• Subic firms absorb 2,557 ‘endo’ workers


    SUBIC BAY FREEPORT: Some 2,557 “endo” or contractual workers referred for regularization by 17 manpower service providers here were recently absorbed by their respective companies in compliance with the Department of Labor and Employment order, the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority’s (SBMA) Labor Department said in a report.

    A memo received by SBMA Administrator Wilma Eisma dated August 16, 2017, stated that Sushicor, a subcontractor of Hanjin Heavy Industries and Construction Philippines, referred a total of 1,219 workers from its six manpower subcontractors for regularization, among them: AJB Construction Services and Supply,380 workers; Rocafor General Construction Services, 310; Junior General Services, 292; Seawolf Airconditioning Contractors Inc,126; SR Marine, 80 and IRDG Engineering Services and Supply, 31.

    Jeannies Touch Manpower Solutions Inc. referred 50 contractual workers to Nidec and 300 to Juken Sangyo for regularization.

    A total of 422 workers, on the other hand, were referred by Powerlane to Lindberg, 150 as regulars; 120 to Nidec; 97 absorbed by Sanyo Denki; 42 to Mang Inasal and 13 by Yellow Cab Pizza.

    Similarly, 103 workers referred by Sameer Global Manpower Services, Inc. for regularization were absorbed by Datian Shoes; 36 by Hitachi Airconditioning; seven were taken in by Kewen and five to Ropali referred.

    Ocean Adventure also absorbed 20 workers referred for regularization by its manpower service provider, Total Staffing Skills.

    Thirty-six contractual workers were referred by Buchan Global Services Co. to its clients Lighthouse Marina, Chia Hung and Subicwater.

    The SCCD Corp., on the other hand, recommended for regularization 20 workers toTrident, 10 to Lindberg and 16 to Ringsthree.

    A total of 78 workers were referred by Executive Genesis for regularization with Hokei taking in 40; Glarfab, 20; Espresso,15 and Steelfab, three.

    Also 33 workers from service provider Dictado were absorbed by Meatplus. Of the 38 referred by Sol Manpower, 28 were taken in by Crese, eight by Ringsthree and two were absorbed by Lighthouse.

    AZ Contracting System Service, Inc. referred 55 for regularization to Nicera, Cresc and Koushin; Koryo absorbed 50 workers; Materion Advanced Materials hired seven and Trident hired one from manpower service provider Nozomi.


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