• Submit list of drug addicts, village heads told


    EASTERN Police District (EPD) Director Supt. Romulo Sapitula on Friday appealed to all barangay (village) officials in Metro Manila’s eastern area to cooperate in the government’s anti-illegal drug campaign by submitting a list of persons hooked on illegal drugs.

    Sapitula made the appeal as two barangay chairmen in Mandaluyong City refused to submit a list of suspected drug personalities in their area.

    He did not name the barangay officials.

    Sapitula said he asked Mayor Menchie Abalos to take appropriate action on the alleged negligence of these two barangay officials.

    “I went to the Office of the Mayor on Wednesday and they told me that they will summon them [barangay officials],” he said.

    “The two barangay chairmen were asked by the mayor to explain why they failed to submit a list [of suspected drug personalities in their area],” the EPD chief added.

    Sapitula said he went back to the Office of the Mayor on Thursday and challenged all the officials to take a drug test.

    “The mayor and I also underwent drug tests,” he said.

    Some barangay officials have not been cooperative because they fear losing votes in the barangay elections, Sapitula said.

    “I asked them to help us in this fight. This is now the opportunity to solve the drug menace in our country. They might win in the next barangay elections if they were be able to clean their barangay from this [drug]mess.”


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