Sulpicio lines may lose franchise


SULPICIO Lines, now known as Philippine Span Asia Carrier Corporation, may lose its franchise if it fails to convince the Maritime Industry Authority (Marina) that it is not to blame for the recent sea tragedy that left dozens of people dead.

Why it should not revoke its CPC?

Marina has started investigating the collision between the M/V Saint Thomas Aquinas and Sulpicio Express 7 in Cebu. Officials said Philippine Span Asia will be given ample time to explain why its Certificate of Public Convenience (CPC) should not be revoked despite figuring in numerous sea accidents.

Congress is also poised to conduct an inquiry into the accident.

Sulpicio Lines has so far been involved in five accidents. In 1987, M/V Dona Paz collided with oil tanker M/T Vector, killing 4, 375 people.

In 2008, 437 passengers died when M/V Princess of the Stars sank.
The Marina will also call on officials of 2GO, owner of the Saint Thomas Aquinas, to explain their side of the Cebu incident.


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  1. a shipping line that has killed thousands upon thousands of Filipinos already should have their CPC cancelled since the Dona Paz “massacre”! MARINA doesn’t see this at all and still grants CPC then MARINA is to be blamed for the victims it is blood on your hands! i am saying you guys are accepting BRIBES!