• Suicide blast hits British embassy vehicle in Kabul


    KABUL, Afghanistan: A suicide bomber on a motorbike attacked a British embassy vehicle in Kabul on Thursday, officials said, killing at least two Afghan bystanders and injuring some passengers in the latest blast to hit the city.

    The huge explosion could be heard across Kabul and a plume of smoke rose high into the air above the attack site on the Jalalabad road, a main route that houses many foreign compounds and military facilities.

    The attack, coming three days after two US soldiers were killed in another bomb attack in Kabul, highlights the fragile security situation in the Afghan capital as foreign forces end their combat mission against the Taliban.

    The Taliban said they were behind Thursday’s attack in a message on a recognized Twitter account, claiming that many foreigners had been killed.

    Immediately after the blast, an Agence France-Presse reporter saw one badly-shaken foreign passenger talking to Afghan police, asking after his wounded colleagues.

    A policeman at the scene said one Afghan in the British vehicle had suffered a serious arm injury, and that passengers covered in blood had been taken to hospital.

    “A British embassy vehicle was attacked. There are some injuries. We are working with Afghan authorities,” a spokesman for the British embassy told AFP.

    Kabul police spokesman Hashmat Stanakzai said: “Our initial report shows that at least two civilians were killed and more than 10 wounded in the suicide attack.”

    Wartorn Afghanistan suffered its deadliest attack of 2014 on Sunday when a suicide bomber struck at a volleyball match in the eastern province of Paktika, killing 57 people.

    The US-led North Atlantic Treaty Organization combat mission in Afghanistan will finish at the end of this year, with about 12,500 troops staying on into 2015 to train and support the Afghan army and police.



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