Sultanate won’t give up fight for North Borneo


AS the Muslim community celebrates Eid’l Adha, the Sultanate of Sulu and North Borneo on Tuesday assured that it will never abandon its territorial claim over Sabah.

Sultanate spokesman and Secretary General Abraham Idjirani said they have no plans of giving up their fight to regain Sabah from the Malaysia despite the lack of support from the Philippine government.

“The claim of the Sultanate of Sulu over Sabah through the GRP [Government of the Republic of the Philippines] is now abandoned by the Philippine government,” he said.

Because of that, he added, ”the Sultanate is compelled to pursue independently the claim, acting on its historic and legal rights over Sabah.”

He said the continued presence of Raja Muda (crown prince) Agbimuddin Kiram to Sabah, along with the 200 fighters of the Royal Security Forces (RSF) only proves their assertion of their sovereign and proprietary rights over the territory.

“The RSF remained in Lahad Datu, maintaining a defensive stand to avoid further clashes with the Malaysian security forces,” Idjirani said.

The sultanate’s presence in Sabah, Idjirani added, also hopes to prove to the international community that Malaysia does not respect international agreements as in the case of the Manila Accord of 1963.

Ritchie A. Horario


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  1. The “sultan” of Sulu oh sorry the fake pretend sultan should give up and go and beg in the streets of his new home Sabah belongs to Malaysia and its people and shall do so until they decide otherwise in which case an independent state will be created.
    The 1963 Manila accord came to the conclusion that the people of Sabah want to help form Malaysia the only people who don’t respect it are the pretender claimants to the throne isn’t it about time Jamalural kiram thought about the people of SUlu and respected the accords and allowed the people of Sabah to a future free from his self serving claim?