• ‘Sulong’ workshop to assess Duterte govt’s first yr


    The Department of Finance (DoF) is hosting a second “Sulong Pilipinas” consultative workshop next month to assess the Duterte administration’s first year and identify the priority actions necessary to speed up its socioeconomic development agenda.

    The follow-up “Sulong Pilipinas” consultative workshop is set for August 9 in Manila. The Duterte administration will meet with business leaders and assess the progress of their recommendations last year on how to fulfill and carry out the government’s high and inclusive growth agenda.

    The first Sulong Pilipinas workshop was held in Davao City prior to President Rodrigo Duterte’s formal assumption to office last year, and the 10-point socioeconomic agenda was unveiled.

    Business leaders presented 10 key recommendations to the administration, trimming down hundreds of other recommendations that included strategies on agriculture, fisheries, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), responsive governance, dependable bureaucracy, feasible infrastructure and human resources.

    About 450 participants presented a final list of the top 10 recommendations: comprehensive tax reform; national ID system; ease of doing business; improvement of internet and telecom services; support services for farmers; value-added, responsible mining; development of regional industries; improvement of transport networks; review of the Conditional Cash Transfer program; and reduction of public-private partnership bottlenecks and respect for contracts.


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