Sugarcane planting gets mechanized


Most sugarcane plantations in the Philippines still rely on manual labor for the planting of the crop, which time-consuming and requires a big number of workers.

But there are sugar farms in Negros island that are starting to use the KK Sugarcane Planter from Thailand, to make more efficient the planting of the crop.

A KK Sugarcane Planter operating in a sugar plantation in Negros island. KK PHOTO

Distributed by All Certified Equipment Trading Corp. (ACETC), the KK Sugarcane Planter comes with double- or single-row configuration and has a working width of 250 mm and working depth of 100-450 mm. It has a compact design with an overall width of 1,600 mm, overall height of 2,100 mm and basket height of 1,200 mm.

ACETC recommends the Massey-Ferguson 400 Series to tow the KK Sugarcane Planter. Two workers stand atop the planter to plant sugarcane into the soil that has been tilled and prepared. The tilling or preparation of the soil for planting can also be done mechanically.

“The KK Sugarcane Planter needs only two workers to plant sugarcane in the most efficient manner, and uniform spacing is also achieved for the plants, which is essential for long-term survival of sugarcane,” a technical expert from ACETC said.

KK is one of the leading manufacturers for farm equipment from Thailand and also offers mechanized solutions for soil preparation, fertilizer application and weeding.



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