• Suffering from Napoles fatigue


    Are we sick and tired of Janet Lim Napoles yet?This so-called “businesswoman” has been hogging the headlines and grabbing airtime for the past several weeks, yet she still remains the focus of the nation’s attention.

    Obviously, it is in the country’s best interest to find out everything there is to learn about the pork barrel scam, which is centered on the economic activities of Napoles.

    She has been called the mastermind of the biggest scandal in decades, and there is a growing body of evidence that indicates that Napoles and her cohorts have indeed enriched themselves at the people’s expense.

    One would be hard put to find a Filipino from whatever social strata who will believe that Napoles and her family had built up a fantastic fortune because she parlayed her inheritance into a legitimate export business.

    So while her camp is praying that she fade into the background and let her lawyers do their best to get her off the hook by whatever means, most of Philippine media will simply not let her alleged crimes pass.

    Thus, it can be expected that the face of this middle aged woman—pardon us for not referring to her as a lady—will continue to occupy plenty of media space in the coming months and years.

    Since she is presently incarcerated and knowing how slow the pace of justice is in the country, it is highly possible that the cases to be filed against her will drag on and on for years. This being the case, she can be expected to age before our eyes.

    It can only be hoped that whoever succeeds President Benigno Aquino 3rd in 2016 will also allow the wheels of justice to move forward undisturbed. This means that whatever connections Napoles has will prove useless in giving her undeserved privileges such as the kind that former President Erap Estrada had while his case was pending. Or the kind of privileges that former President Gloria Macapal-Arroyo now enjoys while her own case remains pending.

    Let it not be forgotten that Arroyo and Estrada were both elected president of the republic. As such, they are entitled to a measure of respect despite their facing serious criminal charges.

    Napoles has done absolutely nothing to earn any kind of extra kindness from the government. To grant her such would be an insult to the thousands of inmates in the country’s prisons, some of whom may be innocent of the crimes that they were accused of and resulting in their conviction.

    Yes, we are sick and tired of Napoles. Never mind that she stands accused of grand larceny on an unimaginable scale. She simply does not come across as a likeable person. Witness how none of the senators and congressmen who were so generous to the non-government organizations that she put up have come to her defense.

    Perhaps she is learning the valuable lesson that politicians are generally fair weather friends.

    Erap Estrada has said on several occasions that he learned who his real friends were during his period of incarceration. Napoles may discover that she has no real friends because she can no longer share her vast, if ill-gotten, wealth.

    It may take years, even decades, but we daresay that there will be a national celebration if and when Janet Lim Napoles is convicted of plunder.


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    1. Daniel B. Laurente on

      Media is penchant on running after the small fish but scared of a shark. Why focus all to Napoles when she was only an instrument being paid for the services.

    2. If the judicial process takes years, then the Filipino people will lose again. Most probably, no one among those government leaders will ever be punished or not even accused of stealing from the people.