 ppm of lead.

One brand of bag stood out and passed the US standards for consumer products. Hawk Bag was the only brand from the tested batch that was found to be safe for everyday use. A variety of Hawk products were tested and the results were astounding. The bags possessed almost undetectable traces of lead, as they were only 5 ppm up to 42 ppm only. This only proves that Hawk Bags are of superior quality. Not only are they durable, they’re also safe for everyday use.

Hawk Bags are available at all Hawk Concept Stores like the one in Market! Market! Mall in Taguig. Hawk bags are also available at all leading department stores such as SM Supermalls nationwide.


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