• The successful marriage of ‘Pacific Rim’ and 4DX

    Karen Kunawicz

    Karen Kunawicz

    There’s this Filipino phrase “ang sarap na binabalik-balikan.” You can use it to describe a very awesome burger, a lover beyond mea-sure or in my case, a movie like Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim.

    I love Guillermo del Toro as a director and as human being. My favorite works of his thus far are Pan’s Labyrinth and Pacific Rim. I watched Pacific Rim on the day it opened, first show. I watched it in 3D IMAX format and was in awe and properly giddy.

    Then I watched it again on a regular screen. It was fine. Then I went back with kids and folks who had not seen it yet—but on the IMAX, which I felt it was made for.

    The film’s producers wished it would have made more money in the US, but its global box office was en-couraging. There’s definitely a cult following for the film—the folks who bought the prequel comic, the kaiju and jaeger figures and the merchandise.

    So it was with much delight that I heard Pacific Rim was going to have a limited run at the 4DX cinema.

    The first offering of the 4DX cinema at the swanky Bonifacio High Street mall was Spiderman 2. But I would not have wanted to pay for an enhanced version of that travesty of a movie. It would have been a bigger travesty. Sorry fans, I was really disappointed, but we can argue about that over a cup of hot chocolate ano-ther time.

    Watching Pacific Rim in 4DX was an absolute thrill. The first sensation I felt was the vibrating of my seat, then I was moved around right and left, forward and backward, I moved with jaeger pilots. I was properly jolted when they fought with the kaijus.

    Then there’s flashing white light for when there’s a lightning or electrical effects. There’s mist and fog; you feel fighting staffs whiz by your face. There are also tem-perature changes. Plus the cinema is equipped with a Dolby Atmos system.

    And while all this is going on—sea monsters and me-chas and hammy heroics, you have Idris Elba giving a performance worthy of fine Shakespeare play.

    Pacific Rim and 4DX were made for each other.

    Sadly, the run for Pacific Rim was limited. I am hoping fans who didn’t catch this run (there were no announcements) will make noise and they’ll bring it back. This weekend, you’ll be able to catch Maleficent and maybe have Angelina Jolie’s cheekbones cut you.


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